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 SUBJECT: CIVIC EDUCATION            DURATION: 2HR                CLASS: SSS 2

1.A situation where most citizens fail to vote in elections could be described as political(A)Socialisation(B)Culture(C)Apathy(D)Legitimacy

2.Universal Declaration of Human Rights(UDHR)is based on the resolution of the(A)Human Rights Watch(B)United Nations Organisation(C)Amnesty International(D)League of Nations

3.Conflicts are better resolved in the society through(A)Tribunal(B)Litigation(Dialogue(D)The court

4.The most popular means through which citizens of a country can participate in politics is by(A)Being members of political parties(B)Engaging in constructive criticisms(C)Engaging in political debates(D)Voting in elections

5.Cooperation between one country and other can be described as(A)Bilateral(B)International(C)Multilateral(D)Multinational

6.A political party’s programme is known as its(A)Constitution(B)Documents(C)information(D)Manifesto

7.Political apathy can be discouraged through the following except(A)Educating the electorate(B)Good governance(C)Independent judiciary(D)Mass participation

8.Which of the following bodies is responsible for defending the country against external aggression(A)Army(B)Civil defense(C)Police(D)Customs

9.Universal Declaration of Human Rights(UDHR)was adopted in(A)1948(B)1938(C)1945(D)1946

10.Political apathy could occur due to any of the following except(A)Inability of government in power to fulfill their promises(B)Violence during election(C)Negative campaigns(D)Good governance

11.Habitual in take of drugs is known as(A)Drug over use(B)Drug habit(C)Drug abuse(D)Overdose

12.The statement”Human Rights belong to every human being in any part of the world”is simply stressing(A)The importance of human rights(B)The universality of human rights(C)The benefit of human rights(D)The power of human rights

13.Fundamental Human Rights include all these except(A)Right to personal liberty(B)Right to violent protest against government(C)Right to life(D)Right to from discrimination freedom

14.Which of these is not a hard drug?(A)Cocaine(B)Heroin(C)Opium(D)Paracetamol

15.All these are forms of popular participation except(A)Voting(B)Embarking on community service(C)partaking in decision making of the state(D)Protest for scholarship

16.Citizens are encouraged to participate in politics by(A)Conducting free and fair election(B)Manipulating electoral process(C)Conducting free and fair election(D)Encouraging godfatherism in selecting party candidate

17.A citizen can work for the progress of the nation by doing all these except(A)Prompt payment of tax(B)Stealing government funds(D)Obeying traffic rule

18.All these may be contacted in case of accident except(A)Federal safety officers(B)Fire brigade(C)The Police(D)A Cleric

19.Human rights abuse can be prevented by(A)Fighting against government(B)Constant street protest(C)Destroying government property(D)Going court

20.NAFDAC was established in(A)1993(B)1998(C)2002(D)2005

21.NDLEA was established in(A)2000(B)1990(C)1991(D)1989

22.Which of these is not a method of protecting human rights(A)Media coverage(B)Protest match(C)Hunger strike(D)Street riots

23.Which of these government agencies is in charge of curbing drug trafficking in Nigeria?(A)NAFDAC(B)EFCC(C)NDLEA(D)FA..AN

24.Human rights are normally entrenched in the(A)Political party manifesto(B)Constitution(C)Law book(D)Law report

25.Human rights abuse can be prevented through the following except(A)Constitutional means(B)Protest(C)Mass literacy(D)Court of law

26.Citizens can be deprived of their rights during(A)Democratic regime(B)Emergence rule(C)Parliamentary debate(D)Politician campaign

27.In a democracy, lack of press freedom leads to the denial of freedom of(A)Association(B)Expression(C)Movement(D)Voting

28.An individual who finds it difficult to control in-take of drug is known as drug(A)Baron(B)Trafficker(C)Mogul(D)Addict

29.Non-chalant attitude to politics may not be caused by all the following except(A)Economic problems(B)Literacy(C)Exceptional performance of leaders in power(D)Politics without violence

30.A ban on public assembly will limit(A)Right to peaceful assembly and association(B)Right to speak against the government(C)Right to move at odd hours(D)Right to participate in politics

31.Which of these may not make a leader fail in protecting the interest of those who voted for them?(A) Misplacement of priority(B)Greediness on the part of the leader(C)Sensitivity to people proplems(D)Faithfulness to the godfather

32.The statement “Human Rights belong to every human being in any part of the world”is stress(A)The importance of human rights(B)The benefits of human rights(C)The universality of human rights(D)The power of human rights

33.Imposition of curfew by government may lead to deprivation of citizens(A)Freedom of movement(B)Freedom of voting(C)Freedom to form political parties(D)Freedom to criticize government

34.Which of these is not allowed under right to peaceful assembly and association? (A)Freedom to join political party(B)Freedom to form religious association(D)Freedom to form social cultural organisation

35.The principle of one man,one vote in democracy is protected through(A)Political equality(B)Rule of law(C)Separation of power(D)Soverignty of the masses

36.A major problem of democracy is that it(A)Allow for money politics(B)Allow majority will to prevail(C)Encourages the rule of law(D)Give power to the constitution

37.Democracy is good because(A)It gives power to the electorates(B)It gives more power to the miniority(C)Makes politicians rich suddenly(D)It is less expensive

38.Universal Declaration of Human Rights(UDHR)was adopted on(A)10th December 1948(B)10 10 November 1948(C)10 October 1948(D)10 January 1948

39.A type of democracy in which ownership and control of means of production by private individuals is called(A)Privitazation(B)Capitalist(C)Socialist(D)Communist

40.Democracy thrives most where there is(A)Non partisan judiciary(B)Freedom of speech and association(C)Absence of universal suffrage(D)One party system

41.Drug law enforcement agencies in Nigeria are not empowered to(A)Execute drug suspects(B)Arrest drug barons(C)Prosecute drug trafficker(D)Rehabilitate drug addicts

42.Which of the following is a consequence of drug abuse?(A)Depression(B)Victimization(C)Inefficiency(D)Cowardice

43.Which of the following is not a means of reducing the incidence of HIV/AIDS in our society is(A)Education and enlightenment programme(B)The use of specially designed cutleries by victims(C)Avoiding pre-marital and extra-marital sex(D)Upholding the value of chastity

44.Fundamental human rights of citizens can be limited through(A)State of emergency(B)Freedom of the press(C)Rule of law(D)Separation of power

45.Which of the following protects the rights of the citizens in a country? (A) Executive and legislature(B)Lawmakers and lawyers(C)Police and court(D)Presidency and senate

46.The total number of law makers in both chamber of Nigeria legislative arm of government is(A)469(B)360(C)503(D)496

47.The world Aids day is celebrated every(A)1st December(B)18th June(C)18th December(D)1st September

48.The rights of Nigeria citizens is documented in(A)Bill of rights(B)Right Book(C)Law reform(D)Constitution

49.All these dates have a significant history in Nigeria expect(A)1st October 1960(B)29th May 1999(C)12th June 1993(D)14th February 1975

50.The official fuel pump price in Nigeria is……… Naira(A)140(B)145(C)150(D)155




1.Define popular participation

B.Explain five reasons why people do not participate in politics

C.Highlight three factors that promote popular participation

2.Define human rights

B.Highlight 3 human rights as stated in Nigeria constitution

C.Explain five limitations of human rights

3.Define state of emergency

B.State three ways of reducing emergency

C.Explain four effects of emergency period on human rights

4.what is drug abuse?

B.Explain ways of preventing drug abuse

C.State three behaviours exhibited by drug addicts

5.What is NDLEA?

B.What is NAFDAC?

C.State 3 functions of each.



  1. What is the electronic configuration of sodium? 1S2522P6352      (b)1522522P6352          (c)1522522P6351 (d) 1522522P6350 (e) 1522P63523p6451
  • Which of the following statements is true?

(a)An increase in temperature increases number gas molecules. (b)Increase in temperature does not affect kinetic energy

(c)Increase in temperature is proportimal to volume

(d) decrease in pressure decrease number of gasmol.

  • An element is said to be electronegative if a.If is an halogen
  • If is an Alkali earth metal
  • If is an Alkali
  • What is the consequence of increasing the equilibrium reaction? Zn0(g)

+theg = Zn (g) + H20(L) a.Equilibrium is driven to the left b.Equilibrum is driven to the right c.There is no effect

d.More Zn0(s) is produces

  • An isotope has an atomic number of 17 and a mass number of 36, which of the following gives the correct number of neutron and protons in an atom of the isotope?

Use this information to answer the following questions

Four elements, P,Q,R,S, have atomic number 4,10,12 AND 14 Respectively. 6.Which is a notable gas a. P B. Q   C. R  D. S

  • Which is an ALKALI-METAL a. P b. Q  C. R d. S
  • Which is an ALKALI- EARTH METAL  A. P  B. Q C. R D. S
  • The element with electronic configuration 1s2,2S2,2P3 is     a. oxygen    b. Chlorine    c. nitrogen                                            d. calcium
  1. How  many electron are in L shell a. 2 b.   5 c. 8 d. 16
  1. Which of the following reaction is endothermic a. C(s) + O2 (g) — CO2(g)

b. CaO(s) + H2O(c) → (a{OH)2cs) c.Ccs = H20 → C0(g) = H2(g)

d. HCIcag) + Na0Hcag) →NaCIcag0 + H20(c)

12.A catalyst speed up the rate of chemical reaction by a.Taking part in the reaction

b.lowering the activation energy of the reaction. c.increase the heat content

d.increase the activation energy

  1. The electronic configuration of two atoms X and Y are as follows: X –IS22522P63S2

Y- IS22522P63S23P64S2

Which of the following statement is correct about the position of elements X and Y in the periodic table

a.X belongs to group 1,Y belongs to period 2

b.X belongs to group 1.Y belongs to period 1

c.X belongs to group 2,Y belongs to period 1

d.X belongs to group 3,Y belongs to period 2

  1. The electronic configuration 1S2 2S2 2P6 3S2 3P6 is that of a. noble gas b.        Group 11 element 3 element d. group vi element
  1. Which of the following statements is not correct a. diatomic b. good oxidizing agents c. Highly electronegative d. have high electron affinity
  1. An element whose atomic number 19 has the electronic configuration

a. IS22522P63523P7

b.1522522P63523P23P63d1 c.1S22522P63S33P6 d.IS22512P63523P6452

  1. Chlorine is used in water treatment as a. a germicide b. decolorizing agent antioxidant d. a coagulating agent
  2. The valency of chlorine is a. -1 b. -5 c. -3 d. +1
  1. Isotopy is observed in which of the following element a. chlorine b. carbon c. oxygen d. fluorine
  • The position of an element on the periodic table is determined by its

a. its density  b. its atomic radius c. atomic number d. neutron number

  • What is the molar mass of alkyne with the formula CXH14 (H=1 C= 12)                             a. 86g b.92g       c.    98g   d.      110g e. 112g
  • Which of the following is not a separation techniques a.distillation


  • chromatography
  • distillation
  • Which of the following is not an halogen a. silicon b. fluorine c. astatine d. bromine e. iodine
  • An atom X consist of 6 protons, 6 electrons and 7 neutrons, Which of the following representation of atom is correct
  • 13 X


(b)   13 x


(c)   19  X


(d)   7   19 X

  • The following atoms of carbon 126C,136C and 146C can be described as a. allostropes b. isomas c. isotopes d. isotones
  • How many electrons are there in 4Be2+ a. 2 b. 4 c. 5 d. 6
  • An atom of an element X gains two electrons.The symbol of the ion formed is a. X b. X+ c. X2+ D d.X2-
  • In the periodic table,all the elements within the same group have the same.

A.number of neutron

  • number of valency electron
  • numbers of isotopes
  • atomic number
  • In the periodic table,alkaline earth metals can be found in group
  • 1
  • 11
  • vi
  • vii
  • Which of the following instruments is used in detecting the presence of radiation
  • cathode ray tube
  • Greiger-Muller Counter c.

Mass spectrometer

d.   X-ray tube

  • Which of the following elements is a metalloid a. carbon b. oxygen c. silicon    d. sodium
  • The shape of graphite crystal is a. tetrahydra b. pyramidal c. hexagonal d. octahedral
  • Which of the following ions has the electronic configuration 2,8,8                                                                                                       a. Na+
    • g2+   c. F d. Cl
  • An element with electronic configuration of 1S,2S,2P would have the combining power of a. 0 b. 2 c. 6 d.8
  • Which of the following has the electronic configuration; 1S 2S 2P 3S 3P(Na,Al,N,S) a.0 b. 2 c. 6 d. 8

Find the number of neutons in an atom represented by 46         X a. 21       b.    24     c. 45  d. 66

  • The activation energy of a reaction can be altered by a. adding reduction agent  b. applying a higher pressure c. using  a catalyst                                                                                              d. changing the temperature
  • The phenomenon observed when particlesof colloidal solutionblock the part of light rays and scatter them is known as                    a.diffusion     b. tyndal effect                                                  c.dialysis d. Brownian movement
  • Which of the following substances causes the depletion of the ozone layer in the atmosphere a. CO2 b. Chloroform carbon c.Sulphur (iv)oxide

d. hydrocarbon

  • A consequence of global warming is a. air pollution b. water pollution

c. Increased humidity  d. Flooding

CLASS:    S S 2



1a, What is the allotropes of carbon

  • Name two products of destructive distillation of coal and state one use of it.

c.  a p X    r p X

  1. Give the relationship between the two atoms 2.state the difference between them
  2. what phenomenon is illustrated above 2a.State three types of separation techniques?

(b) Write the electronic configuration of 30Zn

(c)what is the common name given to the group vii elements 3copy and complete this table

ParticlesNumber Of NeutronsElectronsProtonsMass Number
W2+12  24
X2+  8 
Y 13 27

(b)The electronic configurations 0f atoms of the elements A,B,C,D are as follows:

(A)1S2 2522P2 (b)1S2251

(c)IS22522P1 (d)IS2252

State which of the elements is (i)Divalent

  • Belong to group III the period table (iii)Is an Alkali earth metal

c. Define isotopy and Allotropy

  • Define the following
  • Atom                     (b) Molecule              (c)Valency                 (d)compound
  • List three differences between chemical and physical change

(c)Differenciate between an acid and Alkali

(5)Write the characteristics of

(i) Electrovalent elements (ii)Alkali earth metals

(b)State the lechatelier’s principle

(c)State and explain three factors that affect rate of reaction


Answer one question in this part (6)Define mole, what is a molar solution

(b)State and explain three factors that affect equilibrium

(c)What is Avogadro’s constant

  • Define relative molecular mass

(b) Write the equilibrium constant for this equation

H2(g) + 02(g→ H20(c)

(c)Define Acid Rain


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