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Date of Evaluation: 3rd January 2020

Time of Evaluation: 9:00 am to 1: 00 pm

The following were assessed in the classes:

            • Use of instructional materials

            • STEAM integration in classroom

            • Teachers documentation (REGISTER AND DIARY)

            • Students and learners notes

            • Parent-teachers book

            • Teachers delivery

            • Class incidence reports

            • Classroom Practices (MORNING DRILL)

            • Students performance assessment

            • Time book should be checked regularly and should be crossed with red lines. Penalty is also important to make the staff get serious with time

            • Nursery 1 A lesson note should be properly arranged when writing. An instructional material is not textbook in this age and time. The teacher has been told to use charts, flashcards, real object and pictures

            • A new exercise book should be used for handwriting practices. The existing space in the handwriting textbook is not enough for training the learners

            • Rhymes in the lesson notes of the nursery should be minimum of three rhymes in a week instead of just one rhyme per week

            • Nursery 1B lesson note was not complete at the time of this inspection. The 9th week of the lesson note was not marked.

            • In the handwriting book of the nursery classes, the Home works were more than the class works. This should be discouraged because parents do not pay attention to their children when doing homework. They should intensify classwork for handwriting

            • The teachers’ lesson plan should have three columns instead of two columns. The third column should be for reference book or materials

            • Handwriting in Nursery 2 should be more than once in a week. The timetable in nursery 2 should be reviewed

            • Primary 1 class was dirty at the time of inspection. Week 10 lesson not was not marked; the use of 2D exercise book for handwriting but it was not used appropriately. Correction of Mathematics exercises should be done in the notebook

            • Primary 2 multiplication table assessment is low. There is also spelling issues in the class which made me suggest that the learners should have multiplication table and difficult words as morning drill immediately after assembly

            • There is no incidence report in the classes. I emphasized on the importance of incidence report and gave them format for bringing it up.

            • Conclusion in the lesson notes should not be “teacher goes round by marking learners’ notes”. It should be based on the topic and not the activity in the classroom

            • Primary 3 classes have also been corrected not to make textbook an instructional material. Correction of textbook exercises should be done in the notebook

            • The assistant head of school is in charge of marking of diary. She should not mark the record of work ahead of time, it is a proof of what they have done not what they intend doing.

            • In primary 4B, lesson note was not marked for week 10 and record of work for week 9 was not marked at the time of inspection. Also handwriting was last done on 17th October.

            • Computer education in Primary 4 and 5 should be marked after lessons. It has not been marked at all

            • The head teacher has been told to conduct periodic assessment of multiplication table and subject workbooks

            • Lesson note of primary 6 for week 10 has not been marked at the time of inspection

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