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Good eating habits should be part of our culture when eating in a public place or at home. When we have a Good eating habits, it shows that you are a civilized person.

Below is a sample composition about good eating habits. The paragraphs will be structured into three.

Paragraph one should be about what good eating habits is all about.

You should give good illustration of good eating habits in Paragraph two.

In Paragraph three you should write about the advantages of good eating habits.

                           GOOD EATING HABITS

Good eating habits are those good manners we show when eating. Some eating habits are good while some are bad. We show good eating habits by eating normally and rightly.

   Part of good eating habits is not to talk, play, sing or dance while eating. Also, food we ought to use spoon to eat such as beans, rice and salad should be eaten with bare hands and the ones meant to be eaten with bare hands should not be eaten with spoons, fork or something else. Rushing food while eating is not good too.

  If we build good eating habits, we will definitely enjoy healthy living. Good eating habits can also make us grow well. Lastly, showing good eating habits will help us develop high level of personal cleanliness and shows that we are civilized human.

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