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1.To make election hitch-free electoral commission must be (a) Ready to help government (b) Independence of the executive (c) Headed by the judge or a professor (d) Given a spacious office

2.Local government laws are known as (a) Decrees (b) Acts (c)orders (d) Bye-laws

3.The major function of an electoral commission is to (a) Appoint members (b) Appoint the staff of local government (c) Make arrangement for the conduct of elections

4.An election conducted held to resolve important political issue facing a country is called (a) Referendum (b) Bye-election (c) General election (d) Primary election

5.Free and fair election can exist where there is (a)Double voting (b) Secret balloting (c) Referendum (d) Plebiscite

6.One of the important functions of political parties is (a) Educating the electorate through rallies and campaigns (b) Organizing international Conference (c) Advising on the appointment of judges (d) Hiring personnel for political leaders

7.Public opinion enables the government to (a) Employ more workers (b) Organize political conferences and solidarity rallies (c) Find out what the people think about its activities (d) Punish political opponents

8.Elections are held for the purpose of (a) Strengthening the powers  of the political leaders (b) Ensuring a peaceful changes of government (c) Creating more political parties (d) Uniting the people

9.The appointment, promotion and discipline f civil servants are the responsibility of the (a) Electoral commission (b) Civil Service Union (c) Judicial Service Commission (d) Civil Service Commission

10.The grant of the right to vote is called (a) Enfranchisement (b) Disenfranchisement (c) Disqualification (d) Participation

11.The anonymity of a civil servant means that he (a) Should not be disciplined because of his expertise (b) Compete with private companies (c) Provide Essential services for people (d) Collect revenue for government.

 12.The anonymity of a civil servant means that he (a) should not be disciplined because of his expertise (b) Receives neither praise nor blame publicly (c) Is above the law of the land. (d) His entitled to be paid.

13.Local governments can raise funds through (a) Import duties (b) Company duties (c) Excise duties (d) Rates

14.Which of the following agents of public opinion is the most widespread (a) Mass media (b) The Schools (c) Political Parties (d) Pressure groups.

15.One of the functions of local government is to (a) Collect  company tax (b) Make bye-laws (c) Defend the nation  (d) Mint currency.

16.Which of the following factors limit universal adult suffrage?

(a)Wealth (b) education (c) age (d) heredity

17. The manifesto of a political party is a document which outlines (a) A party’s cardinal programme (b) National ideology (c) The interest of party members (d) A country’s politiceal development

18.    Public complaints commission in West African countries can be called (a) Civil Service (d) Local authority commission

19.    Political parties contest elections in order to (a) control political parties (b) Influence public opinion (c) Formulate policies (d) Prevent coups

20.    One of the reasons for the establishment of local government authorities is to (a) Give more powers to the traditional rulers (b) Bring government nearer to the people (c)Win support of local chiefs (d) Prevent political interference by aliens

21.  Public corporations are set up by (a) The board of directors (b) The minister (c) An act of parliament (d) Governors.

22.    Public opinion can be expressed through (a) Census (b) Compromise (c) Socialization (d) General Strike

23.    Local government administration promotes (a) Consensus politics (b) Responsible government (c) Democracy at grassroots (d) Responsive government.

24.    All of the following are features of the civil except (a) Anonymity (b) Political neutrality (c) Security of tenure (d) Political maturity and participation

25.    Public corporations are financed by (a) Tax payers (b) Private funds (c) Entrepreneurial funds (d) Political parties.

26.    The legal right a citizens possess to vote and be voted for is (a) Voting right (b) Balloting (c) Franchise (d) Disfranchise

27.    Which of the following is a feature of an electoral commission (a) Support for the ruling party (b) Control by government (c) Privately funded (d) Political neutrality

28.    Disfranchisement means (a) Right to vote (b) Right to form government (c) Disqualification from voting (d) Disallowing free and fair elections

29.    A manifesto can be defined as the (a) Opportunity to form a political party (b) Proposed programme of a party (c) Policy of a political party in power (d) Power to rule the masses.

30.  Which of the following does not relate to elections?

         (a) Dividing the country into constituencies (b) Printing voters’ cards (c) Impeachment of the president (d) Registration of voters.

31.The Independent National Electoral Commission has the power to prepare and maintain the register of

A. Political parties   B. Constituencies    C. Voters  D. Electoral candidates.

32.One major disadvantage of public opinion is that

A. the critics of government policies are always harassed   B. a vocal minority claims to represent the majority   C. gossip and rumours thrive  D. leaders are unncessarily criticized.

33.Citizenship in a modern state expresses the status of a person who possesses

A. full political rights  B. some religious rights C. social right only  D. exclusive economic rights.

34.Communism is a system which recognizes

A. class stratification  B. the existence of the state  C. the existence of the individual

D. the ability of the individual

35.The delineation of constituencies is a major duty of the

A. national assembly   B. political parties   C. boundary   D.Electoral Commission

36.Democracy can be promoted through   A. gerrymandering   B. slander  C. accountability

D. lobbying

 37.The recruitment of personnel into civil service by the Civil service commission prevents

A. political patronage   B. bribery and corruption  C. overstaffing  D. bureaucracy

38. Which of following manages a public corporation?

A. Chambers of Commerce   B. Board of Directors  C. An Accountant-General

D. An Auditor-General

39.Local governments are essential because they

A. encourage division in a country   B. implement government policies at national levels

C. make laws for a nation  D. train local people in the art of governing

40.In limited franchise, restriction on voting can be based on

A. height   B. property   C. strength   D. exposure

41.Which of the following is a limitation to Universal Adult Suffrage?

A. Wealth  B. Age   C. Race  D. Sex

42.Which of the following is an example of a general election?

A. Bye-election  B. Presidential election  C. Local election D. Student union election

43.The purpose of an election is to

A. allow people to participate in choosing their leaders B. provide social amenities for the electorate

C. give political education to the rich D. allow the counting of votes in public

44 Universal Adult Suffrage is popular because it

A. allows for equal political representation  B. allows for greater political participation

C. encourages a multi-party system  D. ensures equal performance of all poltical parties

45 Which of the following is not a factor that promotes democratic electoral system?

A. poltical consciousness  B. periodic election  C. up-to-date electoral register

D. popularity of the governor

46 Which of the following is not a factor that promotes democratic electoral system?

A. poltical consciousness  B. periodic election  C. up-to-date electoral register

D. popularity of the governor

47.A factor that could make elections to be free and fair is the

A. existence of dependent electoral commission  B. adoption of a flexible Constitution

C. opportunity for people to vote twice  D. registration of eligible voters

48.The body responsible for conducting and supervising elections in West African countries is called

A. ombudsman B. electoral commission  C. election observers  D. constituent assembly

49.Which of the following is not an aim of pressure groups?

A. Contesting election   B. Agitating for interests   C. Influencing government decision

D. Educating their members

50.The main source of financing local government in Nigeria is

A. internal revenue generation  B. statutory revenue allocationC. special state grants

D. grants-in-aid.



1.Define the term “Franchise         b. Explain five merits of universal adult suffrage

C.State three conditions or qualification of voting in Nigeria

2.  State five types of elections    b.   Explain five functions of election

C.   Highlight three types of electoral system

3.   Define electoral commission.  b.   Explain five functions of electoral commission

C.   State three condition necessary for the conduct of free and fair election in Nigeria

4.   What is public opinion?   b.   Discuss five ways how public opinion is determined and measure

C.   State three importance of public opinion

5.   Define public corporation

b.   Explain five reasons for setting up public corporation

C.   State three controls of public corporation

6.  Explain five functions of the civil service

B.  State three factors that can hinder the effectiveness of civil service in Nigeria C.Highlight three features of the civil service


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