This composition is about “myself.”, as a student, when writing about yourself the following should be noted.

Paragraph 1: write about your name, your age, and your complexion and body size.

Paragraph 2:   write the name of your school, your class, your best subject and colour.         

Paragraph 3: you write about where you live, your best food, your hobby/hobbies and your best friends.                              


My name is Joshua Jude. I am eight (8) years, old. I am fair in complexion. I am thin.

   I am a pupil of Greater height primary school. I am in Primary five (5) and my best colour is Blue.

I live at house number 12 Tinubu Estates, off Muritala Mohamed Airport. My best food is Fried rice and chicken. I love playing with my friends and the name of my best friend is Peter.

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