In this composition, I will share with you a composition about transportation

As we all know, Transportation occurs every day. Humans, animals, goods move from one place to the other.

The following guidelines can be use when writing a composition about transportation. Let categorized it into paragraphs.

Paragraph 1: you should write the definition of transportation and the various means of transport.

Paragraph 2: compare local and modern means of transportation

Paragraph 3: write about the advantages and the disadvantages of modern means of transportation


The movement of people and goods from one place to the other is known as Transportation. We can travel from one place to another by cars, buses, motorcycles, tricycles, aero planes, jets, helicopters, boats, ships, sub-marines, bicycle, and animals such as horses, camels and donkeys. Etc.

  Some means of transportation are local. Example of such are by means of animals such as horses, camels, donkeys and even bicycles. Also, cars, buses, ships, jets, and aero planes are all examples of Modern means of transportation.

 The modern means of transportation are better than the local means of transportation in so many ways. The modern means though are more expensive are faster, comfortable, reliable and more efficient.



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