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In this composition I will be writing about “a visit to Oba palace”


The guideline used to structure this composition is in paragraphs.

Paragraph one:  you should write what a palace is, the name of the palace you visited and give a good description of the place.

Paragraph two: you should write about the people you met at the palace and what you learnt about the kingdom.

Paragraph three: write your own view of the lifestyle of a king, his kingdom and their traditional rites.

Below is the composition.

                                   A VISIT TO OBA PALACE

 The residence of a king or a queen is called palace. Palaces are generally very big and spacious and that of Oba Akin of Badagry is not different. Aside being big, neat and serene, there are also so many buildings in the compound. There are three main chambers in the building where the king addresses issue with his chiefs. At the entrance of the palace is a big statue and staff of office of the first king to reign in that palace and other images.

      The palace no doubt is always a very busy place.  On entry, I met four security men who checked me. Then, I was directed by one of them to one of the chambers where I saw so many chiefs, the queens, the princess as well as the princesses all seated and waiting for the king. It was the palace secretary that gave a brief history of Badagry to me and other visitors.

How he explained to me some of the traditional rites practiced in the kingdom. He talked about Igunuko Festival, Oro festival, Egungu Festival and a host of others. He also talked about the historical relics like the first storey building, slave trade and chain to mention but a few.

    As the king walked in majestically, a melodious traditional beat ushered him into the palace and everybody waiting for him prostrated to welcome him. People got back to their seats after he had sat down. Issues were discussed and he gave his final say. Nobody can upturn anything and whatever he says is final. I would love to be a king someday.



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