Civic Education Examination Questions 2019/2020 Session – Junior Secondary School



                                 1 BENSON AVENUE, LEKKI  PHASE 1, LAGOS.

SUBJECT: CIVIC EDUCATION                    CLASS:JSS 2                     TIME:2HOURS

                                         SECTION A: OBJECTIVES

  1. Why are men and women of integrity needed in Nigeria?  (a) to increase social vices    (b) to tarnish Nigeria image abroad  (c) to act as models for the youth  (d) to make the youth unpatriotic
  2. One of this was a notable man of integrity.  (a) Gen. Ibrahim Babangida  (b) Gen. Olusegun Obasanjo  (c) Gen. Sani Abacha  (d) Gen. Murtala Muhammed
  3. Dr Tai sholarin was   (a) social critic  (b) a great politician  (c) a great lawyer  (d) an engineer
  4. The type of constitution used In Nigeria is  (a) Unwritten constitution  (b) Confederal constitution  (c) Federal constitution  (d) Unitary constitution
  5. What does supremacy of constitution implies?  (a) The constitution is the final authority in any matter  (b) Federal government is above the constitution  (c) The constitution can not be changed  (d) The judges are above the constitution
  6. The constitutional power to change the currency resides with  (a) The State government  (b) The Federal government  (c) The State and the local government  (d) The Local government  
  7. In which list can any matter relating to education be found?  (a) residual list  (b) exclusive list  (c) concurrent list  (d) local list
  8. The number of the  Local government in Nigeria is   (a) 714  (b) 747  (c) 774  (d) 784
  9. When did Nigeria re-gain her independence?  (a) 1960  (b) 1963  (c) 1973  (d) 1953
  10. The number of states in Nigeria is   (a) 26  (b) 36  (c) 46  (d) 56
  11. The Northern protectorate and the Southern protectorates were almagamated in   (a) 1924  (b) 1960  (c) 1914  (d) 1954
  12. Rigid constitution  are usually  (a) unwritten  (b) flexible  (c) solid  (d) written
  13. Who legislates on matters on residual list  (a) Federal Government  (b) State Government  (c) Local Government  (d) Unitary Government
  14. One of these is not a characteristics of courage  (a) endurance  (b) determination  9c0 commitment  (d0 cowardice
  15. A man who stands by his religious belief demonstrates  (a) spiritual courage  (b) physical courage  (c) holy courage  (d) good courage
  16. A man who stands to defend the truth demonstrates   (a) spiritual courage  (b) physical courage  (c) holy courage  (d) good courage
  17. The motor of The Learningfield schools is ora et labora. Which means  (a) work and pray  (b) prayer and hard work  are the key  (c) determination to succeed  (d) commitment to hard work
  18. Rescuing a little child from a burning house is a demonstration of  (a) spiritual courage  (b) good courage  (c) physical courage  (d) moral courage
  19. None of these is a characteristic  of courage except  9a) envy  (b) perseverance  (c) cowardice  (d) laziness
  20.   —————————— is the ability to control one self even in a stressful situation  (a) fairness  (b) discipline  (c) modesty  (d) moderation  
  21. The act of adhering strictly to high moral standard could be described as  (a) valuable integrity  (c) discipline  (d) loyalty      
  22. An attribute of integrity which means absolute moral soundness is (a) truthfulness  (b) fair play  (c) tolerance  (d) probity
  23. ———————- could be defined as the act of  been satisfied with what one has and working hard for better future  (a) discipline  (b) contentment  (c) commitment  (d) humility
  24. All these but one are social vices  (a) bribery  and corruption  (b) stealing  (b) financial transparency  (d) misappropriation of fund
  25. Modesty means  (a) flamboyant dressing  (b) extravagant life style  (c) simple life style  (d) love one in town mansion
  26.   The act of not doing things excessively is called  (a) self control  9b) moral courage  (c) spiritual courage  (d) mutual courage
  27. Contentment does not encourage one of the following  (a) satisfaction  (b) truthfulness  (c) honesty  (d) envy
  28. The learningfield schools is in which Local Government Area?  (a) Ojo Local Government Area  (b) Amuwo Odofin Local Government Area  (c) Oshodi Isolo Local Government Area  (d) Apapa Ajegule Local Government Area
  29. The type of value that has to do with monetary value is called (a) National value  (b) economic value  (c) banker’s value  (d) social value
  30. The act of treating people equally according to the rule of law is called  (a) trust  (b) confidence  (c) honesty  (d) fairness
  31. Ideas and belief people and leaders of a nation hold as important are called  (a) personal value  (b) people’s  value  (c) leader’s value  (d) national value   
  32. Good value can not be developed through all these except  (a) bad friend  (b) bad peer group  (c) good environment  (d) broken home
  33. Trust is associated with   (a) confidence  (b) integrity  (c) love  (d) religion
  34. Moral  principles and standard can be regarded  as  (a) value  (b) integrity  (c) norms  (d) morality
  35. Acceptable values in the society include all these but  (a) integrity  (a) integrity  (b) dishonesty  (c) courage  (d) commitment
  36. We can develop our talent through all these except  (a) training  (b) teaching others  (c) practicing  (d) laziness
  37. Self- reliance requires all these  except  (a) diligence  (b) taking risk  (c) perseverance  (d) indolence
  38. The constitutional  responsibility of a citizen is the same as  (a) right of a citizen  (b) duties  (c) citizen’s work in the society  (d) constitutional expectation
  39. The Nigeria flag  replaced one of these flags  (a) unity flag  (b) union flag  (c) union Jack   (d) colonial jack
  40. The Nigeria flag was designed by  (a) Taiwo Akinkunmi   (b) Miss Wisdom   (c)  Queen Elizabeth  (d) Fedrick Lord Lugard

                                                    SECTION B  (Theory)

Instruction: Answer only one question in this section

 1a. State 5 attributes of integrity                  5mks

 b.  Highlight 5 reasons for the need for people of integrity in our society 5mk

2a.  List and explain 5 effects of lack of contentment on the society 

  3a.  Define discipline and state four of its attributes   5mks

  3b.  List out 5 benefits of discipline in the society   5mks

  4a.  Identify any three of courage you have learnt and explain and explain any two of them  5mks

4b.  State five attributes of courage individual         5mks

5a.   Define Federation and state four of its characteristics       5mks

 5b.   List out and briefly explain five needs for Federation    5mks

  6a.   What is value? State THREE factors through which value can be  developed  5mks

  6b.    Give five importance of value in the society    5mks


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