Civic Education First Term Continous Assessment Questions 2019/2020 Session – Junior Secondary School Two (JSS 2)



SUBJECT: CIVIC EDUCATION                                                 


                      OBJECTIVE (10mks)

  1. A special principle, goal or standard held by individual or society in called (a) Honesty (b) Fair play (c) Value (d) Integrity
  2. The quality of being honest and morally upright is called (a) Contentment (b) Fair play (c) Committee (d) Integrity
  3. One of the following is not an attribute of integrity (a) Honesty (b) Discipline (c) Dishonest (d) Perseverance
  4. One of the following is not a reason for the needs of people of integrity in our society (a) Chaos (b) Social development (c) Peaceful coexistence (d) Models for the young ones
  5. A state of being happy and satisfied with whatever one has is referred to (a) Perseverance (b) Courage (c) Contentment (d) Envious
  6. One who is contented will not become (a) Confident (b) Beautiful (c) Greedy (d) Intelligent
  7. All these are attributes of contentment except (a) Not being envious (b) Not being greedy (c) Being corrupt (d) Not being corrupt
  8. One of the following is a result of the consequences of lack of contentment (a) Corruption (b) Dutiful (c) Obedience in the society (d) Respect for law and order
  9. Abuja is to Nigeria, as __________ is to Ghana (a) Kumasi (b) Port Novo (c) Accra (d) Algiers
  10. The name Nigeria was given to us by (a) Flora Shore (b) Flora Shaw (c) Shaw Margareta (d) Elizabeth


                                      Answer all questions.

  1. a. Explain the concept Integrity.(1mk)

b. Explain two needs for people of Integrity in our society.(4mks)

  • a. Define contentment.(1mk)

b. Explain two attributes of contentment in the society. (4mks)

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