Data Processing Lesson Note SS2 Third Term

Data Processing for Senior Secondary School –



2.Presentation Package
3.Word Processing : examples of word processing package; Ms office suite
4.Word Processing : loading ,exiting ,creating , saving ,and retrieving files
5.Spreadsheet : definition and uses
6.Spreadsheet : examples ,using MS EXCEL 
7.Spreadsheet : loading ,exiting , Ms excel ,creating ,saving and retrieving files
8.Databases management : definition and examples
9.Database management : uses of Ms Access and spreadsheet for database
10.Database management : loading ,editing Ms access, creating , saving and retrieving files 


Presentation Package

Presentation is the practice of showing and explaining the content of the topic to an audience or a learner. program such as Microsoft PowerPoint is often used to generate presentation content.

Presentation Package / software Package

This is an application software that makes it easy and often fun to create a presentation for the audience.

It contains text editor to add the written content and ability within the program to add graphics chart and images to build  up slides.


  1. Microsoft Power Point
  2. OpenOffice Impress

Uses of presentation package

  1. For lectures, student’s report and stories
  2. For writing multimedia stories
  3. It facilitates group activities such as peer/group editing/debating
  4. Electronic slide shows in class meetings, across network or on the web.
  5. For presentation conferencing
  6. Self running application such as office ,lab ,academic meetings, campus information etc


1. Define presentation package

2. state the uses of presentation package

Data Processing for Senior Secondary School –


Using Presentation package to solve Problem

Introduction to Microsoft Power Point

Basically , power point bis a software package that allows you to create professional multimedia  presentation

Power Point has many advantages

  1. Many viewing Option : one can view presentation in many place / mediums such ascomputer monitor, LCD projector ,and even on the web
  2. Printing  : copies of slides can easily be printed
  3. Fast Update : one can edit / update and fix your presentation even minutes before your presentation.

Power point also allows one to insert multimedia element that could never be duplicate with projector slides. Some of these elements include:

  1. Transition
  2. Animations
  3. Audio / videos

Application of software

For presentation, one can create these materials

  1. Slides : these are pages that make up presentation that could contain text, graphics , chart , sound and video
  2. Speaker’s  Note : speaking aids that consist of images of slides  together with any note that you want in a slides
  3. Audience Handout : a document containing images of several slides per page
  4. Outline Pages contains printout of the presentation.

Starting Ms Power Point

To start presentation Package

Select Start> Microsoft Office > Ms Power point

Power Point Screen

The Power Point screen essentially consists of the following

  • Title Bar
  • Menu bar
  • Status Bar
  • View Buttons

Creating a new Presentation

Power Point offers several ways to create a new presentation .

For PowerPoint 2002 one can create new presentation by using :-

  1. Auto Content Wizard
  2. A design Template
  3. Blank Presentation

Creating presentation using power point 2010

  1. Blank presentation
  2. Template

The Microsoft Power Point Environment

This contains the following

  1. Title bar
  2. Menu Bar (tabs /Ribbons)
  3. Slide Pane
  4. Note Pane

Slide and Outline tabs and pane

  • View button  e.t.c

Loading Ms Power Point

  1. From the windows desktop  (window 7) , click the start button
  2. Select All programs
  3. Navigate to Ms Office and select Ms Power Point

Exiting Power Point

After all present work have been saved ,onre can exit by :

  1. Ms Office button at the top left  corner of the window and click exit Powerpoint
  2. Or Using the keyboard shortcut : Alt + f4

Creating a New file

  1. Click the office  buton and then click New
  2. Select Blank presentation or select from installed template

Saving A File

  1. Click Office button
  2. Click Save or use the keyboard Shortcut Crtl + S

Open or Retrieve A File

  1. Click the office button
  2. Click the Open Button and seledct from the files you want to open .

Keyboard shortcut Crtl + o

The Home Tab

It contains the clipboard,slides,fonts,paragragh , drawing group

The Insert Tab

Contains tables,illustration , text , link, media clip

Text And Editing

Entering text in a Placeholders

Most of the Power Point slide layout scheme contains Place Holders for Text , labeled “ click to add “ . others contains placeholders for for other elements such as chart, images , images, clip art.

Entering Text in Text Boxes

Text can b added to any area of the slide by using text boxes .

Changing the Text format

Text can be formatted in  powerpoint by using a variety of font ,font sizes,emphasis (bold, italic, underline), colour , bullet , alignment , and line spacing .

Types of Alignment

  1. Left Alignment :- automatically aligns the text to the left
  2. Center Alignment :- automatically aligns the text to the center
  3. Right Alignment :- automatically aligns the text to the Right
  4. Justification :- automatically gives the sentence lines equal width spacing

Inserting New Slides

  1. Click on the new slide buttin on the formatting tool bar or select Insert > New slide .the slide layout task pane is displayed.
  2. Click on a slide layout , a new slide after  the current active slide is inserted with with select layout .

Keyboard shortcut – Crtl + M

Types of views on power point

  1. Normal view : Normal view is the main editing view which you use to write nad design your presentartion.
  2. Slide Sorter View :- is an exclusive of your sides in thumbnails form
  3. Note Page view :- view the note page to edit the speakers note as they will look when you print them out
  4. Slide Show view :- this takes up the full computer screen, bringing the whole presentation slides into display one after the other.

Data Processing for Senior Secondary School –


1. State the process of creating, editing, saving a presentation file

2. state applications of a presentation package


Web Design Package

Web design is the process of creatingwebsites. It encompasses several different aspects, including webpage layout, content production, and graphic design. While the terms web design and web development are often used interchangeably, web design is technically a subset of the broader category of web development.

Websites are created using a markup language called HTML. Web designers build webpages using HTML tags that define the content and metadata of each page. The layout and appearance of the elements within a webpage are typically defined usingCSS, or cascading style sheets. Therefore, most websites include a combination of HTML and CSS that defines how each page will appear in a browser.

web design program is a computer program used to create, edit, and update web pages and websites. The purpose of such a program is to make it easier for the designer to work with page and site elements through a graphical user interface that displays the desired results, typically in a WYSIWYG manner, while removing the need for the designer to have to work with the actual code that produces those results (which includes HTML or XHTMLCSSJavaScriptPhotoshop and others) is known as web designing . Examples of a web design program include iWebMicrosoft FrontPageAdobe Dreamweaver andNetObjects Fusion which are commercial programs, and Amaya, which is an open source program. Many programs, such asMicrosoft Word that are not dedicated to web design also have the ability to function as a web design package

Uses Of Web Design Packages

  1. Basically for creating website pages and site design.
  2. It also is useful for creating posters and such.
  3. Mostly used for business
  • The great advantage of using ‘WYSIWYG’ editors is that it allows the user to visualize and think in terms of how the content would appear.
  • Layout, font, color and content changes can be viewed directly on the screen as you make them – something that coding by hand simply does not allow.
  • It is infinitely easier to work in a ‘WYSIWYG’ environment where you can create complex page layouts in a few easy point and clicks. Not only is it less time consuming, but working with an editor is also more forgiving when it comes to errors.
  • A simple typing error in your code can affect your Web page dramatically, whereas in a ‘WYSIWYG’ environment it is far more difficult to mess up a table, for example, when all you have to do is point and click “insert-table.”
  • Editing is also simpler. Rather than having to mull over the discrepancies in your HTML code, in FrontPage you can see exactly where you went wrong and edit correspondingly.


1. What is web design ?

2. Mention the  uses of web design packages


Components of Web Design Package

There are 4 crucial components of an effective website design. These components are as follows: 
1) An effective layout: Laying out the design of a website includes placing all the navigational and content elements. 
2)Efficient typography: A good typography decides how the user takes in the content of the website. the typography should be easy to follow and read. 

3)Suitable elements of design: Here you can show your creativity with the icons, patterns, texture, etc. 

4)The colour scheme: Choose the correct colour scheme. It should be based on what you are trying to convey to your users. 

Good Web Design

  • Write clearly and be brief.
  • Don’t overcrowd pages with large amounts of text and graphics.
  • Don’t use a lot of graphics — this can make pages take a long time to load.
  • Put the most important items at the top of a page — this will attract attention and make people want to look at the rest of the page.
  • Use headings and lists to summarize topics so that readers can scan the contents of pages quickly.
  • Use bold and italic text to attract attention rather than special effects such as animated or flashing text, which can be annoying.
  • Try to make your site easy to navigate by using frames or putting a table of contents at the beginning of a section.


State 3 components of the web design


Examples of web design Packages 

  1. Adobe dream weaver CS4
  2. Web plus X4
  3. Microsoft Expression web 3.0 and studio 3
  4. Namo web Editor 8 and professional
  5. Sothink DHTML Menu 9 and Tree Menu 2
  6. Antenna Web Design Studio 3
  7. All web Menus PRO 5
  8. PhotonFX Easy Website Pro 4
  9. Iweb
  10. Sandvox


Mention 5 examples of the web design packages

Data Processing for Senior Secondary School –


 Graphics Packages

Quick revise

A graphics package is an application that can be used to create and manipulate images on a computer.

Type of Graphic Packages

There are two main types of graphics package:

  • painting packages
  • drawing packages

Painting packages

  • A painting package produces images by changing the colour of pixels on the screen.
  • These are coded as a pattern of bits to create a bitmapped graphics file.
  • Bitmapped graphics are used for images such as scanned photographs or pictures taken with a digital camera.


  • The main advantage offered by this type of graphic is that individual pixels can be changed which makes very detailed editing possible.

Disadvantages of painting packages

  • Individual parts of an image cannot be resized;
  • only the whole picture can be increased or decreased in size.
  • Information has to be stored about every pixel in an image which produces files that use large amounts of backing storage space.

Examples of graphics packages that produce bitmapped images include:- MS Paint, PC Paintbrush, Adobe Photoshop and JASC’s Paint Shop Pro.

Drawing packages

  • A drawing package produces images that are made up from coloured lines and shapes such as circles, squares and rectangles.
  • When an image is saved it is stored in a vector graphics file as a series of instructions, which can be used to recreate it.

Main advantages of vector graphics are:

  • They use less storage space than bitmap graphics;
  • Each part of an image is treated as a separate object, which means that individual parts can be easily modified.

Disadvantages of drawing packages

  • They don’t look as realistic as bitmap graphics.

Examples of drawing graphics packages include CorelDraw, Micrographix Designer and computer aided design (CAD) packages such as AutoCAD.

CAD in action – ‘Walking with Dinosaurs

This video looks at the use of CAD modelling for the television series ‘Walking with Dinosaurs’. A visual effects supervisor describes the combination of 3D models with filmed backgrounds to produce a realistic effect for the BBC television series ‘Walking with Dinosaurs’.


1. Define Graphic packages

2. Mention types of graphic packages


Common features of graphics packages

  • Drawing straight lines and ‘freehand’ lines;
  • Drawing regular pre-defined shapes like squares, rectangles and circles using a special ‘tool’;
  • Entering text and changing the style and size of font;
  • Changing the size of an object, or scaling;
  • Rotating objects in either clockwise or anticlockwise by specifying the direction and angle of rotation;
  • Stretching objects either horizontally or vertically. ‘Flipping’ an object either horizontally or vertically.
  • A paint palette from which different colours and patterns can be chosen.
  • A fill option for colouring in a shape or area on the screen with a colour or pattern from the paint palette.
  • Most graphics packages have a built-in library of clipart pictures.
  • Zoom or magnify is a feature that allows an area of the screen to be seen close up for detailed work.
  • Special brushes such as an airbrush can be used to achieve different paint effects on the screen.
  • In most graphics these features are chosen from a toolbar or tool palette where they are displayed as icons.
  • Exporting is a special way of saving a file produced using a graphics package so that it can be used in another application package.
  • When an exported file is needed in another application it is opened in a special way called importing.

Computer-aided design (CAD)

Computer-aided design, or CAD, is the use of a computer to display designs, accept any changes to them and calculate and display the results.

CAD has many different applications, which include:-

  • Designing new cars;
  • Bridge and building design and testing;
  • Printed circuit board (PCB) design;
  • Designing new aircraft;
  • Designing fitted kitchens.


State the common features of the graphic package

Data Processing for Senior Secondary School –


Maintenance of Computer

Keep your computer physically clean

When dealing with computers, dust isn’t just unattractive—it can potentially destroy parts of your computer. By cleaning your computer regularly, you can help to keep it working properly and avoid expensive repairs.

Cleaning the keyboard

A dirty keyboard doesn’t look nice and can cause your keyboard tonot work properly. Dust, food, liquid, and other particles can get stuck underneath the keys, which can prevent them from working properly. Check your owner’s manual to see if the manufacturer has provided you with instructions for your specific keyboard. If so, follow them. If not, the following steps are basic cleaning tips that can help keep your keyboard clean.

  1. Unplug the keyboard from the USB or PS/2 port. If the keyboard is plugged into the PS/2 port, you will need to shut down the computer before unplugging it.
  2. Turn the keyboard upside down, and gently shake it to remove dirt and dust.
  3. Use a can of compressed air to clean between the keys.
  4. Moisten a cotton cloth or paper towel with rubbing alcohol, and use it to clean the tops of the keys. Do not pour alcohol or any other liquid directly onto the keys.
  5. Reconnect the keyboard to the computer once it is dry. If you are connecting it to a PS/2 port, you will need to connect it before turning on the computer.

Dealing with liquids

If you spill liquid on the keyboard, quickly shut down the computer and disconnect the keyboard and turn it upside down to allow the liquid to drain.

If the liquid is sticky, you will need to hold the keyboard on its side under running water to rinse the sticky liquid away. Then turn the keyboard upside down to drain for two days before reconnecting it. The keyboard may not be repairable at this point, but rinsing the sticky liquid off of it is the only chance for it to be usable again. The best way to avoid this situation is to keep drinks away from the computer area.

Cleaning the monitor

Dirt, fingerprints, and dust can make your computer screen difficult to read; however, it’s easy to clean your screenwhen needed. Although there are monitor-cleaning kits you can buy, they may damage your monitor if they are designed for a different type of monitor. For example, a monitor cleaner that is designed for glass screens may not work with some nonglass LCD screens. The safest method is simply to use a soft clean cloth moistened with water.

Do not use glass cleaner to clean a monitor. Many screens have anti-glare coatings that can be damaged by glass cleaner.

  1. Turn off the computer.
  2. Unplug the monitor from the power. If you are using a laptop, unplug the laptop.
  3. Use a soft clean cloth moistened with water to wipe the screen clean.

Do not spray any liquids directly onto the screen. The liquid could leak into the monitor and damage the internal components.

Features and activities you should be aware of that drain a battery faster:

  • Bright screen (use the brightness controls to dim the backlight)
  • Hard drive access
  • CD/DVD drive access (remove CD’s and DVD’s when you are not using them, and preferably use them only on AC power)
  • Peripherals (printer, digital camera, external drive, etc. Disconnect when not using.)
  • Wireless network access (Turn off when not in use. Click on the Airport icon, or right click on the wireless icon on a PC to turn off or disable.)

To ensure the battery in your laptop has a long and healthy life, avoid leaving it constantly charged. It’s important that the electrons inside are kept moving on a regular basis—think of it as being akin to getting up to exercise rather than sitting at a desk all day. Broadly speaking, the less frequently you use your laptop, the less frequent the discharges need to be.


Mention ways of maintaining the computer

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