Senior Secondary School Scheme of work for Accounting SS1 –

NERDC Curriculum Accounting SS1

SS1 First Term Accounting Scheme of work Lagos State

  1. Introduction to Book-Keeping and Accounting

2                Transactions – Meaning and Classifications

3                Books of Accounts – Layout and Formats

4 – 5           Double Entry Principle: Posting of Transactions to Ledger Accounts;

Combinations of Cash and Bank Account

6 – 7          Balancing of Ledger Accounts; extraction of the Trial Balance

8                Source Documents: Purpose Characteristics and Functions

9 -10          Subsidiary Books: Purpose, Characteristics, Functions and Preparations

11 – 12 Revision and Examination

SS1 First Term Accounting Scheme of work – Modified

Week 1:Introduction to book-keeping and Accounting

  • Importance and history of Accounting in Nigeria
  • Users of Accounting information and purpose for which they are needed
  • Advantages and limitations of Accounting
  • Career opportunities in Book-keeping and Accounting
  • Accounting professional bodies
  • Accounting professional ethnics

Week 2: Accounting concepts and conventions

Week 3: Principles of double entries

  • Accounting equations
  • Leagalization and journalization

Week 4: Source Documents

  • Meaning, uses, types – importance, e.g. debit note, credit note

Week 5: Subsidiary books: meaning, uses, types –  cash book, purchase day ledger, sales day book, returns inwards journal and returns outwards journal Journal proper.

Week 6: Working exercises on sales day book and return inwards journal and posting them into ledger

Week 7: Working exercises on ledger entry on purchases day book and return outward journal

Week 8: Ledger – meaning, purposes, rules for posting ledger accounts to be debited and accounts to be credited

Week 9: One column cash book – meaning and uses, working exercises on it with cash book account. Exercise book

Week 10: Double column cash book –  meaning, bank transactions, central entry, posting and balancing of cash book



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