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S/N      APPRAISAL OUTLINE       1          2          3          4          5

1          Ability to meet deadlines

2          Ability to withstand pressure and work through

3          Ability to confront irregularities and inefficiencies

4          Ability to multitask

5          Ownership attitude and personal development

6          Ability to define performance areas for teachers

7          Ability to drive teachers performance in classroom

8          Ability to report teachers daily activities

9          Ability to write reports effectively

10        Ability to do what is expected without being told

11        Ability to foster consistency in teachers performance

12        Ability to supervise teachers effectively

13        Ability to ensure school compliance to curriculum and schemes

14        Ability to influence staff compliance to school rules and policy

15        Ability to handle staff issues without sentiment

16        Ability to handle staff meetings with grip and control

17        Ability to resolve conflict amidst staff

18        Ability to foster team work amidst staff

19        Ability to solve parents concern

20        Ability to communicate effectively with parents

21        Ability to settle school-parents disputes

22        Ability to report parent grievances to school directors with suggestion of solution

23        Ability to ensure teachers coordination especially in parents presence

24        Ability to plan and designate staff operations in programs and events

25        Respect and regard for school management


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