IF I WERE A MILLIONAIRE

                                               Teacher’s Activities

Activity one (1): Draw out information from the students about who a millionaire is. Make them talk briefly about what would do if they were millionaires.

Activity two (2): To guide the pupils in writing a detailed composition about the topic, write and explain the following guidelines on the board.

Activity three (3): Look at, interpret, and explain the example.


Paragraph one (1):  Write about who you are now, all the good things you wish yourself in future.

Paragraph two (2): Write about what you would do for the poor and needy in the society if you were a millionaire.

Paragraph three (3): Write about what you would do to social service organizations, e.g Destitute home, orphanages, etc.


COMPOSITION: if I were millionaire

.My name is Peter and I am a scholar. I am very hardworking and wish myself well. I look forward to a very glorious future full of every good thing, of life- riches, good children, sound health, long life and prosperity. I would like to have so much money that I could do something for those who are less fortunate than I am.

If I were a millionaire I would do my best to provide food, clothing and shelter for the poor and needy. I would open schools for them and train them to be financially independent. I would help them to find suitable and good employment.

I would build hospitals to provide people with good health treatment. The hospital will be modern and well equipped. People would be given medical assistance free of cost.

I would also donate money to social service, churches and mosques. Social Organizations like destitute homes, orphanages and homes for the aged would also be my target. I would be kind and good to everybody. May God help me.

Pupil’s Activity one (1): Read the example carefully and thoughtfully.

Pupil’s Activity two (2): Write a detailed composition about what you would do if you were a millionaire.

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