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 Subject: I.C.T                         Duration: 1HR 30MINS   Class: JSS 2

  1. This sign * in BASIC means __________(a) asterisks (b) double (c) sum (d) multiply
  2. All are ICT gadgets except _______ (a) computer (b) chainsaw (c) TV (d) satellite
  3. BASIC language uses the _______________ arithmetic principle (a) BODMAS (b) BEDMAS (c) all mighty formulae (d) Pythagoras theorem
  4. One of the disadvantages of ICT is (a) Access to information is cheaper (b) ICT increase the speed of transactions (c) It helps in creating interactions among people (d) painful eyes are caused from prolong use of PC.
  5. _______  are languages that are closer to human languages  (a) high level language  (b)  machine language  (c)  low level language  (d)  programming language.
  6. MS Paint and Corel draw are examples of ______________ package (a) word processing (b) spreadsheet (c) graphics (d) movie
  7. Telephone is a __________ device (a) telecommunication (b) multicomm (c) monocommunication (d) intercomm
  8. A device used in the ICT world to solve human problem is called _____ (a) instrument (b) gadget (c) tool (d) none
  9. The following are computer programming languages except (a) C (b) C++ (c) Basic (d) Master
  10. The letter ‘A’ in the acronym BASIC means (a) automatic (b) array (c) all purpose (d) arranged
  11. BASIC was an _______ programming language that is still among the simplest and most popular of programming languages.  (a)  late (b)  famous  (c)   early  (d)  initial.
  12. ______are the data or the values in a program that cannot be changed during the program execution.  (a)  variables  (b)  constant  (c)  keyword  (d)  character sets.
  13. A _______ is a symbol use for addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, or other calculations  (a)  bodmas  (b)  math operator  (c)  exponentiation  (d)  modulus.
  14. A drawing package produces______  that are made up from coloured lines and shapes such as circles, squares and rectangles.  (a)  pictures  (b)  photograph  (c)  images  (d)  graphics.
  15. Drawing straight lines and ‘freehand’ lines are common features of _____  (a)  images  (b)  design   (c)  molding  (d)  graphics.
  16. A _______  from which different colours and patterns can be chosen.  (a)  title bar  (b)  menu bar  (c)  paint pallete  (d)  tool bar
  17. _________  comprises of different colours for your drawing  (a)   paint pallete   (b)  colour pallete  (c) menu bar  (d)  title bar.
  18. machine language is a collection of binary digits or bits that the _________  reads and interprets.  (a)  internet   (b)  computer  (c)  metre  (d)  thermometer.
  19. A ­­­­________  translates the entire program written in a high-level language to machine language prior to execution.   (a)  translator   (b)  fortran   (c)  compiler   (d)  interpreter
  20. A painting package is a _______  application that can be used for processing photographs by manipulating features like colors, effects and brightness.   (a)   colour  (b)   paint pallete  (c)  colour pallete  (d)  graphic.
  21. A GSM phone has the following service except ______(a) Calls (b) Text messages (c) MMS (d) programming
  22. Fax stands for ______ (a) facsimile (b) facsimetre (c) facsimore (d) facsimine
  23. Fax is used to send and receive ____ and _____ over the telephone line. (a) text/images (b) text/videos (c) text/mp3 (d) image/memo
  24. Telephone transmits and receives sounds ,most commonly the ________ (a) Robot voice (b) human voice (c) digital voice (d) data voice
  25. The letter ‘M’ in GSM means ____________  (a) menu (b) mobile (c) manual (d) mechanical
  26. _________ is where our drawing and pictures are manipulated and placed for printing. (a) manipulation area (b) printable area (c) placement area (d) none of the above
  27. A thin, rectangular window containing dropdown menus is ______  (a) title bar (b)  tool bar  (c) menu bar (d) bar chart. 
  28. ______ is used to zoom in on a section of your picture.   (a)  air brush  (b)  fill (c)  magnifier  (d)  enlarger. 
  29. High languages need to be _________ before execution (a) amplified (b) translated (c) detached (d) discarded
  30. Study the Code below

   LET A 10

   LET B 20

   LET C A+B


   What will be the displayed result (a) 20 (b) 30 (c) 40 (d) 10

Section 2

Fill in the gaps

  • The full meaning of C.D.M.A is _______________________________________________.

 Give the name of following BASIC math operators symbols.

  •    ^   _______________________________
  •    /   _____________________________
  • . MOD.  ________________________________
  • \   ____________________
  • ______________________ is a bar located at the top of a window.
  • The full meaning of G.S.M is _______________________________________.
  • The menu bar contains the _____________________ items.
  • The statement “REM” stands for ________________________
  •  The full meaning for BASIC IS _______

Theory. :  Answer three questions in all.

1. Define the following       A. Computer Programming Language     B. Machine Language

 C. Low level language      D. High level language

 2. A. Define the Graphic Packages

    B. State the two types of graphic packages and explain each

    C. State any five examples of graphic package software

3. A. Define ICT         B. State 5 examples ICT gadgets

    C. State 5 benefits of ICT

 4. Define the following

    A. GSM

    B. Subscriber

    C. Base Station

    D. Network subsystem

    E. Telephone

    E. State 2 uses of GSM


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