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            1. Parents are defined as anyone that pays or takes full responsibility of ward in the school.

            2. For verification of parenthood, parents means of identification with wards birth certificate will be demanded by the school

            3. Parents are obliged and mandated to fill all information on the admission form

            4. Any proof of medical test to confirm blood group, genotype and other medical conditions will be required at the point of entry of ward(s) into the school

            5. Parents are to clarify the means of transportation of ward to the school and from the school

            6. In the place of involving a third party in transporting wards, parents are to register the person with the school.

            7. Appropriate information about a third party residence and telephone number will be demanded before allowing such person to pick the wards

            8. Parents cannot have more than two persons duly registered as a third party in transporting the wards

            9. Father or Mother of ward does not have the permission to stop either of the two from transporting the ward(s) except there is presentation of restraining order from court by any of the parents

            10. Lateness of a learner attract punishment by the school in the order of delay at pickup, engagement of learners during break period and parent’s fine

            11. Parents are not allowed in the classrooms at any period of the term except for authorized persons

            12. The criteria for allowing guests and parents into classrooms involve assessment of teaching operations and parents’ tour.

            13. Parents’ deadline for payment of fees is the fourth week of resumption.

            14. Violation of deadline will attract a 15% extra charges for late payments

            15. Parents that do not pay on time risk their ward(s) from participating in the school club activities which can have severe impact on the learners

            16. The school starts school fees drive from last week of the holiday. Parents should be informed that school representatives will commence calls, texts and visits from this period. It is the operation of the school to remind parents before resumption about school fees to make the school plans and operations go smoothly

            17. Calls made to parents based on ward’s birthday and School fees reminder will be directed to ward’s father

            18. Parent’s complain will be strictly worked on and feedback will be given to such parents

            19. In the case of argument with any of the school staff, parents should make a report of staff unruly behaviour to the school

            20. Any act of parent’s violence in the school will automatically lead to expulsion of ward(s) from the school

            21. Parents should not engage any school staff outside school without informing the school about the engagement

            22. In the event of Parent’s transaction with school staff, the school will not be mandated to involve in transactions in case of unfavourable outcome

            23. Any complain about staff by parents should be written in the form of notes , letter or message 

            24. No parent is permitted to print or reprint schools materials at any point in time

            25. All materials available in the school must be bought in the school

            26. Parents’ attendance at parents’ forum is very important to decisions made by the school. A parent cannot be absent twice in a session

            27. Parent executives will consist of Parent chairman, vice chairman, secretary, treasurer, school director and meeting moderator/PRO

            28. Issues of lateness to school and school fees drive are not subject to be discussed by parents at the parent forum

            29. There is scholarship scheme in the school to accommodate and reward parents that have paid faithfully in the past but the present condition hinders them to pay for all students

            30. The criterion for scholarship scheme is parent’s inability to pay despite a child’s brilliance. The scholarship only goes for this criterion

            31. Parents using the school bus system should be prompt at the park at the time given to them. Any delay at the pickup means the bus will not transport such child for the day

            32. No parent or staff shall be allowed to follow the school bus no matter the condition. Designated staff are the only persons authorized to move in the bus

            33. Complain made by parents to teachers should also be made to the head of school for documentation and school inspection of action by such teacher

You are the most important person to us as school and we will like you to give us feedback about your ward from time to time. We are here to serve you. 

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