It is a customizing analysis for individual parents in information, interaction and approach. This will help a school to have a perfect understanding of their parents and how the parents behave and act.

Tick the words that best describe the parent you are analyzing.

ParametersAnalysis 1Analysis 2
Parents’ payment patternPay on time Pay before ResumptionPay after Mid-term Pay after Fee drive
Payment methodPart payment Payment planFull payment
LiteracyCannot read and write Can read and writeProfessional Top executive
Complain modeLogical IntellectualEmotional
Parent InferenceDetailed LoyalResponsive Reactive
Enrollment PatternReferral AdvertisementProximity to home Online
Number of complains in the month Number of parents that paid in the first week
Number of exit per term Number of male parents coming to school Number of attendance at PTA meeting

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