Lagos State Ministry of Education –

Junior Secondary School Curriculum

JSS 2 English Language Curriculum third term

Week: 1 Phrases commonly used in speech

Adverbials – The future

Mass media

Towards summary


Week 2 – 3: Questions and their tags Adverbial – Adverbs of frequency Mass media Towards summary Prose

Vowels, diphthongs in mixed pairs

Cause and reason

Petroleum and mining

Week 4: Report writing


Consonant clusters Forms for expressing purpose Petroleum and mining Summary

Week 5: Strong and weak forms of words Adverbials – forms for expressing condition Petroleum – Vocabulary Continuous writing: my school/a market Prose

Contrasting statements Cake making

Week 6- 7    Formal/informal letters



Reading comprehension

Week 8: poems


Active/passive verbs Rhyme and rhythmus in


Week 9; Formal/informal letters



Reading comprehension

Week 10: poems:  Drama

Active/passive verbs Rhyme and rhythmus in Drama.

JSS 2 English Language Curriculum third term – Modified I

WEEK  3:        SPEECH WORK: Consonant sounds /s/$/S/

            (Sheep/Cheap, Mash/march/sheep/cheap/

Grammar: The uses of have, has and had

Reading Compilation: Reading to infer the author’s intention in a selected passage.

COMPOSITION: A composition on the topic “Pride Goes Before Fall”.

Lit-In-English: Characterization, Lit-in-Eng: Write a simple story on Honesty and fair play (A recommended text of your own).

WEEK . 4:       SPEECH WORK: Consonant sound /q/ and /a/ think / father, mouth/ father/

GRAMMAR: Synonyms: Using adequate examples.

READING & COMPREHENSION: Reading to identify word/expressions that signal or redirect attention to the main point.

VOC. DEV.: Word Associated with Human Rights.

COMPOSITION: A composition on the topic: The responsibilities of Government.

LIT-IN-ENGLISH: Writing a simple poem on laziness.

WEEK . 5: SPEECH WORK: Consonant /w/ and /j/ (words University, win/yellow).

GRAMMAR: Antonyms using adequate examples.

Reading and comprehension: As in week 1. Voc. Dev. Conflict resolution.

COMPOSITION: A topic on A Memorable Journey I Once  Made.

LI-IN-ENG; Identification of moral import and  the recommended prose text. (ii) setting plot on the recommended prose text.

WEEK . 6:      SPEECH WORK: Contrasting: Vowel/u/ and /u:/Luke/Youth, book/food).

GRAMMAR: The use of causative verbs. For example: black to cause to become black. Reading and comprehension as in Week 2.

Voc. Deve: Words associated with Religion.

COMPOSITION: Writing a dialogue

LIT-IN-ENGLISH: Use the recommended text on drama (II) figures of speech in the recommended text.

WEEK . 7:       Speech work: Contrast between vowels/É: /Ù / (caught /come, lawn/love).

School on the field etc).


COMPOSITION: Composition on the topic: The long/would not like to remember.

LIT-IN-ENGLISH: Use the recommended text on drama.

(ii) Dramatization of same from the recommended text on drama.

WEEK . 8:       SPEECH WORK: Consonant and vowel sounds differentiated.

GRAMMAR: Review of prefix and suffix


COMPOSITION: Write a composition on the topic: The Rich Also Cry”

LIT-IN-ENGLISH: Characterization, Dictation, Plot and theme in the recommended text on drama.

WEEK  9:       COMPOSITION: SPEECH WORK: Review of the consonant sounds with emphasis

on /q/ and /a/.

GRAMMAR: More on Question tags

READING AND COMPREHENSION: Review the language skills.

COMPOSITION: Review the composition of letter writing and essay writing.

LITERATURE-IN-ENGLISH: Review the prose text in use

(ii) Review of Drama text in use.



JSS 2 English Language Curriculum third term – Modified II

WEEK           TOPIC                                              

  1. Speech work – Revision of Second Term Work and Examination Questions, Present Tense; Speechwork: Consonant Contrast /p /, /d/, /b /, /t/.
  2. Grammar: Question Tags: Comprehension. The Search for Honey p. 168. Vocabulary Development on Speaking 168. Writing: Letter to a Friend p 175. Literature in English: Sunrise Poetry.
  3. Grammar: Uses of the Form of the Verb Have; Vocabulary Development: Preparation for the Reading Passage p 181. Reading: Parents Responsibilities. Writing: Pride Goes before a Fall. Speech Work: Distinguishing /ʧ/ and /∫ /, p.185 Literature: The Love of Mathematics.
  4. Grammar: Synonyms;. Writing: The Responsibilities of Government. Listening Comprehension: Main Points of a News Broadcast p 185. Speech Work: / p/, /d/, /k/ and /t/ ; Vocabulary Development: Words to do with Human Rights ; Literature: Inspiration
  5. Grammar: Antonyms; Speech Work: Distinguishing the Consonants Sounds /w/and /j/;  Vocabulary Development: Broadcasting; Comprehension: Ndifon’s Complaint p 193. Writing: Letter to a Pen Friend p 201. Literature: Exam Focus p. 180
  6. Comprehension: Description of Calabar p.207; Speechwork: Vowel Contrast /u/ and /u:/; Vocabulary Development: Conflict Resolution;Grammar: Use of the Causative  erb(ii) The Use of ‘s, and s’ and of. Writing: Description of One’s Village, Town or Area p 217. Literature: Dear African P 183, Exam Focus.
  7. Speechwork: Vowels: /Ɔ/, /ɒ/, /˄/; Listening Comprehension: An Account of a Fire Outbreak pg 212. Structure: Adjective; Writing: A Journey 1 Once Made; Vocabulary Development: Armed Forces.
  8. Grammar: Review of Prefix and Suffix;  Speech Work: Revising the Sounds /a:/ and/ ǽ/; Writing: An account of an Outing for a School Magazine p. 228. Comprehension: An Account of a School Outing. Vocabulary Development: Government and Politics.
  9. Speechwork : Consonants /dӠ/, /Ӡ/; Grammar: Using Despite and Inspite of, Vocabulary Development: Law and Order p. 126; Writing: Review of  Narrative and Descriptive Essays.

10.             Revision

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