by edudelight

Wedding day is always a memorable day for the bride and groom. Traditional wedding is the proper way and the proper thing to do before been recognize as husband and wife.

In this composition I will be writing about the Yoruba traditional wedding, the materials used and the role played by both families

          The guidelines for this composition are

Paragraph 1: you should write the meaning of traditional wedding.

Paragraph 2: you should write about the materials used and roles played by the brides and the groom family

Paragraph 3: write about the wedding.


   Traditional wedding is a ceremony done to join a man and a woman to become husband and wife. Family members, well- wishers and invited guests are always present to grace the occasion. It is always the happiest day of the intending couple.

   Engagement list would have been given to the groom family by the bride’s family before the day. Some of the materials to be presented by the groom on the day are: engagement rings, suitcase full of clothes, shoes, hed gears, kolanuts, bitter kolas, alligator peppers, honey, salt , sugar, dry fish, tubers of yam etc. all these materials are used only in traditional marriage to bless the brides and the groom.

  Two masters of ceremonies coordinate the event. They are called Alaga Ijoko representing bride’s family and Alaga Iduro, representing the groom’s family.

The groom and his friends were made to prostrate to the bride’s family several times until they are satisfied. Then the bride is brought and handed over to the groom’s family. All the materials brought including money are collected and check thoroughly. The wedding certificate is signed by both families and the couple. Finally, both families bless their children and exchange gifts. The groom thereafter goes home with the bride then henceforth start living to together as husband and wife.


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