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                                           Who knows me best?

                                               Teacher’s Activities

Activity one (1): Draw out sentences from the students about who they thinks knows them best.

Activity two (2): Tell them that a person that knows them best must know some very important things that not so many people know about them.

Activity three (3): To guide the pupils in writing a detailed composition about the topic, write and explain the following guidelines on the board.

Activity four (4): Look at, interpret, and explain the example.


Paragraph one (1):  Write a summary about   yourself.

Paragraph two (2): Write about two or three person that know you and write about the one that knows you and write about the one that knows you best among them.

Paragraph three (3): Write about these things that make the persons to know so much about you.

Paragraph four (4): Write about why you like the person that knows so much about you.


    My name is Samuel Dickson, I am nine years old and I am in primary six (6). The name of my school is Edudelight School. It is the best school in Lagos!

    Yesterday, my teacher asked me this question:  “Who knows you best?” I was shocked at first and thought deeply for a while. Frankly my father and relatives are very close to me but my mother knows me best than any other person. We share so many things in common. I look like her and we do so many things together

     Mothers knows what I like and hate. She knows when I am happy and when I am sad.

She knows all these because I do share my feelings with her. She sees me as very dear to her and does not take me for granted. She treats me like a queen and with loving kindness.

    I like my mother so much. She is the best mother anyone could have! She tells me lots of stories and this makes us more like two very close friends, I share my pains and gains with her and I don’t not hide anything from her.  She knows me best.   

Pupil’s Activity one (1): Read the example and pay attention.

Pupil’s Activity two (2): Write with care and in details a composition about a story you have been told.

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