Business Studies First Term Examination Questions 2019/2020 Session – Junior Secondary School Two (JSS 2)

                                                 EDUDELIGHT SECONDARY SCHOOL




OBJECTIVE: Answer all questions Time: 1hr

  1.  Which of these documents is handled by the receptionist? (A) A sales book (B) Account book    (c) Visitors book (d) Minute book.
  2. . Which of the following industries  takes raw materials from the earth?                            (a) manufacturing (b) Extractive (c)Constructive (d)production.
  3. The department that is responsible for buying goods and raw materials in an organization is called  (A) Account department   (B) sales department  (C) marketing department  (D) purchasing department
  4. All these but one are examples of one man business  (A) easy to start  (B) legal entity  (C) little capital  (D) Quick decision
  5. A trader usually referred to as bulk breaker is called  (A) Retailer  (B) wholesaler (C) exporter  (D) importer
  6. One of the following is not an advantage of office machine to a business  (A) increase output  (B) increase in sales  (C) improved record keeping  (D) increase in meal
  7. The movement of goods from one place to another is called  (A) Aeroplane   (B) transportation  (C) bus  (D) ship
  8. The person who is a sole provider of capital and suffers all losses is called  (A) partner  (B) trader  (C) sole proprietor  (D) salesman
  9. An account in which all cash receipts and cash payment are recorded is called  (A) cash account  (B) saving account  (C) current account  (D)deposit account
  10.  ………..  is a system of buying in which the product is being sold to the highest bidder  (A)  Sample  (B) quotation  (C) Grading  (D) Description
  11. An ambassador of an organization from whom the visitors get first impression is called  (A) Clerical staff  (B) receptionist  (C) author  (D) clerk
  12. Which of these is not part of typewriter   (A) Backing sheet   (B) shift key  (C) line spacer  (D) payer bail
  13. What is the name of the book of correspondence  used for recording  the particular mails coming into an organization  (A) inward book  (B) postage book  (C) dispatch book  (D) outward book
  14. A special office for receiving visitors is called  (A)mail room  (B) reception (C) account office  (D) personal office
  15. What is the name given to the document showing the full details of an employee pay?  (A) time rate  (B) salary bill  (C) payslip  (D) payroll
  16. In a business organization, who are the risk bearers?  (A) the manufacturer  (B) the producer  (C) the worker  (D) the entrepreneur
  17. All are source documents except   (A) invoice  (B) receipts  (C) cheque  (D) purchase day book
  18. In alphabetical filing, the paper files are arranged according to the letters of   —————(A) alphabets  (B) numbers  (C) serial  (D) sections
  19. Production is the —–    (A)  planning capital goods   (B) creation of goods and services  (C) purchasing of goods for export   (D) production of goods only
  20. Aids to trade consist of the following except   (A) insurance  (B) advertising  (C) shipping  (D) banking
  21. A trader who carries his goods from place to place is called   (A) a trader  (B) a career  (C) an entrepreneur   (D) a hawker
  22. Buying and selling of goods is called   (A) occupation  (B) purchasing   (C) business  (D) trading
  23. Which of the following equipments is used for producing several copies of documents through stencils   (A) perforator   (B) stamping machine (C) duplicating machine (D) photocopying machine 
  24. All these departments can be found in a large organization except   (A) sales department   (B) purchasing department   (C) resellers and maintenance department  (D) negotiating department
  25. The three form of industries that are involved in the turning of raw materials into other forms of goods are   (A) fishing, extractive and constructive  (B) constructive mining and extractive  (C) extractive, Manufacturing and construction  (D) extraction, construction and farming
  26. All the following are included in the fixed assets except   (A) machine   (B) motor vehicle  (C) stock  (D) building
  27. An invoice sent by the supplier to give only a quotation or to disclose the cost price of the goods to a buyer is called  (A) a catalogue  (B) sales invoice  (C) performance invoice  (D) general invoice
  28. A postage book is used to show    (A) particulars of letters posted    (B) who posted it   (C) particulars of letters received  (D) particulars of letters attended to
  29. The original amount given to the petty cashier is called    (A) imprest   (B) petty  (C) cash  (D) discount
  30. One of the following machines is used to make holes on papers for easy filing   (A) perforating machine  (B) photocopy machine  (C) stapling machine  (D) shreading  machine
  31. Which of the following is not a function of an office   (A) receives information  (B) records information  (C) provides information  (D) employs information
  32. When a mail is delivered by hand ————–  has to be signed by the receiver as a proof of delivery   (A) mail register  (B) dispatch note  (C) register book  (D) outward book
  33. ————-  is an act of informing the public about a new product   (A) advertising  (B) communication  (C) transportation  (D) information
  34. What is the full meaning of P.M.B   (A) private mail box  (B) principal mail box  (C) peoples mail box   (D) private mail bag
  35. Which of the following is the easiest means of transporting liquid?  (A) pipeline  (B) airways   (C) railways  (D) waterways
  36. A place where goods are stored until they are needed is known as   (A) bank  (B) house  (C) room  (D) ware house
  37. What are the two types of an office   (A) a small and average office  (B) small and large office  (C) ministry and school offices  (D) factory and bank office
  38. Buying on credit means   (A) paying in advance  (B) paying later  (C) discounting  (D) hire purchase
  39. The primary aim of a sole trader is to   (A) make profit   (B) make loss   (C) get contract  (D) render help
  40. The act of passing information from one person to another is known as   (A) warehousing  (B) communication   (C) banking   (D) advertising


Answer any three questions

  1. (A) what is office documents        (B) list five types of office document
  2. (A) define a trade        (B)   outline five importance of trade
  3. Write short note on the following    (i)  banking   (ii) insurance  (iii) warehousing  (iv) transport (v) tourism
  4. (A) define a market        (B) explain the following terms   (i) capital market  (ii) money market   (iii) foreign exchange market

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