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SUBJECT    C R S                    CLASS: S. S. S ONE           DURATION 2HR

 (1)     The  medium by which a person communicates and receives from God is known as —————(a)request(b)incantation(c)intercession(d)prayer

(2)       All but one are things we can do without as Christians (a)money(b)food(c)prayer(d)clothing

(3)       All but one are types of prayer (a)intercession(b)petition(c)praise(d)rosary

(4)       ——————— is when a person is before God without uttering a word, but enveloped by the presence of God (a)intercession(b)supplication(c)confusion(d)contemplation

(5)       All but one hinders effective prayer(a)sin(b)unbelief(c)lack of focus(d)patience

(6)       The Lord’s prayer can be found in which book of the bible? (a)Acts(b)John(c)Rev(d)Matt

(7)       As Christians we can pray to God ——————- (a)5 times daily(b)7 times daily(c)always(d)when we are in trouble

(8)       Jesus prayed before his crucifixion at ——————–(a)Gethsemane(b)garden of Eden(c)temple(d)church

(9)       ————————- is a society where people live (a)family(b)society(c)community(d)village

(10)     As Christians we should ———————- to the standard of this world (a)conform(b)live according(c)comply(d)not conform

(11)     Christians should portray——————— lifestyle in their community(a)earthly(b)godly(c)worldly(d)dubious

(12)     A faithful witness can sometime suffer——————(a)justly(b)unjustly(c)always(d)for sin

(13)     ————————– means to treat people equally regardless  of their levels(a)partiality(b)equality(c)equilibrium(d)impartiality

(14)     One of the benefits of impartiality includes————-(a)a just society(b)a large society(c)holiness(d)increment

(15)     God is an———————-(a)arbitrary(b)early(c)exempted God(d)impartial God

(16)     ——————– means bringing back to life someone who has been confirmed dead. (a)alive(b)resurrection(c)restoration(d)reformation

(17)     All but one were the first to visit the tomb of Jesus (a)Mary Magdalene(b)Martha(c)Mary the mother of Jesus(d)Salome

(18)     The death of Jesus implies that (a)we will not die again(b)there is hope of eternal life(c)He was an escape goat(d)God denied Him

(19)     The signs of The return of Jesus include (a)stealing(b)poisoning(c)rioting(d)wars and rumors of war

(20)     —————– is a place of rest for faithful Christians after their life time(a)Lekki(b)heaven(c)paradise(d)purgatory

(21)     —————– will give account of their works(a)only believers(b)only children(c)only sinners(d)all

(22)     All but one are means through which people can be infected with HIV(a)sharing of sharp object(b)sexual intercourse(c)eating together(d)blood transfusion

(23)     HIV means (a)Human Immunization Virus (b)Human Immuno Virus (c)Human Immune Virus(d)Humane Immune Virus

(24)     HIV can only be cured by (a)deliverance(b)fasting(c)anti retroviral drugs(d)miracle

(25)     An idle man is ———————- (a)a thief(b)a busy man(c)God’s favourite(d)Satan’s workshop

(26)     According to the bible anyone who does not work let him not (a)fast(b)eat(c)worship(d)pray

(27)     All but one are social vices (a)stealing(b)arrogance(c)cultism(d)internet hacking

(28)     All but one are trades students can acquire(a)teaching(b)hair dressing(c)carpentry(d)fashion designing

(29)     ——————-is a way of empowering an individual for self dependence in future(a)opportunity(b)gift(c)talent(d)skill acquisition

(30)     All but one are examples of bible characters with skill acquisition (a)Dorcas(b)Jesus(c)Simon Peter(d)Mary Magdalene

(31)  A person who lives an exemplary Christian life is referred to as ——————-

(a)A disciple(b)Jesus(c)A pastor(d)A faithful witness

(32)  A prayer in which a person appears before God, enveloped with God’s presence without uttering any word is known as ——————– (a)adoration(b)dedication(c)contemplation(d)intercession

(33) The Lord’s prayer can be found in the book of ———————–(a)Matthew(b)Luke(c)1st Peter(d)John

(34)  All but one are types of prayer (a)Dedication(b)contemplation(c)Holy Ghost fire(d)intercession

(35)  One of the importance of hardwork to human life include (a)it makes one holy(b)it makes one holy(c)it makes one not to be a mediocre (d)it makes one rich

(36)  The behaviours and conducts that are unacceptable in the society and are immoral is referred to as ————————– (a)immorality(b)social vices(c)sin(d)malpractice

(37) One of the causes of social vices include (a)broken home(b)friendship(c)hardwork (d)Mary Magdalene

(38)  The categories of social vices are ————— in number (a)4(b)2(c)5(d)3

(39) Biblical characters who acquired skills include all but one (a)Dorcas(b)Jesus(c)The apostles(d)Mary Magdalene

(40) A true Christian is expected to be ———————— at work (a)eating(b)sleeping(c)careless(d)creative

(41)   ———————- is a principle  of justice that holds that decisions should be based on objective criteria rather than on the bases of bias. (a)nepotism(b)partiality(c)impartiality(d)despotism

(42)  ———————-  were the first to go to the grave side of Jesus at his resurrection (a)Dorcas(b)the women(c)Simon Peter(d)Mary Magdalene

(43) All but one are symptoms of HIV/AIDS (a)infections(b)amputated arm(c)Swollen glands(d)skin rashes

(44)  All but one are ways through which HIV/AIDS can be contqcted (a)mother to unborn child(b)sharing of sharp objects with infected patient(c)Sex(d)handshake

(45)   ———————- in a human body helps the immune system to fight diseases (a)the kidney(b)the CD12 cells(c)the pituitary gland(d)the CD4 cells

(46)   STD simply means (a)Sexually Transmitted Diseases (b)Skin Transmitted Diseases (c)  Sex Transmitted Diseases (d) Secretly Transmitted Diseases

(47)  People with AIDS get an increasing number of sever illnesses called ————-(a) opportunistic infections(b)system combat(c)Swollen glands(d)skin rashes

(48)  ——————-  is an act of not being grateful or showing appreciation for what God has done (a)insufficient(b)ingratitude(c)impatience(d)unbelief

(49) The statement  ‘put on  the Lord Jesus Christ’ by Paul to the Romans  implies ———–(a)following Jesus(b)imitating Jesus(c)wearing Jesus as cloth(d)Christ-like living

(50)  Solution to social vices include   ————————(a)closing down cyber cafes(b)arrest of children (c)banning of television and social media(d)parental concern and care


Answer only three questions from this session

(1a)     What do you understand by the term ‘prayer’?

(b)       Explain the following types of prayer.

i           Confession  ii Dedication prayer iii Intercession

(c)        Explain two reasons why payers are not answered

(2a)     Explain the meaning of being a true witness for Christ.

(b)       State any four social vices that Christians should avoid and two civic responsibilities we should perform

(c)        State the golden rule of the bible.

(3a)     Explain two significance of the resurrection of Jesus to Christians.

(b)       Explain the role that women played in the resurrection of Jesus.

(c)        Highlight  three negative effects of favoritism.

(4a)     Narrate the parable of the talent.

(b)       List about five signs of the coming of Jesus.

(c)        Explain the following concepts;

i           Heaven ii Hell, and iii            Judgment

(5a)     Highlight five ways HIV can be prevented.

(b)       Mention five importance of hard work to human life.

(c)        Explain the term ‘skill acquisition’.



1.            Who among the following is the Good Shepherd?(a)Moses(b)Jesus(c)Pastor(d) the righteous man.

2.            All these are robbers except (a) Satan(b) demons (c) priests (d)witches.

3.            Lambs are used as sacred objects for sacrifice because(a)they are domestic animals

(b)          they are friendly with people (c) they are honoured by God (d) they are meek and tender.

4.            JesusastheLambofGodmeans(a)sacrificeofheaven(b)sacrificeforallmankind

(c)           the first sacrifice among many. (d) the sacrifice to the devil.

5.            Who among these is referred to as the door? (a)Joshua (b) Christians(c) Lucifer (d) Jesus.

6.            The Living Water means (a) spring water (b) living well (c) the word of God (d)food

7.            The Living Bread means(a)flesh of Jesus(b)Hebrew bread(c)divine food(d)staple food

8.            TheLivingBreadandWaterismeantfor(a)man(b)angels(c)divinity(d)souls

9.            The Living Bread and Water is important to man because of(a)prosperity(b) abundance (c) eternity (d)poverty

10.          Which of these represents the lesson above? (a) parable (b) metaphor (c) story (d) fallacy

11.          Whose laws do the Hebrew used as guidelines for Justification? (a) David (b) Moses (c) Abraham (d)Jacob

12.          Justification is achieved through(a)grace of God(b)service to God (c)faith in Jesus

(d)          praises to God

13.          Whoamongthefollowingbroughtjustificationtoman?(a)Jesus(b)Abraham(c)David

(d) Moses

14.          What is the condition for justification? (a) faith (b) praise (c) worship (d)prayer

15.          Justificationisopento(a)onlytheJews(b)theGentiles(c)allmankind(d)only believers

16.          The main condition for justification according to Paul is (a)human merit(b) ability to keep the law(c)faith in Christ redemptive work(d) unmerited favour.

17.          According to Paul, all men have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, but wehave been justified by(a)Jesus becoming man(b)strict obedience to the law (c)man’s ownself effort (d)God’s gifts of grace.

18.          According to Paul, in Romans, the law and the prophets bore witness to the righteousness of God but man could not be justified until he(a)learn to be like the Jews (b) had faith in Jesus (c)saw the glory of God (d) made serious personal efforts.

19.          All the following are possible conditions for justification by faith except. (a) Strict observance of the law (b) having faith in the death and resurrection of Jesus(c) accepting Jesus as personal Lord and saviour           (d)having faith in the redemption of his blood.

20.          The fruits of justification include the following except

(a)peace  (b)endurance   (c)character       (d) luxuriant life.

21.          Old life simply means living in (a)Christ(b)sin(c)fake habits(d)remote habitat

22.          All these are works of old life except (a) adultery (b) envy (c) playing (d)gossip

23.          To avoid old life, man needs (a) restitution (b) change (c) salvation(d) seriousness

24.          Can there be a third way of life after the old and new life (a) Yes (b) No (c) both (d) perhaps

25.          Which of these is the best example to follow? (a) Satan (b) Jesus (c) Paul (d)Pastor



1.            List other five works of the flesh that were not mentioned above.

2.            Explain the process of transformation from old life to new life.


1.            What according to Paul are the fruits of justification?

2.            What are the conditions for ‘justification”?


1.            List five laws of Moses.

2.            Explain what faith does to Christians as regards justification. THEORY

1.            Write short note on the importance of spiritual to man.

2.            State two reason for the lessons of Jesus. THEORY

1.            Explain how the shepherd relates with sheep.

2.            What are the expected roles of the sheep?

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