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SUBJECT: P.H.E                                               CLASS: PRIMARY 4


1)                                is the same as walking except speed is involved (a)sliding (b)bending (c)Running (d)skipping

2)        The movement of the body at the waist is known as                       (a)swinging (b)pushing (c)pulling (d)Bending

3)        Example of non-locomotor movement is                                 (a)walking (b)running  (c)twisting (d)sliding

4)                                movements are styles that are used in moving the body from one place to another (a)Non-locomotor (b)Locomotor (c)un- locomotor  (d)Dual – locomotor 

5)        The  middle distance races include                    m and 1500m (a)700 (b)800 (c)900 (d)1000

6)        the first runner in a relay race is also known as                     (a)last leg (b)Third leg (c)second leg (d)first leg

7)                                is the first skill in middle distance race (a)The start (b)Take off (c)Arm Action (d)Running

8)        The first runner starts a relay race holding the baton in his                      hand (a)left (b)right (c)both (d)none

9)                                is one of the techniques in relay race (a)Jump up (b)swinging (c)baton exchange (d)jogging

10)      Another name for the fourth runner in a relay race is                     (a)actual (b)beginner (c)last (d)anchor

11)                              is the movement of the body that is done while in one place or in one position (a)stagnant (b)locomotor (c)Non-locomotor (d)cycling

12)      Moving an object from its position forward using hands or body is known as                         (a)Bending (b)pushing (c)pulling (d)stretching

13)                              is jumping over a rope. (a)sliding (b)hopping (c)walking (d)skipping

14)      A means of putting the ball under control within a playing distance is called                           (a)shooting (b)ball control (c)dribbling (d)goal keeping

15)                              is the powerful kicking of the ball into the goal. (a)Ball control (b)shooting (c)goal keeping (d)dribbling

16)      The                 prevents the ball from entering the goal post. (a)strikers (b)defender (c)goal keeper (d)player

17)                              game is played by two teams with eleven players each. (a)Volley – ball (b)basket ball (c)football (d)Table tennis

18)                              is a game played on a flat table by two players. (a)football (b)Table tennis (c)Hockey (d)volley ball

19)                              is one of the skills in table tennis (a)back hand (b)back leg (c)back bone (d)back seat

20)      The                 involves the use of front side of bat (a)back hand (b)middle hand (c)last hand (d)forehand

21)                              is used to cut materials like bandages (a)Biro (b)Saw (c)scissors (d)axe

22)      Another name for first aid box is                        (a)keep (b)kitchen (c)cane (d)kit

23)      A pain relieving tablet is                (a)Vitamin C (b)thermometer (c)paracetamol (d) plaster

24)                              is used to arrest bleeding and allow quicker healing (a)Iodine (b)scissors (c)Glucose powder (d)safety pin

25)                              is not a skill in table tennis (a)Grip (b)service (c)run-up (d)scoring


1)                                is a popular game widely played in the world

2)        A good walking                               is necessary when you walk

3)        The apparatus used in skipping is                                             

4)                                is an example of locomotor movement

5)                                            involves turning the upper part of the body in a clockwise or anti clockwise rotational form

6)                                is an example of Non-locomotor movement

7)        The middle distance races are started by using                                  start

8)        The first command in middle distance race is “________________________________”

9)        The take-off command can be “Go” or                                  

10)      There are                               runners in a relay race

11)                                          is one of the techniques in a relay race

12)      There are                                          players altogether in a football game

13)      A                                 is used to serve ball in table tennis game.

14)      There are                                          players in table tennis.

15)      The immediate treatment given to an injured person before being taken to the hospital is known as                           treatment

SECTION C :  1a)     List four first aid box materials

            (i)                                                                                (ii)                                                                               (iii)                                                                 


b)        State the uses of the first aid box materials mentioned in question (1a) i                                                        

            ii______                                                       iii____________________________iv.____________________________________

2a)      What is non- locomotor movement?                                                                                                                                                   _____


b)        List two locomotor movements

            (i)                                                        __________________________       (ii)                                                       ____________________

c)         List two non-locomotor movements    (i)                                            ________________            (ii)                                           __________

3a)      Define relay races?                                                                                                                                                                                               

b)        Mention four techniques in relay races

            (i)                                            (ii)                                                      (iii)                                                      (iv)                                        

4a)      Briefly explain football game                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

b)        List the four skills in football game

            (i)                                            (ii)                                          (iii)                                         (iv)                                                    

5a)      What are middle distance races? _______________________________________      ii. _________________________________

b)        List the five skills in middle distance races accordingly:

            (i)                                             (ii)                                          (iii)                                         (iv)                                          (v)                             

First Term Primary Four (4) Exam Questions – Edudelight.com


SUBJECT: CIVIC  EDUCATION                                                                              CLASS: PRIMARY 4


1)                                            is one of the ways of showing good cultural attitudes. (a)Dishonesty (b)Honesty (c)stealing  (d)fighting

2)        The way of life of a group of people is known as                               (a)couple (b)community (c)company (d)culture

3)        A personal opinion and attitude about a particular thing is known as                            (a)Tradition (b)view (c)Diversity (d)Culture

4)        We can show respect to other people’s views, beliefs and tradition by being                         (a)sad (b)hopeless (c)hostile (d)honest

5)        Traditional rulers help to                          quarrels among their members (a)scatter (b)settle (c)promote (d)establish

6)        The act of leading a group of people according to rules and regulations is                   (a)fellowership (b)dictatorship (c)leadership  (d)fellowship

7)        Living in close relationship with one another in a community is called                           (a)fair play (b)Togetherness (c)love (d)Justice

8)        A strong feeling of likeness for one another is called                        (a)Hatred (b)cooperation (c)love (d)justice

9)        Being fair in the way we treat other people within our community is known as                     (a)unjustice (b)justice (c)fair play (d)sharing ideas

10)      In the parliamentary system of government, the ceremonial function is performed by                                     (a)The prime minister (b) The president (c)The Governor (d)The Deputy Governor

11)      The form of government where the king or Queen rules is                        (a)Oligarchy (b)Monarchy (c)Presidential (d)Parliamentary

12)      In the presidential system of government the power of government is separated into                         tiers (a)Three (b)four (c)five (d)six

13)                              manages the affairs of a state. (a)Government (b)Villagers (c)Pastor (d)Imam

14)                              means the various cultures of different people living in a country. (a)Christianity (b)Isam (c)Traditional (d)Cultural diversity

15)                              means displaying a level of regard, polite behavior and high opinion for our culture. (a)Honesty (b)Tolerance (c)Respect (d)Cooperation

16)      The Igbos community is headed by                   (a)Emir (b)Etsu (c)Eze (d)Oba

17)      Under                        , ruler ship is by force or imposition (a)Monarch (b)Oligarchy (c)Parliamentary (d)Presidential

18)                              practices a presidential system of government (a)Great Britain (b)Jordan (c)Saudi Arabia (d)Nigeria

19)                              government is a body of people who control public affairs at the grassroot (a)Federal (b)state (c)local (d)all

20)      Local governments provide social amenities except                        (a)schools (b)clinics (c)private cars (d)water

21)      The                             government controls the affairs of many government areas in a state (a)Local (b)State (c)Federal (d)FCT

22)      The Head of state government is called the                            (a)Chairman (b)Governor (c)President (d)Vice president

23)      Cooperation between state and local government will promote                         and harmony with the state (a)fight (b)quarrel (c)peace (d)dispute

24)                              is a government of the people by the people and for the people (a)Dictatorship (b)Democracy (c)Military (d)International


1)                                is a way of showing good cultural attitudes

2)        Respecting other people’s views bring peace and                            in our society

3)        Being truthful and sincere to each other is called                              

4)                                            rules the Yoruba land

5)                                            act as an intermediary between the government and the people of their community

6)        One of the attributes of communalism is                                             

7)        Government is divided into                                 types

8)                                                        system of government is practiced in England, Jordan, Saudi Arabia etc

9)        Oligarchy is a form of government where a  few powerful                       control the affairs of the nation.

10)      Under parliamentary system of government, the executive function is performed by the                               

11)      The local government is the                                level of government

12)                                          is the head of the local government

13)      There are                                          states in Nigeria.

14)                                                      is one of the problems of state government

15)      Nigeria practice                                          system of government.


1a)      What is communalism?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

b)        List (3)three attributes of communalism

            (i)                                                                   (ii)                                                         (iii)                                                   

2a)      What is government?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

b)        Mention the two types of government

            (i)                                                                   (ii)                                                        

3a)      List the forms of constitutional government : i__________________________     ii_______________________________

b)        State two differences between monarchical and presidential system of government

                                          Monarchy                                                                                  Presidential

            (i) _____________________________________                                   _________________________________

            (ii)_____________________________________                                   _________________________________

4a)      What is cultural diversity? _________________________________________________________________________________

b)        Mention three (3)ways of showing good attitude to cultural diversity

            (i)                                                       (ii)                                             (iii)                                       

5a)      What is democracy?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

b)        What power is given to citizens under democracy form of government                                                                                             

First Term Primary Four (4) Exam Questions – Edudelight.com


SUBJECT: HOME ECONOMICS                                                                                       CLASS: PRIMARY 4

1)            A                                 is a building where people live. (a)Hospital (b)school (c)House (d)Market

2)                                belongings are possessions that belong to you which you cannot share with or lend to other people (a)private (b)public (c)portrait (d)personal

3)        The rooms in the house include the following, except                     (a)kitchen (b)hospital ward (c)living room (d)bedroom

4)                                is an example of personal belongings (a)Rice (b)Ruler (c)Literature – book (d)under wear

5)        What will suit a two years old baby will definitely not suit a ten year old child, this is a factor under                         (a)money (b)interest (c)Age  (d)Gender

6)        Always arrange your                     in wardrobe (b)food (b)blades (c)clothes (d)shoes

7)        Always wash your clothes and               immediately after use with soap and water (a)blackboard (b)belt (c)shoes (d)under wears

8)        One of the factors that influence the choice of personal belongings is              (a)marker  (b)man (c)money (d)market

9)        Do not share or lend to other                             your personal belongings (a)people (b)particular (c)pastors (d)pencils

10)      “Items owned by girls differ from those owned by boys” this is a factor under           (a)age (b)interest (c)money (d)Gender/sex

11)      The sitting room is also called                 room (a)Dinning  (b)sleeping (c)fighting  (d)living

12)      The                              is a place where we prepare food (a)kitchen (b)sitting room (c)toilet (d)store

13)      The                 is used for reading and keeping books (a)store (b)toilet (c)bedroom (d)library

14)      Opening the windows and drawing the curtains allow fresh                    into the room (a)snow (b)cold (c)harmattan (d)air

15)      We use          to remove all the cob webs from the ceilings and corners of the rooms (a)duster (b)short brush (c)long brush (d)mop

16)      Maize is an example of                  (a)Cereal (b)tuber (c)fruit (d)legumes

17)      Examples of Beverage include coffee                           and wine (a)soya beans (b)Pawpaw (c)tea  (d)Yam

18)      The body- building foods are foods that contain                   (a)protein (b)fat and oil (c)Carbohydrate (d)Vitamin

19)      There are                   groups of food (a)6 (b)5 (c)4 (d)3

20)                              is an example of energy giving food (a)fish (b)meat (c)Cassava (d)egg

21)      We have                   kinds of food Nutrient (a)four (b)Five (c)Six (d)seven

22)                              is a body protecting food (a)Watermelon (b)turkey (c)milk (d)Sugar

23)                              provides the body with the energy needed to perform everyday activities (a)Vitamins (b)Water (c)Proteins (d)Carbohydrates

24)      Proteins build up body cells and                         (a)toilet rolls (b)tissues (c)skin (d)bones

25)                              help to prevent infectious and diseases (a)protein (b)carbohydrates (c)Vitamins (d)Fats and oil


1)        The bedroom is the place where we                                         

2)        One of the factors that influence the choice of personal belongings is                           

3)                                                        is an example of personal belongings

4)        Items owned by girls differ from those owned by                                        

5)        We take care of our clothes by arranging them neatly in                                       

6)        We keep our shoes on                                           

7)        Neither share                                  with nor lend them to people

8)        Choosing right personal belongings saves                              and (9)                                                         

10)      The toilet is used for                                              and  (11)                                                                  

12)      Fish and beans are the                                                      foods

13)      Watermelon and water leaf are the                                                                 foods

14)      Cassava and bread are the                                                          foods

15)                                                      supply the body with warmth during cold weather.


1a)      Mention four rooms that can be found in a house

            (i)                                               (ii)                                                      (iii)                                        (iv)                                               

b)        What are uses of these rooms mentioned in  (1a)________________________________________________________________


2a)      Define personal belongings :_________________________________________________________________________________

b)        List four examples of personal belongings : i____________________________________ ii_______________________________


3)        Enumerate all the factors that can determine how you choose your personal belongings

            (i)                                            (ii)                                          (iii)                                         (iv)                                         (v)                                         

4)        Define food nutrients                                                                                                                                                                                                      

b)        List all the food nutrients

(i)                                            (ii)                                          (iii)                                         (iv)                                                    

(v)                                                          (vi)                                                 

5a)      List all the food groups we have

i.                                                           ii.                                                                    Iii.                                                      

b)        What are their functions in the body

            (i)                                                                                (ii)                                                                               (iii)                                                                             

First Term Primary Four (4) Exam Questions – Edudelight.com


SUBJECT: SOCIAL STUDIES                                                                                    CLASS: PRIMARY 4


1)            A group of people who are closely related by birth or marriage is                       (a)Friends (b)Father (c)Family (d)feather

2)        Your brother or sister’s daughter is your                     (a)cousin (b)nephew (c)niece (d)sister

3)        Your mother or father’s brother is your                      (a)nephew (b)cousin (c)aunt (d)uncle

4)                                religion practice polygamy (a)Christianity (b)Believers (c)Islam (d)Non – believers

5)                                is a legal union between a Man and woman to become husband and wife (a)Money (b)Marriage (c)Manage (d)martial

6)        A type of marriage where a man marries only one wife is known as                  (a)Polygamy (b)Polybay (c)monopoly (d)monogamy

7)        The     ___’s inability to provide for the family leads to marriage failure (a)Uncle (b)aunt (c)husband (d)wife

8)                                is one of the factors why different people have different customs (a)English (b)Mathematics (c)Social studies (d)History

9)        Monogamy is common in                        communities (a)Christian (b)Muslim (c)traditional worshippers

10)                              is one of the problems of living together (a)fertility (b)infertility (c)familiarity (d)fabulous

11)                              is a people’s way of life (a)Cutlery (b)culture (c)court (d)couple

12)      The                             we speak is one of the elements of culture (a)food (b)ceremony (c)festival (d)language 

13)      Nigeria is a nation of                     tribes and ethnic groups (a)many (b)Ten (c)three (d)two

14)                              is a system of belief and worship of God. (a)Culture (b)Family (c)Religion (d)Communication

15)      In Nigeria, there are                      main religions groups (a) 5 (b)3 (c)2 (d)1

16)                              believe in Jesus as the son of God (a)Muslims (b)Christians (c)Traditional (d)free thinkers

17)                              pray five times daily (a)Nigerians (b)Muslims (c)Christians (d)Hinduism

18)      Christians celebrate                       every December (a)Easter (b)Christmas (c) E.d.el.fitri (d)Eid.el.kabir

19)                              believe in the supreme being as the Head of all gods and goddesses (a)Muslims (b)Christians (c)Buddhism (d)Traditional worshippers

20)      The holy book used by Christians is called                  (a)Quran (b)Bible (c)Literature book(d)text book

21)      Igbos call God                      (a)Olodumere (b)Obasi (c)Oghere (d)Chukwu

22)      All the tribes in Nigeria have                    traditions (a)fighting (b)greeting (c)Jumping (d)sliding

23)      Yorubas call God                 (a)Allah (b)Chukwu (c)Olodumere  (d)Obasi

24)      The religious leader of Christians is called                    (a)Imam (b)priest (c)Doctor (d)Pastor

25)      Muslims see prophet Mohammed as the                     of Allah (a)son (b)priest (c)messenger (d)uncle


1)        Muslims call God                                         

2)        Christians worship in the church on                                                      

3)        Urhobo people call God                                                    

4)        Traditional worshippers worship their gods and goddesses in the                                               

5)        Custom to be discarded include                                                            

6)        Custom to be retained include                                                              

7)        Culture can be preserved through preparing                                    food in the presence of younger generations.

8)        We should be speaking and maintaining our indigenous languages from generation to                                                  

9)        One of the element of culture is                                                                         

10)      Interference by the extended family members in the couple’s affairs is a                                             

11)      A good couple should                                                       for each other.

12)      Traditional or African culture allows                                        types of marriage

13)      My                                                      are my uncle’s or aunt’s children  

14)      My                                          are my brother’s or sister’s sons

15)      My father’s brother or my mother’s brother is my                                                  


1a)      Define Marriage                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

b)        Mention the two types of marriage practiced in Nigeria

            (i)                                                                                (ii)                                                                             

2a)      What is culture?                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

b)        List four elements of culture

            (i)                                                         (ii)                                         (iii)                                         (iv)                                                                       

3a)      What is family?                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

b)        What is a nuclear family                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

c)         List four members of an extended family:      (i)                                ____________(ii)                                                 ________________

(iii)                                                      __________________________   iv_________________________                                                     

4a)      Define religion                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

b)        Write the three similarities in the three major religions in Nigeria

            (i)                                                        (ii)                                                      (iii)                                                                

5a)      Mention two differences in the belief and traditions of the Nigeria people

            (i)                                                         ____________________(ii)                                                                _____________

b)        Mention two similarities in the beliefs and traditions of the Nigerian people.

            (i)                                                                    ________________        (ii)                                                                   ________________

First Term Primary Four (4) Exam Questions – Edudelight.com


SUBJECT:VERBAL REASONING                                                                                      CLASS: PRIMARY 4

Arrange in alphabetical order

1)            Dragon                      Apple                         Boxes                         Oxen                          Cars

2)        Hen                            Sea                             Ocean                        Pond                          Umbrella

3)        Gone                          Gentle                        Gain                           Grace                         Guest

4)        Probe                         Pieces                        Party                          Push                           Post

5)        Abode                        Abbess                       Absolute                   Abscond                    Abstract

Write in brackets    1,  2,  3,  4 or 5  to show the alphabetical arrangement of the following

6)        Mongoose(     )        Monastic (     )          Monastery (      )     Monarch (      )           Mongrel (        )

7)        Special  (      )            Spy   (      )         Spoon (       )      Spade (         )              Speak(        )

8)        Report(     )               Reply (       )     Reprint (     )       Reptile (        )          Republican   (         )

9)        Mango (     )              Magic (        )             Mat (        )        Man  (      )             Maid  (        )

Study the following carefully

Example  C    E    G    I   K   M    O   Q    S 

10)      JK        L          MN     O         PQ                                                                                                     

11)      ABZ     CDY    EFX     GHW                                                                                                             

12)      ZYA     YXB     XWC   WVD                                                                                                             

13)      RST     RTU    RUV    RVW                                                                                                              

14)      ACB    BDC    CED    DFE                                                                                                                

15)      Which letter is the sixteenth from the end counting the alphabet backward?                        _______________

16)      Write down the fifth letter that comes after the letter R _______________________________

Re-arrange the letters in the following words to build new word

Example Idols  –   solid

17)      diet                              

18)      able                             

19)      There is danger in that                               

20)      His mates run the                           engines for the factory

21)      The rose tree towards the north of the garden had dangerous                          

Study the example carefully to find the word that can pair with the fifth word in the same way

Example Flight – Light, danger  – angers,  frail – rail

22)      Wrist – tear, bring – gear, bliss –                         

23)      dent – tend, leap – peal, meat –                        

24)      hit – shirt, put – spurt, pot –                     

Example  P                 n

                        n                      (A) e   (B) o    (C) i   (D)W    (E)v


25)      Lea                   

                        O                     (A) d   (B)s     (c)n   (D)l     (E)v


26)      Bra                                          rab   (A)a  (B)e    (C)g    (D)k    (E)l

Choose one word that cannot be formed with the letters of the word in capital letters

Example:      REASONING  =   Sanction,  reason,   ring,  earning,  Sea

27)      GRASSHOPPER = rasper,   hopper,       rash,      statue,        shops

28)      NOURISHMENT = Shirt, Origin,   Nourish,   noun,   house

29)      If the word DISCOVER is represented by  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8  what would 4 5 6 7 8 stand for?                                       

30)      How would you write DISC in the same code?                                               

Examination Questions For Primary 4 First Term




            Zuma rock is a natural land mark in Niger state and can be seen from the main road north of Abuja. A picture of this spectacular rock is shown on the one hundred naira note. It is 725 metres high and in the past the Gwari people used it to defend themselves from invading tribes.

            Gurara falls, another natural landmark that is also in Niger state, is very popular with tourists. People say that the Gurara falls were named after two gods that were once worshipped by the Gwari people – Gura and Rara. Long ago, the community around the water falls used to make sacrifices at the fall and pray there. During the dry season between January and March, when the river is not flowing too strongly, It is possible to swim in the pools at the falls.

Answer the following questions

1)            Which of the Landmarks appears on a naira note?                         _____________________________________________________

2)        How did Gurara fall get its name?                                                         ____________________________________________________

3)        When is it not possible to swim at the falls,                                        _________________________                      and Why _____________


4)        Which of the Landmarks was used for defence?                                          _________________________________

5)        The two landmarks are in which state?                                                               __________________________________________


6)        There are                              parts of speech.

Underline the nouns in each of the following sentences

7)            Victoria is a very good girl

8)        We visited Sharon at the hospital

9)        My school is near the market

Give the plurals of the following words

10)      Passer – by =                                  

11)      Mouse           =                                   

12)      Dozen            =                                 

13)      Thief               =                                 

14)      Hero               =                                 

Underline the verbs in the following sentences

15)      The little birds sang sweetly

16)      Samuel goes to school everyday

17)      Abuja is the capital of Nigeria

18)      Many people died in the accident

            In a tabular form, give the past tense and past perfect tense of the following word

19)      Come            

20)      dig

21)      begin

22)      ring

23)      write

Underline the pronouns in the following sentences

24)      There is a dispute between you and me

25)      We agreed to help her

26)      We saw it hiding in a hole

27)      Who is She?

28)      Many came to watch the football matComplete the sentences using adjectives from the list

            Dry,   enormous,    exciting,  pleasant,   many

29)      What                          weather  we are having!

30)      Nigeria is an                                      country

31)      David had an                                   holiday

32)      There were                          passengers on the aeroplane

33)      It doesn’t rain much in the                                  season

Complete the sentences using adverbs from the list

            Late,  beautifully,  tired,   slowly,  high, correctly,  forward,  loudly

34)      The plane flew very                                    

35)      The choir sang                                 at the wedding

36)      The wedding started                                  

37)      The                             children wanted to go to sleep

 Choose the appropriate preposition word from the list below to complete each of the following sentences

Under, since, among, off, except, between, of,  till, by,  against

38)      She travelled                                   aeroplane

39)      My shoe is made                            leather

40)      Divide the oranges                         the ten children

41)      Share the oranges                          the two girls

Join the following pair of sentences with suitable conjunctions (but,   and,  because, if,  until,  for,  unless )

42)      Elizabeth cried. Elizabeth was wounded                                                                    

43)      Emmanuel can play well. Eunice can play well

Fill in the blanks with a suitable interjection (Hurray,  Wow,  Ah,  At last, What )

44)                              ! What a beautiful dress

45)                              ! I have lost my money


Write a composition on any of the topics below

1)        My Family

2)        My best Friend

3)        Bank


Examination Questions For Primary 4 First Term


SUBJECT: BASIC SCIENCE                                                                                      CLASS: PRIMARY 4

1)            Which of the following is not a temporary change? (a)Dissolving (b)Melting   (c)Rusting  (d)Freezing

2)        Examples of permanent change include the following except (a)Burning  (b)Heating  (c)Mixing   (d)Boiling

3)        A situation whereby the changes last for a short period is called                         (a)Permanent   (b)Temporary  (c)Changes (D)melting

4)                                is used for measuring the air pressure (a)Barometer (b)Anemometer (c)Rain gauge (d)Thermometer

5)        The amount of space an objects takes up is                            (a)liquid   (b)volume   (c)Solid   (d)Length

6)        Larva changes to                             (a)egg  (b)Adult   (c)Pupa  (d)Breed

7)                                is used for measuring the wind speed (a)Anemometer  (b)Wind vane (c)Hygrometer  (d)Barometer

8)        Weather symbols are used to                              the weather (a)arrest  (b)predict  (c)discover  (d)look

9)        Another name for temporary changes is                                 (a)irreversible (b)impossible  (c) Irrelevant  (d)Reversible

10)      There are                              types of changes (a)4    (b)2   (c)3   (d)5

11)                              is the stages of growth or changes in insects (a)Metamorphosis   (b)Life cycle (c)Death cycle  (d)tricycle

12)      The following animals lay eggs excepts (a)Chicken  (b)Cockroach  (c)Toad  (d)Dog

13)      Factors affecting the weather is also known as                                  (a)sunshine   (b)Elements (c)Quality  (d)Cloudy

14)      Weather is the condition of the                                      of a place at a particular time (a)town  (b)city  (c)atmosphere  (d)Village

15)      Which of the following is a weather instrument?  (a)Temperature  (b)Rainfall  (c)Wind vane (d)Speedometer

16)      The following animals give birth to their young ones alive except (a)Dog (b)Lion (c)Chicken  (d)Goat

17)      The standard unit for measuring length is                               (a)mass (b)kilogram (c)metre (d)volume

18)      The area of a desk with 9cm length and 4cm breadth is                             (a)30cm2   (b)36cm  (d)34cm2  (d)28cm

19)      There are                              types of metamorphosis (a)3    (b)2   (3)4    (d)5

20)      Which of these is a primary colour?   (a)Black   (b)Pink  (c)blue  (d)white

21)      The metric unit of volume is (a)Km   (b)M²   (c)M   (d)M²

22)      One of the changes noticed before leaf fall is (a)Fruit fall  (b)seed fall  (c)yellowing of the leaves  (d)thickening of stems

23)      Complete metamorphosis has                             stage(s) (a)One   (b)two    (c)three  (d)Four

24)      The mixture of red and blue gives (a)Yellow  (b)white  (c)purple  (d)green

25)      How many seconds are in 3 minutes? (a)180 seconds (b)120 seconds  (c)60 seconds (d)160 seconds


1)        Burning of paper is an example of                                                        change

2)                                            and                                         are factors affecting the weather

3)        Wind is the air in                                                   

4)                                                        is used to measure the amount of rain in a place

5)        The standard unit for measuring volume is                                                   

6)        Mixing of red + yellow will give                                       

7)                                            is used for finding directions

8)                                                        and                                         are examples of temporary change

9)                                                        and                                         undergo complete metamorphosis

10)      Bucket and stone are examples of                                            solid

11)      How many minutes are in 6hrs?

12)                                                      and                                         undergo incomplete metamorphosis

13)      The formula for finding volume is                                                                    

14)      Another name for permanent change is                                                        

15)      The baby of a goose is called                                           


1)        List types of changes in nature _____________________________________ii__________________________________________

b)        Give three examples on each types mentioned above

1(i) __________________________________ii. ___________________________ (iii) ______________________________________

2(i) __________________________________ii. ___________________________ (iii) ______________________________________

c)         In a tabular form, state three differences between temporary and permanent changes

             Temporary Changes                                                   Permanent Changes

i.        __________________________________        ___________________________________

ii.         __________________________________            _____________________________________

iii.        __________________________________                 ______________________________________

2)        What is Weather? _________________________________________________________________________________________

b)        Mention four weather instruments  (i) ____________________________________ii. ___________________________________

            iii. _______________________________________________(iv) ___________________________________________________

c)         List four factors affecting weather: (i) ____________________________________ii. ___________________________________

            iii. _______________________________________________(iv) ___________________________________________________

3)        What is colour? __________________________________________________________________________________________

b)        List the primary colours and secondary:      Primary                                Secondary

c)         Red + Blue  = __________________________________________________________________________________________           

            Red + Yellow = ________________________________________________________________________________________

            Blue + Yellow = ________________________________________________________________________________________

d)        List the colours of the rainbow: i. ___________________________ii. _____________________iii. _______________________

iv. __________________________________v. _____________________________vi_________________________________

vii. _____________________________________

4)        What is measurement? ___________________________________________________________________________________

b)        If the length of your science textbook is 10cm and the breadth is 5cm, What is the area of the textbook_____________________

c)         What is the volume of a box with length 6cm, breadth 4cm and  height 3cm? __________________________________________

5)        Convert the following measurement

            3km  =                                   m

            1 litre(l) =                            ml

b)        How many seconds are in

            2 minutes   =                                     

            5  minutes  =                                     

            How many hours are in

            3 days  =                                            

            4 days  =                                          

Examination Questions For Primary 4 First Term


SUBJECT: C.R.S                  CLASS: PRIMARY 4

1)            Laws are also called                                    (a)meters (b)rules  (c)covenant   (d) ruler

2)                                            have an encounter with God (a)Judas   (b)Jacob  (c)Jabez   (d)Joseph

3)        God called                            to leave his family and country (a)Joseph   (b)Esau  (c)Paul  (d)Abraham

4)        There are                              ways God speaks to us (a)similar  (b)option  (c)different  (d)one

5)        Jacob wrestled with                                  till day break and won (a) an angel   (b)an uncle  (c)a demon   (c)a neighbour

6)        We need to be                                when God is speaking to us (a)arrogant  (b)pompous (c)attentive  (d)disobedient

7)        Without rules, there would be                            (a)confusion (b)orderliness  (c)peace  (d) food

8)        You shall not bear false witness against anybody is the                              commandment (a)first  (b)sixth (c)tenth  (d)ninth

9)                                was the uncle of Jacob (a)Moses (b)Joshua  (c)Leban  (d)Lazarus

10)      The name of Abraham’s country is                               (a)Haran  (b)Egypt  (c)Sodom  (d)Gomorrah

11)      Moses went to mount                              to pray (a)Horeb  (b)Sinai   (c)olive  (d)zion

12)      God gave Moses                             on the mountain (a)Money (b)baby  (c)the ten commandments (d)the five commandments

13)      God reveals himself to                              in a vision (a)Moses  (b)Jacob  (c)Ezekiel  (d)Laban

14)      God changed the name of Jacob to                               (a)Egypt  (b)Israel  (c)Ismail  (d)Paul

15)      God called Samuel for                              times before he could recognize the voice of God (a)three  (b)two  (c)five  (d)four

16)      The spirit of God descended like a                                on Jesus after he was baptized (a)dove (b)eagle (c)parrot (d)duck

17)      This is my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased, can be found in the book of (a)Matthew 3:16 -17 (b)John 3:16

              (c)Hebrew 12:14    (d) 1Timothy 6:6

18)      You shall have no other God before me is the                       commandments (a)First (b)fifth  (c)second (d)sixth

19)      You shall not steal is the                           commandment (a)seventh  (b)eight  (c)ninth  (d)tenth

20)      One of the purpose of God’s call is (a)to disobedience (b)to annoyance (c)to repentance (d)to anointing

21)      Living in peace brings                                (a)fear  (b)progress  (c)disunity  (d)disconnection

22)      One of the reasons God speaks to us is                        (a)to abuse us (b)to give us an assignment  (c)to frightened us (d)to cage us

23)      Abraham was                      years old when God asked him to leave his people to a land, he would show him (a)twenty (b)seventy (c)seventy five (d)eighty two

24)      All the following are the right attitude to take when God speaks to us EXCEPT (a)humble  (b)arrogant (c)patient (d)obedient

25)                              shows right attitude when God speaks to him (a)Herod  (b)Jonah (c)Abraham  (d)ESAU


1)        The significance of being in Christ is that, we have assurance of                        

2)        Living in peace removes                                                  

3)        Remember the                                            day and keep it                                            

4)        Moses prayed on the mountain for                                          days and                               nights

5)        You shall not commit                                           

6)        God gave Moses the                                              when he prayed on the mountain

7)        God spoke to Moses through his                                                

8)        The purposes of God’s call are to                                              and                                         him.

9)                                                        was the wife of Abraham

10)      Samuel was ministering before a priest called                                  


1)        Mention five ways through which God speaks to us. (i) ____________________________________________________

ii. __________________________________________________  (iii) ______________________________________________

iv. __________________________________________________(v) ______________________________________________

b)        Give three reasons God speaks to us  (i) _____________________________________________________________

ii. ___________________________________________________ (iii) ____________________________________________

2)        Give three right attitudes to show when God speaks to us: (i) ________________________________________________

ii. ___________________________________________________ (iii) ____________________________________________

b)        List three examples of the people who show right attitude in the bible (i) ____________________________________________

ii. ___________________________________________________ (iii) ____________________________________________

3)        Mention four significance of being in Christ: (i) _____________________________ (ii) _________________________________

iii. _____________________________________________________(iv) ________________________________________________

b)        State four importance of living in peace (i) _____________________________ (ii) _________________________________

iii. _____________________________________________________(iv) ________________________________________________

4)        List the ten commandments (i) ______________________________(ii) ______________________________________

(iii) _____________________________________(iv) _____________________________ (v) _________________________________

vi. _______________________________________(vii) _____________________________(viii) _____________________________

ix. ____________________________________________________ (x) ___________________________________________

b)        What is Laws? __________________________________________________________________________________________


b)        Mention four reasons for laws (i) ______________________________________ (ii) _________________________________

iii. _____________________________________________________(iv) ________________________________________________

Examination Questions For Primary 4 First Term



1)            Soil covers about                of the surface of the earth (a)One-third  (b)two-third  (c)One-quarter (d)three-third

2)        There are                  types of soil (a)2   (b)4  (c)5   (d)3

3)        The best soil for farming is                       (a)Clayey (b)Loamy  (c)sandy  (d)rocky

4)                                soil is gritty when felt (a)Loamy (b)Clayey (c)Sandy

5)                                soil has high water holding capacity (a)rocky  (b)sandy  (c)clayey (d)loamy

6)        The feeding of the animals on the land for too long at a time is called                            (a)bush burning  (b)leaching (c)over grazing (d)clean clearing

7)                                happens when trees, grasses and shrubs are cut down on a piece of land (a)Erosion (b)Clean-clearing (c)Bush burning (d)Overgrazing

8)        Planting of different types of crops on a piece of land in a year after year is called                (a)liming (b)crop rotation (c)mulching  (d)manuring

9)        There are                  methods of compost making (a)3   (b)2   (c)4   (d)6

10)      The                 method of compost making is done in a pile (a)pit  (b)heap (c)file   (d) pile

11)      Another name for planting of trees is                          (a)afforestation (b)deforestation (c)accumulation (d)concentration

12)      The method of planting legumes to prevent soil erosion and enrich the soil is called                          (a)Bush fallowing (b)bush burning (c)liming (d)cover cropping

13)                              and                             are examples of cover crops (a)Cucumber and sweet potato (b)Okro and pepper (c)Tomato and vegetable (d)bitter leaf and water leaf

14)      Planting of trees around the farm to reduce the speed of wind erosion and to produce shed for plants is                 (a)liming (b)afforestation (c)deforestation  (d)accommodation

15)      The decomposition of materials that is carried out in a dug out pit is called                 method (a)Pit (b)file (c)pile (d)heap

16)      The act of making food or farm produce ready to be used or sold after harvesting is             (a)preserving  (b)processing (c)producer (d)provision

17)      Allowing a piece of land vacant for some years for the land to regain its lost nutrients is                          (a)Bush fallowing (b)manuring (c)Bush burning  (d)cover-cropping

18)      The process of keeping farm produce from damaging or spoiling is                    (a)Processing  (b)packaging (c)preserving (d)producing

19)      The                 method of compost making is done in an area with high rainfall (a)heap (b)pit (c)pile (d)file

20)                              soil is sticky when wet (a)rocky  (b)sandy  (c)clayey (d)loamy

21)      The breaking down of rocks into smaller pieces is                (a)weathering (b)wedding (c)welder    (d) watering

22)      Sandy soil has                      water holding capacity (a)high (b)low  (c)average (d)medium

23)      The washing away of top soil due to wind, water is called                         (a)erosion (b)leaching (c)liming (d)grazing

24)      The method of covering soil surface with dry plant materials is                           (a)Manuring (b)mulching (c)missing (d)leaching

25)                              enables seasonal crops to be available for use all year round (a)processing  (b)preservation (d)occupation

 (c) reservation


1)        Cassava can be processed into                                                   and                                        

2)        Loamy soil contains a lots of                                                      

Write the best method of preserving the following farm produce  

3)        Fish and meat =                                                       4)       Cereal, tomato and fruits =                                            

5)        Rice and Beans grains =                                       

6)        Cocoa seed =                                              

7)        Soil is made up                                ,                                   ,                                   and                                          

8)                                            soil is brownish or whitish in colour

9)        The                             method of compost making is done in an area with low rainfall

10)      Food processing helps to remove                     agents from cassava as an example


1)        What is soil?                                                                                                                                                                                     

b)        List four things soil is made up: (i) _____________________________ (ii) _________________________________

iii. _____________________________________________________(iv) ________________________________________________

c)         Mention types of soil : (i) _____________________________ (ii) _________________________________

iii. _____________________________________________________(iv) ________________________________________________

2)        State three characteristics of each types of soil: 1(i) ____________________ (ii) __________________iii.____________________

2(i) ____________________________________ (ii) _____________________________iii._____________________________________

3(i) ____________________________________ (ii) _____________________________iii._____________________________________

b)        Define soil formation: ______________________________________________________________________________________

3)        Define farm produce preservation ____________________________________________________________________________

b)        Mention two importance of farm produce (i) ______________________________________(ii) __________________________

c)         List five method of farm produce processing (i) _____________________________ (ii) _________________________________

iii. ______________________________________(iv) ______________________________v. ______________________________

4)        What is Soil fertility : ______________________________________________________________________________________

c)         List five causes of loss in soil fertility (i) _____________________________ (ii) _________________________________

iii. _____________________________________________________(iv) ________________________________________________

v. ______________________________________________________________________

5)        Define food processing : ____________________________________________________________________________________

b)        State three importance of food processing (i) _____________________________ (ii) _________________________________

iii. __________________________________________________

Examination Questions For Primary 4 First Term


SUBJECT: LITERATURE                                                     CLASS: PRIMARY 4

1)            The only primary and Secondary in Olushaga was in                                  town

2)        The ancient kingdom of Olushaga was known for                           and                              (a)weaving, farming (b)Farming, war (c)Crafts and trading

3)        The security men in Olushaga were mainly                 (a)farmers (b)warrior (c)hunters  (d)traders

4)        Olushaga has large deposit of                (a)brimstone (b)limestone (c)crude oil (d)Oil and gas

5)        Adunni was a                       in the palace

6)        What was Adunmi cooking?                                

7)        Who returned from the market? _______________________________________

8)        Who opened the pot cover? (a)Oyekunle (b)Oyenike (c)Oyetade (d)Oyeyemi

9)        What did grandma bring from the market (a)ogbono and ewedu (b)ewedu and panla (c)Egusi and smoked fish (d)ewedu and smoked fish

10)      Who served Oringbemi food in the palace (a)Lara  (b)Laide (c)Lolade (d)Labisi

11)      The young man who owned a trado medical home is called                     (a)Ogunye (b)Ogunshi (c)Ogunleye (d)Ogunyemi

12)      How old was Gbenga when her sister started school? ________________________

13)      What can Oyenike write at the end of the term? _____________________________

14)      What does she want to become in future? _______________________________________________

15)      Why did Oyenike like the profession? _______________________________________________

16)      What happened to Mama Iru while coming back from the market? ____________________________________________

17)      Where does Oladotun the son of Mogaji lives (a)Lagos  (b)Abuja  (c)Akure (d)Osun

18)      Where did Oringbemi take his children after the death of their grandma? ___________________________________________

19)      Who taught Oyenike Adire making? (a)Wunmi  (b)Mariam   (c)Mogaji  (c)Gbenga

20)      Who interrogated Oringbemi at the gate? __________________________________________________

21)      How old was Oyenike when her Father wanted to give her out in marriage? ___________________________________

22)      Who was Mr Olaitan to Oyenike?

23)      “Ha! What a journey to greatness”. Said                    (a)Oringbemi  (b)Mogaji  (c)Adunmi (d)Gbenga

24)      Where did Oyenike travel to teach the African art? _________________________________________________

25)      Chief Atanda died                          years after Oyenike ran away from Olushaga

26)      Chief Atanda has                            wives?

27)                                          is the name of the head of the village hunters (a)Oluomo  (b)Olaomo (c)Oluorogbo  (d)Olufunsho

28)      Oyenike was locked in the                                  

29)      Oyenike was enrolled in                                       school in lagos

30)      How many children did Mr Olaitan has?                                


SUBJECT: QUANTITATIVE APT.                                                        CLASS: PRIMARY 4

Study the samples,  and answer all the question:

Text Box: 5550Text Box: 42211.                                 ________,     __________,  ________, __________

Text Box:  19252. .                              ________,     __________,  ________, _________

Text Box:  75 3.                                  ________,     __________,  ________, __________

Text Box:  145 4.                            __________,     __________, _________, ___________

5.                                   __________,     __________, _________, ___________

Example                                                                                  (6)


8.                                                                                   (9)  


Text Box: 26Text Box: 50
Text Box: 32

Example:  20 à  12 à              =  +                36   à 10   à              = –            25 à 2 à     = x

Text Box: 25

                     100 à 4 à              = ÷           

Text Box: 40Text Box: 25Supply  the missing signs:

11. 250 à 10 à              = __________               (12) 540 à  500 à             = ____________

Text Box: 140
Text Box: 228

13. 95 à 45 à          = =  __________               (14) 19  à  12 à                 = ____________

Text Box: 30

15. 90 à 3 à              = ________________

Example:                                                                                                             (16)

17.                                                       (18)                                                  (19)


                                                                                                 (21)                                 (22)



Text Box: 9Example:                                                                       (24).                           25.

Text Box: 17
Text Box: 153


Text Box: 35

Text Box:  Text Box:  Graph showing  the  number  of pupils  a  primary school                   girls

Text Box:                                                                                                                      boys

Text Box:  Text Box: Pry= Primary

                   Pry 1       pry 2        pry 3     pry 4      pry 5     pry 6

From  the  above  diagram  answer the  following:

27.  How  many  pupils  are  in  primary 4? ________________

28.  How many  pupils  are  in  primary 6? _________________

29.  Which  class  has  the highest  number  of pupils? ________________

30a.  Which  class  has  the  lowest  number  of  girls? ____________________

b. Which  class  has  the  highest  number  of  boys? ____________________



Instruction: Answer all questions in his section and shade properly.

1.                                                  How many small square can we  find  in this  big  square? (a)  1000  (b)  10   (c) 100


2. Write  4000 in words  (a) four  thousand  (b)  forty  thousand  (c)  four  hundred

3. Write  64 358  in words (a)  six-four  thousand, three  and  fifty-eight hundred

  (b) sixty thousand, forty-three  hundred  and  fifty  eight (c) sixty  thousand , forty   

  three  hundred  and  fifty  eight

   4.  Write  325,402 in words (a) three million, two  hundred  and  five  thousand  , four  hundred  and two (b) thirty two thousand, five hundred and forty two (c) three hundred and twenty five thousand, four hundred and two

5. Write  one million,  six  hundred  and  four  thousand, five  hundred  and  seven  in figure. (a)  1 604 507 (b)  16  040 507 (c)  106 040 507

6. What   is the value  of  2  in 2  403 137 (a)  2000 (b)  200  (c)  2000000

7. What  is the  place value  of  5  in  624 509  (a)  thousand  (b) hundred  (c)  tens

Replace             by  < or > or  =

8.  296           278     (a)  <     (b)  >   (c)  =                           9.  666            700   (a)  <   (b) >   (c) =         (10)   50 ÷ 2           25  (a) <    (b)  >   (c) =

Arrange  inorder  of  size  starting  from the  smallest to the  biggest 

11.  30,  50, 135, 3  (a)  3, 30, 50, 135   (b)  30,3,135,50   (c) 135,50,30,3

12.  1107, 11.070, 1170, 1100  (a) 11700, 11070, 1107, 1170, 1100   (b) 11070, 1107,11070, 1100,1170  (c) 1100,1107, 1170,11070,11700

13.2000,599,17,5  (a) 2000,5,17,599  (b)  5,17,599,2000   (c) 17,5,599,2000

 Write  in  Arabic  numerals 

14.  XXXII  (a) 32   (b) 302    (c)  311

15. LXXXVI   (a)   76  (b) 66   (c)  86    

16. XCV       (a) 950   (b) 95     (c) 19

17 XXX – IV   (a)  XVI   (b)  XXVI   (c)  XIV

18.    What  fraction  is shaded

                                                                                                (a)  7/15     (b)  2 6/15   (c) 15/7

19. The number  1 ¼ , 1 1/8,  1 3/10 are  called? (a)  improper  fractions   (b)  mixed  fractions  (c)  proper  fractions

20.  Change  5  ½  to an  improper  fraction  (a)  10/2   (b)  5/2   (c)  11/2

21.  Express  98/100  as  a  decimal  (a)  0.98  (b)  0.098  (c)  0.0098 

22.  Express  3  14/100 as a  decimal  (a)  0.314  (b)  3.14  (c)  31.4

23. find  the  sum  of  687,321 and  459 (a)  14,670  (b)  10,467  (c)  1467

24.  Find the total  weight  of  three  vehicles  whose  weights  are  1,964kg, 3582kg  and 5237kg (a) 10783kg  (b) 11782kg  (c)  1783kg

25. A journey  is  9274km  long. How  much  distance  is left  after  traveling  3625km ?  (a)  5649  (b)  56491  (c)  3649

26.  Add  ½ +  1/6  (a)  4/6   (b)  2/3   (c)  2/8

27.  Subtract  2/3 – ¼  (a)  3/7   (b) 5/12  (c)  3/12

28.  Add  4.61 + 3.176  (a)  8.786   (b)  6.786    (c)  7.786

29.  Subtract  7.486 –  4.748  (a)  2.738   (b)  3.638   (c)  11.  638

30.  Find  the  difference  between  15.58  and  12.36  (a)  3.22   (b)  3.02   (c)  3.52

SECTION  B:  Fill  in the  gap

1.    Write  LXXXI  in Arabic  numeral  __________________________

2.  write  3020 12 in word ____________________________________

3.  Express 731/1000 as a decimal  fraction ____________________________

Text Box: >” width=”46″ height=”6″>4. 6 x 7               5 x 5 . True  or  false</p>

<p>5.  Find  the  missing  number  <img loading= =  

6. Arrange in  descending  order  from  the  biggest  to  the  smallest     , ,

7. Subtract 25.94 – 13.7 ____________________

8.  Add  3.671 + 2.315 ___________________

9.  Write  2  ½  as  an improper  fraction __________________________

10.  What fraction is unshaded? _______

SECTION C:  Answer any four  questions  of  your choice, write  in figure  and  show  your  workings

1a.  Three  hundred  and  five  thousand  and  thirty  eight 

b.  Write  9909  990 in words

Give  your  answer  in both  Arabic  and roman  numeral

2a.  CM + MD + LXIX

b. Divide 56  by 3 and give  your  answer  as  mixed fraction

3a. What  is the  sum  of  3  457, 2112 and  3514                      

b.  There  are  4538  oranges, 2 270  are  sold. How many are left?

4a. Find the sum  2/5 + 1 1/5

b. A bag of  beans  weight  25.60kg and  a bag  of  semovita  weighs 10.15kg. what  is the  difference  in their  weights?

Text Box:                  5a. 9 x                  = 81  Find  the  missing  number

                               b. Express 4/8 to a fraction  in t is  lowest term.


SUBJECT: YORUBA                                                        CLASS: KILAASI KERIN

Dahun  gbogbo  awon  ibeere  wonyi:-

  1. Ami ohun  meloo  ni o  wa?  (a)meji    (b)  mewa  (d)  meta
  2. ____ je apeere iwa  omoluabi (a)  ifarada  (b) ole  (d)  ole  jija
  3. Apeere  ise  ile  ni ____(a)  ija  jija  (b) imele sise  (d)  aso  fifo
  4. _____je  ibasepo  laarin  okunrin  ati obinrin  ti o ti  balaga  gege  bi  oko  ati  aya  pelu  ifowo  sowopo  awon ebi  mejeeji  (a)  igbeyawo  (b)  ijiroro  (d)  igbese
  5. Orisii igbeyawo  meloo  ni  a  menuba  (a) meji  (b)  merin  (d) mefa
  6. Nibo  ni  orison iwa  omoluabi  (a)  eko ile  (b) oko  (d)  oja
  7. Aroko  ti o da  lori  iyan jija ni ____(a) aroko  onileta  (b) aroko alariyanjiyan (d) aroko oniroyin
  8. _____ je okan  lara  ohun  elo  idana (a) beedi  (b) ewe  (d)  obi
  9. Omobinrin wulo  ju  omokunrin  lo je  apeere aroko ___ (a) asapejuwe  (b)  ariyanjiyan  (d)  ajiroro
  10. Awon  wo ni  o maa  n se  igbeyawo  soosi  (a)  musulumi  (b)  kiristeni  (d)  Alawo
  11. Do je  ami ohun  ____(a) ami  ohun  isale (b)  ami ohun  oke (d)  ami ohun aarin
  12. Nje  o  ye ki  a maa  bowo  fagba? (a)  beeni (b)  beeko  (d)  N ko mo
  13. Kini  itumo  agbeko?  (a)  awotele  obinrin  (b)  nnkan  ti  a  ko ti  (d)  ohun  ti  a gbeko  sori  igi 
  14. Itumo  Aafin  ni  ____(a)  ile  ijoba  (b)  ile  ejo  (d)  ile Oba 
  15. Itumo ogun  ni ____(a)  dukia  ti  a  jogun  (b) oruko  ilu  (d)  orisa  irin
  16. Owo tumo  si  ______(a)  iyi   (b)  oruko  oja (d)  Igbale
  17. Ise oluko  je mo ___(a)  iwosan  (b)  eko kiko  (d)  oko riro
  18. Ise  agbe  je mo ___(a)  ipese  irugbin ,  eran  osin  ati  eja  sinsin  (b) 
  19. Ise  agbe  ati  oluko  ____Ni  awujo  (a)  baje    (b)  ko  dara  (d)  wulo
  20. Ami  ohun  aarin  ni  ___(a)  do  (b) re  (d) mi
  21. Kini  oruko  awon  ore mejeeji  wonyi  (a)  toriola  ati  rolawe  (b)  toriola  ati  tope  (d)  rolawe  ati  akin
  22. Tani  omo  orukan  ninu  won  (a)  toriola  (b)  tope  (d)  rolawe
  23. Tani  o  ran  toriola lowo  ti  o fi  pari  ile  eko  girama? (a)  Obi  Rolawe  (b)  olopa  (d)  Oba
  24. Odo  tani  Toriola  n gbe  (a)  odo  iya re  (b)  odo  ana re  (d)  odo  ibatan  re
  25. Kini  oruko  iyawo  Biodun (a)  Tooke  (b)  Idowu  (d)  Alaba
  26. Ise  wo ni  Abiodun  n se   (a)  ise  oluko  (b)  ise  atunnase (d)  ise fayawo
  27. ________ni  oga  asobode  tuntun  (a) Idowu  (b)  Rolawe  (d)  Toriola
  28. Nje  o dara  ki  a  maa  se  aanu  omolakeji  (a)  Beeni  (b) Beeko  (d)  N ko mo
  29. Iwa  omoluabi  maa  n je  ki _____  rorun  ni  awuyo. (a)  ibara  eni gbe  po  (b)  ole jija  (d)  ija  igboro

IPIN  KEJI: Dahun  gbogbo  awon  ibeere  wonyii:

Daruko  marun-un ninu ohun  elo   idana

i. ______________________________  ii. _____________________

iii. ______________________________ iv. _____________________

v. _______________________________ 

ko orisii ami ohun  ti o  wa  sile

  1. ___________________          ___________________
  2.  ____________________

Daruko  orisiirisii igbeyawo meji .

i. __________________________________

ii. _________________________________


i. _______________________ii. _________________________________

iii. ___________________________iv. ______________________________

v.___________________________­­­­­­­__vi. __________________________________

vii. ______________________________ viii . ___________________________

ix. __________________________________x. _______________________________


SUBJECT: DICTION                                                                                CLASS: PRIMARY 4

  1. The  English  alphabet  consists  of  ___letters  (a) twenty  (b)  five  (c)  twenty  six
  2. There  are  ___ sounds  of the  English  alphabet  (a)  forty  four  (b) two  (c)  one
  3. The   name  of letter  Aa  is  __(a)  /ef/   (b)  /pi:/  (c)  /ei/
  4. The  name  of letter  Kk is  ___(a)  /kei/  (b)  /kam/   (c) /pi:/
  5. The  name  of letter  J  is  ___(a)  /dzeᴣ/  (b) /p/    (c) /ti:/

Questions  on  spelling

  • Which  options  spells  the  word  /kӕt/  (a)  ruler   (b)  cat  (d)  joy
  • Which  option  spells the  word  /dᴣ:d/?  (a)  bird   (b)  bus   (c) bag
  • Which  option  spells  the  word /bᴣ:n/?   (a)  bum  (b)  tree  (c)  cake
  • Which  option  spells  the word /ma:k/ (a)  pen  (b)  mark   (c)  food
  • Which  option  spells  the word  /eg/?  (a)  man   (b)  fish  (c)  egg
  • Circle  the  words  with  /e/ sound (a)  enter, egg   (b) cat, mat   (c) it , are
  • World examples  of  long /a:/ sound  are? (a)  fish, bag  (b)  car,  park  (c)  tree,  two
  • What  sound  does diagraph  ‘ir’ make? (a) /a:/   (b)  /Ӡ:/  (c)  /m/
  • What  is the  long  a  sound?  (a)  /ju:/   (b)  /     /      (C)  /a:/
  • Which  option  correctly  spells  the word /nᴣ:s/?  (a)  nuorse (b)  nurmse  (c)  nurse
  • Clap  each  word,  write  the  number  of  syllables  in  each word 

    Mother     2

16. grandfather  ________________                           (17)  brother  ____________________

18. spoon  ___________________                             (19)  table  ________________

20. sister   ____________________


SUBJECT:FRENCH                          CLASS: PRY 4

SECTION 1:   Choisis la bonne salutation en Francais

1)        What is your name?                       (a)Quel nom?  (b)Quand ton nom?  (c)Comment tu t’appelles?

2)        My name is Ayo                   (a)Je m’appelle Ayo  (b)Mon Ami Ayo  (c)C’est Ayo

3)        Good morning                     (a)Beau- jour  (b)bonjour  (c)unebelle journee

4)        How does the teacher greet his students in the morning?  (a)Mes bon eleves (b)merci mes eleves (c)bonjour mes eleves

5)        Good afternoon                  (a)après (b)bon –apres midi (c)avant midi

6)        How do you greet your friend at closing time in the school?                    (a)arrive mon ami (b)au revoir mon ami (c)bon depart mon ami

7)        At home, how do you welcome your Daddy when he comes back from work?                      (a)bonne arrivee papa (b)C’est papa  (c)Mon papa

8)        Before you sleep in the night what do you say to your Mummy              (a)belle maman (b)bonne maman  (c)bonne nuit maman

9)        Thank you sir                        (a)un monsieur  (b)merci monsieur  (c)merci madame

10)      Teacher                      (a)Oncle  (b)un pere  (c)professeur

SECTION 2:  Choisis la bonne expression en Francais

11)      Stand up!                   (a) Lisez!   (b)ecris!  (c)levez – vous!

12)      Sit down !                  (a)asseyez – vous!  (b)ris  (c)parle!

13)      Open your books!                           (a)chantez!  (b)ecrivez!  (c) ouvrez vos livres!

14)      Listen!                         (a)come here!  (b)ecoutez  (c)Mangez 

15)      Look at the board!                          (a)cessez!   (b)vas – y!   (c)regardez au tableau!

SECTION 3: Choisissez la bonne reponse selon la question

16)      YARO va a la banque?                    (a)Oui, il va a la banque   (b)Non Ile va a la maison (c)Oui, je vais a la banque

17)      Olu va a la poste?                  (a)Non, il va a la ferme  (b)Non, il va a la banque (c)Oui, il va a la poste

18)      Olu va avec sa mere?                    (a)Oui, il va avec Yaro (b)Non, il va avec Yaro (c)Oui, il va avec sa mere

19)      Sa mere est dans la voiture?                    (a)Oui, elle est dans la voiture (b)Non, elle est devant la voiture (c)Non, elle est dans la cours

20)      Ou est la voiture?                (a)Elle est derriere la maison  (b)Elle est devant la maison (c)Elle est dans le marche

SECTION 4 :  Write in French language the response to these greetings

21)      Bonjour mon amie             ____________________________  Ada

22)      Comment ca va? Ca va                                                      

23)      Bonsoir Madame    ____________________                      les eleves

24)      Au revoir Dayo       ______________________     maman

25)      Bonne nuit Daniel              ___________________ papa

SECTION 5:   Repondez selon les examples

a)        C;est ta voiture ?  Oui, c’est ma voiture

b)        C’est ton stylo? Oui, c’est mon stylo

26)      C’est ta mere?                                                                    

27)      C’est ton papa?                                                                  

28)      C’est ton camion?                                                               

29)      C’est ta classe?                                                                   

30)      C’est ton orange?                                                                

Joyeux Noel = Merry Christmas


SUBJECT: HISTORY                                                                                         CLASS: PRIMARY 4

  1. When  was  Nigeria organised  into  three  regions? (a)  1943  (b)  1944  (c)  1945  (d)  1946
  2. Which  of  these  regions  was  created  in 1963? (a)  Northern  region  (b)  Easter region  (c)  western  region  (d)  mid-western  region
  3. The  following  were  states  in  Eastern  region  except ___(a)  east  central  state  (b)  south  eastern  state  (c)  rivers state  (d) Lagos
  4. The  creation  of  states  in  Nigeria  started  in _____(a)  1963  (b)  1964  (c)  1965  (d)  1967
  5. How many  states  were  created in 1996?  (a) 3   (b)  4   (c)  5   (d) 6
  6. States  were  created  in  Nigeria  in  1967, 1976, 1987 and  ____(a)  1991  (b)  1992  (c)  1993  (d)  1994
  7. The  Nigerian  area  was  made  up  of  _____parts  in  1900. (a)  three (b) four   (c)  five    (d)  two
  8. _____was  made   the  administrative  headquarters of  the  Norther protectorate  in  1900  (a)Calabar  (b) Lagos   (c)  Kaduna  (d)  Lokoja
  9. _____was  the  Administrative  headquarters  of the  Niger  coast  Protectorate (a) Calabar  (b)  Lokoja (c)  Kaduna  (d)  Lagos
  10. When  was  Lagos  made  the  Federal capital  of  Nigeria  (a)  1904  (b)  1905 (c)  1906  (d)  1914
  11. The Federal capital  of  Nigeria  at  present  is  ____(a)  Kano  (b)  Lagos  (c)  Abuja  (d)  Calabar
  12. A _____is  a  man  who  contributed  great  things  to the  development  and  progress  of his  society (a)  president  (b)  senator  (c)  hero  (d)  heroine
  13. A _____is  a  woman  who  contributed   great  things   to  the  development  and  progress  of  her  society (a)  heroine  (b) hero  (c)  senator  (d)  president
  1. The  following are political  leaders  in Nigeria  except  ____(a)  president (b) senator (c) doctor 

(d)  Governor

  1. The  following  were  pre-colonial  heroes  in   Nigeria  except  __________ (a)  Jaja  of  Opobo   (b)Chief  Obafemi  Awolowo  (c)  Nana Olowu  of  Itsekiri (d)  Mohammed  Rumfa  of Kano
  2. Heros  and  heroines  promote ____in their  communities  (a)  peace  and  development  (b)  crime  (c)  violence  (d)  fight
  3. Heroes  serve  as  ____models  in the  community (a) role  (b)  bad  (c)  good  (d)  poor
  4. The  following  were  colonial and  post-colonial  heroes  in Nigeria  except  (a)  Chief  Obafemi  Awolowo  (b)  Mr Taiwo  Akinkunmi  (c)  Chief Moshood  Kashinawo Abiola (d)  Kosoko of Lagos
  5. The  following  were  colonial  and  post-colonial  heroines  in  Nigeria  except  ____  (a)  Funmilayo  Ransome  Kuti  (b)  Margaret  Ekpo  (c)  Hijiya  Gambo  Sawaba (d)  Queen  Kambasa  of  Bonny
  6. Which  of  the  following  is not  one  of  the  contributions  of heroes  and  heroines  to the  development of  Nigeria? (a)  They  resisted  the  penetration  of  invaders into  their  territories (b)  they  struggled  for  the  indepence  of  Nigeria  from  Britain (c)  they  formed  political parties  in Nigeria (d)  they  promoted  violence in  Nigeria
  7. Nigeria  became  a  republic  on  1st  October ___(a)  1990  (b) 1960  (c)  1963  (d)  1936
  8. The  major ethnic  group  in  Eastern  Region  include  the  ____(a)  Ibibio  (b)  Fulani (c)  Egun  (d)  Awori
  9. ____created 12 states in 1967 (a)  General Ibrahim  Babangida (b) General  Yakubu  Gowon  (c) General  Muritala Mohammed (d)  General  Sani  Abacha
  10. The  major  ethnic  group  in the  western  Region  include  the  _____(a)  Igbo   (b)  Hausa  (c)  Yoruba (d)  Igbira
  11. ____state  was  created  in  1967 (a)  Imo  (b)  Ogun  (c)  Ondo  (d) Lagos


1.  ___________________ is  one  of the  early  regions

2. There  are  _________________states in  Nigeria

3.  FCT  means  __________________________________________________________________

4.  _________________________ was  the  name of  first  governor  of  Lagos  state.

5.  General  Muritala  Mohammed  created  _________states  in  1976

6.  FCT was  created  in  ___________________________________

7.  The  location  of  the  federal  Capital of  Nigeria in  Lagos  was _____________________________

8.  ______________________ introduced  Islam  into  Kano

9. ___________________designed  the  Nigeria  National  Flag

10.  ________________________ was  the  first  prime  minister  of  Nigeria.

11.  The  first  woman  to  drive  a  car  in Nigeria  was  ___________________________

12.  Professor  Grace  Alele-Williams  was the first  female  ____________________in  Nigeria

13.  Chief Obafemi  Awolowo  was  the  first  premier  of  ____________________________

14.  The  Niger-coast protectorate and  the  Lagos  colony  were managed  to from  the  _____________  protectorate

15.  Nigeria  got  independence  on the  1st  October  ____________________________

Section c

1. List  the  four  early  regions  in  Nigeria

i. __________________________________ii. ________________________________

iii. _________________________________iv. ________________________________

2. Complete  this  table

Head  of  state                                    Year  of  state  creation                        Number of  states created

i.  General Yakubu                                 _________________                                              12

ii.  _________________                                   1976                                                               7

iii.  General  Ibrahim  Babangida                      1987                                               _______________

iv. _________________                                   1991                                                                9

v.  General  Sani  Abacha                               _________                                                         6

3. State  two  functions of the  British  colonial Administrative  headquarters

i. _____________________________________ii. _______________________________

4. Mention  the two  Federal  capitals  of  Nigeria, the  year of  creation and  the  location  of  each  capital  in  a  table  below

        Federal  capitals                                       year  of  creation                                        Location

i. ___________________________ _____________________                _________________________

ii. ___________________________         _____________________                _________________________

5. List two  heroes and  two  heroines  in Nigeria

Heroes                                                                 Heroines

i. ______________________________________                 ________________________________

ii. _______________________________________          ________________________________

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