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                       FORMAL LETTER: LETTER OF APOLOGY

Question: as the senior boy of the school, your co- pupils mistakenly cut some young cocoa trees in the nursey site. This action annoyed the farm owners whose farm was used for field trip your class embarked on recently.

Write a letter to him begging him for the mistake.

                                               Teacher’s Activity

Instruction: Use the guided questions to discuss the topic orally.

  1. What is the address of the writer?
  2. What is the address of the receiver?
  3. How do you greet your receiver?
  4. What is the title of your letter?
  5. How do you feel when the incident was reported to you?
  6. How did it happen? Was is intentional?
  7. Would it be correct to say that the presence of your teacher would have prevented it?
  8. Why was your teacher not present?
  9. Do you plan to compensate him for the loss?
  10. Commend his understanding and thanks him for the assistance?
  11. How do you tender your apology?

Guided formal letter

Advise: please discuss the topic orally, practice how to write the addresses before writing about the topics.

Pupil’s Activity

Instruction: Write out this formal letter correctly using the most suitable words from the brackets.      

                                                                                         Edudelight Primary School,

                                                                                         1 Benson Avenue,

                                                                                          Lekki Phase One, Street,

                                                                                           Eti- Osa Local Government Area,

                                                                                            Lagos –State.

                                                                                             10th of March, 2019.

The Cocoa Farmer,

1,Agric Farm



Dear Sir,


       I write on behalf of my co – pupils to apologies for the damage to young cocoa plants on your farm. We promised to be more careful in the future. As we entered into the site, we moved round to carry out our observation of the plants. Suddenly a python sprang up defensively. The student wanted to kill the snake.

During the struggle, the cocoa seedlings were mistakenly trampled upon.

   The action was not intentional. I feel and strongly believe that if our teacher had been around such would not have occurred. He was sick. The school has agreed to supply you with some seeds of coca plant. This is to compensate you. We commend your understanding and thank you for your usual assistance.

                                                             Yours student,


                                                              Benson Favour.

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