My Father’s House

                                               Teacher’s Activities

Activity one (1): Draw out sentences from the students about the kind of houses people live in. Make them describe their father’s houses briefly.

Activity two (2): To guide the pupils in writing a detailed composition about the topic, write and explain the following guidelines on the board.

Activity three (3): Look at, interpret, and explain the example.


Paragraph one (1):  Write about the name, where you live with your parents, the type of house you live in with your parents and the needs the house meets.

Paragraph two (2): Write about the basic functional aspects/rooms of the house.

Paragraph three (3): Write about what you like about the house. Also write about what you hate about the house.


COMPOSITION: my father’s house

My name is Betha. I live with my parents in our two bedroom apartment situated along Ring Road in Benin City. The house is beautiful and meets the needs of my family in many ways. It shelters us from rain, sun, storm and wind. It meets our physical, emotional, spiritual and relational needs.

The house has two bedrooms, a living room, a store, a kitchen, two toilets and bathrooms. It had a well decorated compound. It is very beautiful. It is painted in green.

The beauty of the house and its spacious compound are some of the features of the house that I admire the most. Its location is another thing that interests me. I would have wished we had more rooms and a large dining – room in it.

Pupil’s Activity one (1): Read the example carefully and thoughtfully.

Pupil’s Activity two (2): Write a detailed composition about your father’s house.

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