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                                           My Hometown/ Village

                                               Teacher’s Activities

Activity one (1): Draw out sentences from the pupils about their home towns or villages.

Activity two (2): Tell them some things about your hometown or villages as the case may be.

Activity three (3): To guide the pupils in writing a detailed composition about the topic, write and explain the following guidelines on the board. .

Activity four (4): Look at, interpret, and explain the example.


Paragraph one (1):  Write About the name of your hometown/ village, its location in the country it is found. Also write about how famous your hometown/ village is.

Paragraph two (2): Write about how adequate and good social amenities are in your home town/ village.

Paragraph three (3): Write about the occupation of most of the people in your hometown/village and some major festivals celebrated.

Paragraph four (4): Write about the occupation of most of the people in your hometown/village is known for.


    The name of my hometown is Badagry. It is a beautiful coastal town in Lagos- State, South –West Nigeria. It borders Nigeria with Benin Republic. My hometown is very famous. It is a historical town with a lot of historical facts and scenes.   

       Badagry is a beautiful town with adequate social amenities. There are hospitals, good road networks and a very big market called Agbalata. There is always constant electricity and water supply in my hometown.

        The people of Badagary engage mostly in fishing, farming, Weaving and Trading. There are also civil servants and artisans there. My hometown is very popular for sagbeto and black heritage Festivals. It is a bright and ever bubbling town ruled by a first – class king with the title:  Akran of Badagry.

         Badagry is famous for slave trade. Historical scenes in Badagry include: the first Storey Building in Nigeria, Slave Chain, Missionaries, Cementary, the first Primary school in Nigeria, Sultan and Sapo Beaches to mention a few. I like my hometown because it is popular and peaceful.     

Pupil’s Activity one (1): Read the example and pay attention.

Pupil’s Activity two (2): Write with care and in details a composition about a story you have been told.

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