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                                               Teacher’s Activities

Activity one (1): Draw out sentences from the students about their household chores.

Activity two (2): To guide the pupils in writing a detailed composition about the topic, write and explain the following guidelines on the board.

Activity four (4): Look at, interpret, and explain the example.


Paragraph one (1):  Write briefly about your family.

Paragraph two (2): Write about how chores are carried out in your household.

Paragraph three (3): Write about how you help one another with chores in your house.

Paragraph four (4): Do you sometimes have problems doing your chores?


COMPOSITION: My Household Chores

My name is Victor. I have two sisters, Paulina and Joah. We all go to school. In all, there are five persons in my family including my parents.

My father has divided the household the household chares among us. While he does the shopping and ironing of our clothes, I am to help him with the other jobs outsides the house.  I run errands for my parents and sometimes sweep my sisters help mother with housework and they always keep the house clean and tidy.

They do the cooking with mother. They also watch the our house, we all know our duties and carry them out without being forced.

Besides doing our own chores, we sometimes help one another since human strength sometimes fails. My father believes that heling one another will help promote peace and unity in the family.

Doing our tasks has always been a thong of joy to us. We believes that unity is strength. We never have problems carrying out our tasks. My dad is always happy because his family is united!

Pupil’s Activity one (1): Read the example and pay attention.

Pupil’s Activity two (2): Write a detailed composition about your favourite teacher.

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