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When writing about your new school the following should be considered.


In the First paragraph you should write about the name of the school, the location, the number of building, teachers, school buses, pupils, colour of uniform, write about things that makes you comfortable and be at ease in your new school.

In The second paragraph you should compare your new school and former school by stating what make you prefer one to the other.

Write your conclusion in the next paragraph.                               

                                     MY NEW SCHOOL

           The name of my new school is Lovers of Wisdom Nursery and Primary School. It is located at 4, Desmond Elliot Street, Surulere. There are several blocks of classrooms in my new school. We have fifty teachers in my school and ten school buses.  The pupils in my school are about eight hundred (800). The colour of our school uniform is white top and blue shorts. We also have good sport facilities like football field and lawn tennis court. The name of the proprietress is Mrs.  Chioma Kayode. He/she is a very humble and gentle person.

          I prefer my new school to the previous one because our teachers are more committed and always willing to teach us well. At my new school, pupils eat fresh fruits and nourishing eggs every day. Our teachers told us that they are good for the brain and our Health.

With the little I have written and even so many yet untold, my new school is just the best amongst the best in town. I love my new school beyond any reasonable doubt.


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