School Academic Guide

by edudelight

                1. School academic arm of the school will have the following position, school principal, vice principal, Head teacher, Assistant Head Teacher, school supervisors, teachers and pre-school caregivers

                2. Head of academics (Principal or Head teacher) is responsible for the total academic function of the school.

                3. Vice Principal and Assistant Head teacher is responsible for teachers’ compliance to timetable and school scheme of work. He is responsible for convergence of staff meeting and record of attendance. This is carried out by marking and reporting of evidence of these categories. He reports to the Head of academics

                4. Academics functions involves creation and updating of school curriculum, scheme of work and schedule of work, class indicators and timetable, content dissemination, lesson planning and notes, teaching and learning of subjects, provision and improvisation of instructional materials, assessment of topics taught and report of assessment

                5. School teacher is responsible for the administration and management of classroom, delivery of subject content and assessment of students on subject matter. The occupant of the position will report to the head of academics

                6. School supervisor is responsible for inspection of assigned section in the areas of learners need, break compliance, food hygiene compliance, and toilet cleaning inspection of sections in the school. Supervisors reports to the head of academics

                7. Preschool caregivers are responsible for taking care of playgroup, kindergarten, nursery and reception classes. They are expected to assist class teacher during cycle time, rhymes and recitation. They are responsible for scooping and spooning exercise of the pre-school. They also assist the teacher in marking the learners’ notes. They report to the supervisor in preschool

                8. Lesson plan must be uniform in writing and presentation. It must be properly documented for reference and record purposes

                9. The delivery of teachers in the classroom forbids a teacher to teach without his or her lesson plan with him or her

                10. Principal or head teacher ensures that there are instructional materials in the classroom. Teachers are responsible for demand and improvisation of instructional materials

                11. Examination questions are submitted to head teacher on or before the close of the 4th week of resumption for audit, proof reading and compilation. In a situation where the teachers are also responsible for typing of questions, the submission of the typed question should not be more than close of the 6th week

                12. The academic arm of the school is mandated to attend at least one academic competition in a session for thorough evaluation of performance of students

                13. Teachers’ appraisal or evaluation should be conducted twice in a term during teaching or learning period. This can be done by external consultant or the head of school according to the capacity of the head. (see teachers appraisal section)

                14. The school academic will seek the consent of the school director through the school administrator for any transaction or purchase that is needed by the academic section of the school

15. The school administrator shall present a weekly administrative report in the format of

                • Number and list of learners that were absent for the week

                • Number of teachers that failed to comply with the academic rules of the school and action already taken

                • Top five learners academic challenges for the week

                • Extra-curricular activities done for the week

                • Classroom management challenges

                • Parent academic complain for the week

                • School classroom state and recommendation

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