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                1. School administrative arm of the school will have the following position, head of administration, bursar, school secretary, and school reception staff, school cleaning team, school driving team and school security staff.

                2. Head of administration is the school administrator responsible for the total administrative function of the school.

                3. Administrative functions involves creation and updating of parent database, creation and updating of staff database, school statutory records, school income generation and documentation, school expenses and administration, school books administration, school uniform administration, procurement and logistics, material management and utilities

                4. School bursar is responsible for the administration of income and expenses of the school. The occupant of the position will report to the head of administration

                5. School secretary is responsible for database and documentations in the school. Meeting briefs and statutory record keeping is his/her responsibility. The occupant of this position will report to the head of administration

                6. School reception staff is responsible for parent relationship and admittance. The occupant of this position ensures parents complain are worked on and handles the parent boundary campaign of the school. He/she reports to the head of administration

                7. School cleaning team ensures the school environment, classrooms and restroom or convenience are properly clean and organized before, during and after school hours. This team can be outsourced or insourced; they report to the head of administration

                8. School security staff is responsible for the movement and safety of people in the school. Security staff is also saddled with traffic regulations at the heat of movement in the school. They report to school administrator.

                9. School driving team are responsible for maintenance of fleets and movement of learners from school to destination

                10. Parent database will be updated at the beginning of every term in dimension of new parents, week of payment of fees, parent location changes, exit of parents and other important information about parents

                11. Staff database will be updated at the beginning of every term in the dimension of staff qualifications, staff entry and exit, staff promotional decisions and location changes

                12. School statutory records will be inspected monthly by external consultant and update will be effected for proper records

                13. The school administrator shall be responsible for collection of fees from parents. There will be a monthly target set for fee collection. The target set must be 75% met to show administrator’s performance and effectiveness

                14. The school administrator will seek the consent of the school director for any transaction that is more than twenty five thousand (#25,000) (SEE SCHOOL FINANCIAL GUIDE)

                15. The school administrator shall present a weekly administrative report in the format of

                • Number and list of parents that paid school fees for the week

                • Number of books bought by parents and students

                • Number of uniform and accessories bought

                • Logistics details

                • Procurement details

                • Parent complain for the week

                • School supplies state and recommendation

                • School materials to be fixed

                • Staff administration details

                16. School suppliers shall be contracted based on management decision which will involve a brief demonstration of record of expertise

                17. Suppliers that renders consistent service to the school are mandated to do a pro-bono service at least once in a session for the school

                18. Books and material suppliers shall be invited to sponsor some of the school events as need arises

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