School Guide for School Management, Administrators , Academics, Educators

by edudelight

School Leadership Guide


  • School leadership will comprise of a school proprietor, school director, head of academics, head of administration, supervisor of pre-school, supervisor of primary school, supervisor of secondary school.



School proprietor


  • School proprietor is the executive leader that is responsible for the total result of all the operations of the school including financial upgrade, parent satisfaction, effective internal operation and school growth. He or she reports to the school board of directors



School director


School director reports to the school proprietor; he or she is responsible for the entire day-to-day operation of the school.


Head of academics (school principal/ head teacher)


Head of academics report to the school director. The head of academics can be a school principal (secondary school) or head teacher (primary school). These two positions will be referred to as head of academics. The occupant of this position will be responsible for the academic operations of the school, which involves teaching; classroom coordination and learning management (see school academic policy).


Head of administration

  • Head of administration report to the school director. The occupant of this position will be responsible for the administrative operations of the school (see school administration policy)



Supervisor of pre-school

  • Supervisor of pre-school reports to head of academics. The occupant of this position will be responsible for the pre-school operation (see pre-school operation policy).


Supervisor of primary school


  • Supervisor of primary school reports to head of academics. The occupants of this position will be responsible for the primary school operation (see school academic policy).


Supervisor of secondary school


  • Supervisor of secondary school reports to head of academics. The occupants of this position will be responsible for the secondary school operation (see school academic policy)





School leadership

  • School leadership meeting will hold once in a month (every third week of the month).
  • The school leadership meeting shall involve the periodic invitation of some important school function holders like board of directors, consultants, Parent Forum chairman or coordinator and external supervisors.
  • School leadership evaluation occurs at the end of every term.
  • School leadership retreat occurs at the beginning of every session. All leaders will be prepared for retreat without excuse or exemption of any leader.
  • School leadership meetings shall be the avenue for discussions of school directions and decisions.
  • The criteria for enlisting staff or individuals to school leadership will involve in order of importance, years of service in the school, academic qualification, years of experience in education, years of experience in school leadership, track record of competence and loyalty, proofs of multiple trainings attended in leadership.
  • In the case of any school leaders being ineffective at work, there will be an option of demotion to a lesser position before termination.
  • School leaders are saddled with the responsibility of upholding the school values and policies




School Administrative Guide


School administrative arm of the school will have the following position, head of administration, bursar, school secretary, and school reception staff, school cleaning team , school driving team and school security staff.


Head of administration


Head of administration is the school administrator responsible for the total administrative function of the school.


  • Administrative functions involves
  • creation and updating of parent database
  • creation and updating of staff database
  • school statutory records
  • school income generation and documentation
  • school expenses and administration
  • school books administration
  • school uniform administration
  • procurement and logistics
  • material management and utilities



School bursar

School bursar is responsible for the administration of income and expenses of the school. The occupant of the position will report to the head of administration.


School secretary


School secretary is responsible for database and documentations in the school. Meeting briefs and statutory record keeping is his/her responsibility. The occupant of this position will report to the head of administration.


School reception staff

  • School reception staff is responsible for parent relationship and admittance. The occupant of this position ensures parents complain are worked on and handles the parent boundary campaign of the school. He/she reports to the head of administration.


School cleaning team



  • School cleaning team ensures the school environment, classrooms and restroom or convenience are properly clean and organized before, during and after school hours. This team can be outsourced or insourced; they report to the head of administration.


School security staff


  • School security staff is responsible for the movement and safety of people in the school. Security staff is also saddled with traffic regulations at the heat of movement in the school. They report to school administrator.




School driving team


School driving team are responsible for maintenance of fleets and movement of learners from school to destination.




Other School Administrative Guide



  • Parent database will be updated at the beginning of every term in dimension of new parents, week of payment of fees, parent location changes, exit of parents and other important information about parents.
  • Staff database will be updated at the beginning of every term in the dimension of staff qualifications, staff entry and exit, staff promotional decisions and location changes.
  • School statutory records will be inspected monthly by external consultant and update will be effected for proper records.
  • The school administrator shall be responsible for collection of fees from parents. There will be a monthly target set for fee collection. The target set must be 75% met to show administrator’s performance and effectiveness.
  • The school administrator will seek the consent of the school director for any transaction that is more than twenty five thousand (#25,000) (SEE SCHOOL FINANCIAL GUIDE).
  • The school administrator shall present a weekly administrative report in the format of
  • Number and list of parents that paid school fees for the week.
  • Number of books bought by parents and students.
  • Number of uniform and accessories bought.
  • Logistics details
  • Procurement details.
  • Parent complain for the week.
  • School supplies state and recommendation.
  • School materials to be fixed.
  • Staff administration details
  • School suppliers shall be contracted based on management decision which will involve a brief demonstration of record of expertise
  • Suppliers that renders consistent service to the school are mandated to do a pro-bono service at least once in a session for the school.
  • Books and material suppliers shall be invited to sponsor some of the school events as need arises.



School Academic Guide

  • School academic arm of the school will have the following position, school principal, vice principal, Head teacher, Assistant Head Teacher, school supervisors, teachers and pre-school caregivers .



Head of academics (Principal or Head teacher)


  • Head of academics (Principal or Head teacher) is responsible for the total academic function of the school.


Vice-Principal and Assistant Head teacher


  • Vice Principal and Assistant Head teacher is responsible for teachers’ compliance to timetable and school scheme of work. He is responsible for convergence of staff meeting and record of attendance. This is carried out by marking and reporting of evidence of these categories. He reports to the Head of academics .


  • Academics functions involves


  • Creation and updating of school curriculum.
  • scheme of work and schedule of work
  • class indicators and timetable
  • content dissemination
  • lesson planning and notes
  • teaching and learning of subjects
  • provision and improvisation of instructional materials
  • assessment of topics taught and report of assessment


School teacher

  • School teacher is responsible for the administration and management of classroom, delivery of subject content and assessment of students on subject matter. The occupant of the position will report to the head of academics

School supervisor

School supervisor is responsible for inspection of assigned section in the areas of learners need, break compliance, food hygiene compliance, and toilet cleaning inspection of sections in the school. Supervisors reports to the head of academics.


 Preschool caregivers


  • Preschool caregivers are responsible for
  • taking care of playgroup, kindergarten, nursery and reception classes.
  • They are expected to assist class teacher during cycle time, rhymes and recitation.
  • They are responsible for scooping and spooning exercise of the pre-school.
  • They also assist the teacher in marking the learners’ notes.
  • They report to the supervisor in preschool





Other School Academic Guide


  • Lesson plan must be uniform in writing and presentation. It must be properly documented for reference and record purposes.
  • The delivery of teachers in the classroom forbids a teacher to teach without his or her lesson plan with him or her.
  • Principal or head teacher ensures that there are instructional materials in the classroom
  • Teachers are responsible for demand and improvisation of instructional materials
  • Examination questions are submitted to head teacher on or before the close of the 4th week of resumption for audit, proof reading and compilation. In a situation where the teachers are also responsible for typing of questions, the submission of the typed question should not be more than close of the 6th week
  • The academic arm of the school is mandated to attend at least one academic competition in a session for thorough evaluation of performance of students
  • The academic arm of the school is mandated to attend at least one academic competition in a session for thorough evaluation of performance of students
  • Teachers’ appraisal or evaluation should be conducted twice in a term during teaching or learning period. This can be done by external consultant or the head of school according to the capacity of the head. (see teachers appraisal section)
  • The school academic will seek the consent of the school director through the school administrator for any transaction or purchase that is needed by the academic section of the school
  • The school administrator shall present a weekly administrative report in the format of



  • Number and list of learners that were absent for the week
  • Number of teachers that failed to comply with the academic rules of the school and action already taken
  • Top five learners academic challenges for the week
  • Extra-curricular activities done for the week
  • Classroom management challenges
  • Parent academic complain for the week
  • School classroom state and recommendation



School fee payment Guide


  1. Collection and request for fee payment will start from second week of vacation (NOT Resumption)
  2. School proprietor and school administrator will be responsible for contacting parents during holidays to encourage them pay on time for the new terms
  3. Financial intelligence training shall be done on parents WhatsApp group at least once in a month by using experts in family finance
  4. Parents WhatsApp group will not be the avenue for reminding defaulters or school debtors on payment of fees
  5. School notice board will not be the avenue for reminding defaulters or school debtors on payment of fees
  6. Parent forum will not be the avenue for reminding defaulters or school debtors on payment of fees
  7. Personal phone calls, private conversations, private chats, pickup time and physical notification shall be the channels for reminding defaulters and school debtors on payment of fees
  8. There shall be weekly target assigned to school administrator and bursar in the number of parents that have paid either part or full payment
  9. There will be scholarship scheme for maximum of five students in a session under the criteria that parents are unable to pay due to change in economic conditions and reputation of maximum cooperation in the past.
  10. Parents that defaults the first week of payment will sign an undertaking (see parent undertaking template) stating the date of payment and the course of action to be taken for defaulting
  11. All defaulters wards shall not participate in any group work in the class or out of class and this will be communicated to the parents
  12. Fighting parents due to ward(s) exit from class will result in suspension of the parent’s ward. Parents are to keep to time of payment for smooth relationship between the school and parents





Learners Health Guide

  1. Learners with display of symptoms must be taken to school nurse or school administrator for Immediate medical attention and contact with parents
  2. Learners with a controlled health challenges must be duly reported to the school with all sincerity. At the point of admission, the parents signs an undertaken (see parent undertaking for wards behavior and health) that exempt the school from any accident or attack that happens to learners due to school’s ignorance of ailment. For example, if a child is asthmatic and it is not duly reported, the school will be exempted from the child suffering from exposure to triggered condition
  3. Sharing of cutleries must be strongly discouraged by instructing caregivers and learners. Parents must also be persuaded in passing this information to learners
  4. In preventing accidents or dangerous occurrences, blades or any sharp objects must only be found at the teacher’s desk.
  5. Learners with mathematical set must always keep the set container closed after taking an instrument
  6. It is unsafe for a lower primary school teacher to leave a class without assigning a representative in the classroom.
  7. Lower primary school teachers and pre-school teachers must always open ALL the learners’ food and water container before they eat. This will help the food inspection process
  8. Toilets for pre-school should be washed minimum of three times in a day and it must be mopped after five learners use
  9. Toilets for primary school should be washed minimum of twice in a day and it must be mopped after three learners use
  10. Preschool teachers must look at the children often and periodically look at the classroom floor for crumbs and materials. Teacher or caregiver should reach out when dirt or litter is noticed on the floor
  11. Water used to wash learners hands must be a running water that can be quickly be disposed





  1. Parents are encouraged to use transparent water container for their ward(s) for visibility of water to drink
  2. A disposable cup is advisable for can drinks brought to school by learners
  3. First aid box must contain a leaflet giving general guidance in first aid
  4. In case of emergency, there must be proof of school registration with an established hospital that is not more than 4 kilometers away from the school
  5. The school’s first aid box should have the following materials, 2 sterile eye pads, wrapped triangular bandages, 6 safety pins, 3 pairs of disposable gloves, blind ended scissors, drugs and wound dressing materials
  6. During school games, student trips and sport competition, school should provide important health materials like glucose, wound dressing materials, bandages, balm and ointments and school medical personnel





Learners Food Guide

  1. Fruits and honey are important in the diet of children for their brain development and activities in the classroom
  2. A day or two should be designated for fruits and vegetables being substituted for the sugary drinks and snacks that learners bring to school
  3. It is very important that parents understands the place of nutrition in education. Your parent forum should address learners nutrition evaluation (see parent forum agenda)
  4. Sharing of cutleries must be strongly discouraged by instructing caregivers and learners. Parents must also be persuaded in passing this information to learners
  5. Parents must be given food and water container specifications that makes food suitable for consumption in the school
  6. Cases of learners inability to finish food or sudden loss of appetite must be reported to parents through the school’s communication book
  7. School staff via staff meeting or WhatApp platform must be trained on food related illness and students illness that has symptoms of loss of appetite
  8. Food provided by school canteen MAY not be mandatory for all students but fruits provided must be mandatory
  9. Learners from Nursery should be taught proper dining etiquette and it must be carefully practiced in the school canteen or in the classroom
  10. The class teacher or the canteen staff are saddled with the responsibility of supervising practices of basic dining etiquette by the learners
  11. Before introduction of a new dish or food, the sample of the food should be presented to parents both at parent forum and the school sample stand.





School Examination Guide

  1. All examination questions should be submitted to the principal or head teacher before the end of fourth week of resumption for evaluation and correction before typing
  2. All examination question that is typed must be ready by the end of sixth week of resumption
  3. The school examination group shall present the timetable and schedule of examination in the school on a termly basis.
  4. The chairman of this group shall oversee the smooth running process of examination and will report to the school management
  5. The principal of the school shall stay as the chairman of examination group. He or she will be responsible for the entire process.
  6. The examination group meeting shall start from the third week of resumption by reviewing the scheme and scope of work
  7. The examination group shall consist of maximum of four class teachers (optional), the school secretary, the vice principals, head teacher and assistant head teacher.
  8. Rotational invigilation will be practiced during examinations
  9. A parent can call for verification and demand for script of ward if he or she is not satisfied with the learners performance
  10. If unified examination or quiz platform is available, the school will not hesitate to participate for proper check of quality learning going on in the school classrooms
  11. Any students caught in examination malpractice will be suspended
  12. In case of massive examination failure in a subject, the examination group shall deliberate on what to do and present the suggestion to the proprietor for final decision
  13. Low performance in examination will lead to repetition of class without consideration.
  14. Examination group shall also be responsible for common entrance and Junior and Senior terminal examinations





  1. In the case of enrollments, examination group representative shall be responsible for assessment of new students
  2. Examination group shall deliberate after collation of results to evaluate examination process and outcome






  1. There will be designated dress code for all staff on all the school work days. Violation of these dress codes attract a query and disciplinary order
  2. Staff permission from work is restricted to maximum of twice in a term with very important reason
  3. Parent commendation of staff will be part of staff promotion
  4. In case of staff indiscipline, there will be swift action and punishment as defined by the school management
  5. Staff training is compulsory for all
  6. There will annual competence test to put staff in check and development. This competence test will assess staff knowledge acquisition in the last 8 months of operation in the school
  7. Any act of conflict between staff and parent will attract punishment to staff. Staff must never disrespect parents
  8. Lateness of staff is automatic query and staff will stay thirty minutes later than closing time in school for coming late that day
  9. Query that is thrice in a term attracts a fine of five days’ pay deduction. This means if a staff is queried three times in a month it will attract a deduction of five days payment
  10. Staff absence from class without permission will result in query.
  11. Staff absence from school without permission is automatic deduction of the day’s pay and query
  12. Periodic assessment and evaluation of staff work will be done to know how staff is doing





  1. Any case of gossip or fight amidst staff will result in instant suspension of the two staff without pay
  2. Any case of conflict, malice or fight between staff and parent will attract a suspension of two(2) weeks without pay
  3. Staff is restricted in using corporal punishment in the school. Any complain from parent about staff merciless beating of students will attract severe punishment and five days staff absence from the school
  4. The use of corporal punishment in the school is ONLY restricted to the head of school
  5. Staff is expected to help parents when they are bringing children to school with carrying of lunch bag or school bag
  6. Teachers are mandated to write a daily or weekly report (see staff report format) about the class and student performance after the school hours.
  7. Teachers’ lesson notes, scheme of work, record of work and record of attendance must be up to date and correctly filled. Incomplete documentations will attract a fine of two thousand naira only.
  8. It is important to obey the extra assignment given to staff either by roaster or instant delegation of activities. Report of violation on the side of staff will attract a fine
  9. There will be no financial transaction of any kind between staff and parent without school authorization
  10. No pidgin English or vernacular speaking in the school premises especially between staff or when parents are around
  11. There shall be penalty for divulging school confidential information to parents or third parties





  1. Use of school resources for private use is strictly prohibited
  2. All students are to be treated equally without favoritism, bias or double standard
  3. All complain made by parents must be addressed within twenty four hours
  4. It is a punishable offence for a staff to neglect students in unsafe and unsecure classroom conditions
  5. All staff are comply to directives given by head of school as touching who directs assembly and extra-curricular activities
  6. Asking parents for favors and financial assistance is unacceptable. This diminish the school image amidst the parents and prospective ones
  7. Staff caught sleeping on duty will pay a fine of one thousand naira with query.
  8. Staff use of phone in the classroom will result in such staff dropping the phone in the morning and picking it after the closing period for the rest of the term. The head of school is responsible for collection of the phone. A day without the phone with the head of school will attract a fine with query from the head of school





Staff Query Format

(Date of Query)

Mr/Mrs …………………

(Job designation e.g. Class Instructor, school bursar, staff reception,)



Owing to the report of gross misconduct about you during the discharge of your duty as ……………………………… (Either teacher, cleaner, security staff, bursar, head of school etc.), you are hereby queried for this misconduct (name the misconduct).

You are expected to respond to this query with a typewritten response stating the reason for your action and why consequential actions should not be taken against you within 24 hours of this query else a sanction of disregard for authority and school management will be evoked which is two full suspension without pay. This means you will be coming to school but you will not be paid.

It is expected of you to obey the rules and regulation of the school at all time. This is your promise and it is what we expect from you.

Thank you.





Staff Employment Offer


10th January 2021

Mrs. Loveth  Bako

50,  Belove Street

Sango – Otta


Dear Mrs. Loveth,

The Management of Brighter Brain Schools (BBS) is pleased to offer you a full-time position as an Account officer (Support) of our ever progressive school with the following terms:

Commencement: January 10, 2021

Probationary period: Three months

Confirmation: The confirmation of this offer is subject to the satisfactory completion of a probation period of three months starting from the date of your resumption. Within this period, there will be monthly performance appraisals over defined agreed tasks.

Termination: One month notice by you is compulsory or one month salary in lieu of such notice.

Salary: Your role shall be remunerated with Seventy thousand Naira (N70, 000:00) monthly.

Health: You shall be entitled to personal medical attention in the school hospital after confirmation of your appointment.





Medical Report: You are requested to submit a medical report from a government owned general hospital or an approved hospital to the school management within one month of resumption about the state of your health.

Holiday and Leave: You will be entitled to mandatory 7 working days as leave in every holiday. This takes effect after a session of working with the school

References: You are to provide a minimum of two guarantors who are ready to sign an indemnity agreement on your behalf within one month of resumption. The school will conduct background check on the information provided with respect to your previous employment and your guarantors

Hours of Duty: 7.10am to 4.00pm, Mondays through Fridays. Trainings that extend to weekends will be regarded as overtime if it is impromptu. Weekend training notifications will not be less than 2 weeks before training date for personal planning and schedule.

Kindly indicate your acceptance by endorsing and returning the attached copy of this letter. Also submit along two recent passport photographs for your file and to process your ID card.


Accept our warm congratulations.

Yours Faithfully,





Staff Termination Letter


Mr/Mrs …………………

(Job designation e.g. Class Instructor, school bursar, staff reception,)


With a deep sense of displeasure in your actions and conduct towards the responsibility and task given to you, your employment with the school is unrepentantly terminated.

Sequel to this time, you have been queried and warned on several occasions on the actions and conduct that led to this termination.

The administrator has been instructed to prepare your parting package and to sit you through your transition and transfer of the school resources in your care.

Be free to demand for what you think you possess in the school before you leave the school. We wish you the best in your career journey and life at large

Thank you.





WhatsApp Group Content


Parents’ WhatsApp Group Rules and Regulations

  1. Complain about the school service posted to the group shall not be responded to by the school representatives on the group. Complain is a very sensitive matter that requires countenance, commitment and heartfelt expressions. As school, parents’ complain matter to us and we will not take it as information. We will like to go personal with you and reassure you of non-occurrence of complain.
  2. It is a capital offence against the school for parents to have another Whatsapp group without the consent and involvement of school staff and administrator or proprietor. The admin of such group shall face the consequence of school exit.
  3. There will be training and discussion at least once in a month and that is when the group will be open for everyone to post. The group will only allow admin alone to post information
  4. No advertisement or unrelated post will be allowed or picture of any kind
  5. The admin for the group shall involve the secretary of the school, the school head and two parent representatives


Parent WhatsApp content

  1. Child Intelligence posts
  2. School parent policy and explanations
  3. School general information
  4. Notification of staff exit
  5. Pictures of learners on tour or trip
  6. Pictures of project work in a class
  7. Training from parenting and family experts
  8. Discussion of school intentions





Parent Forum Agenda

  1. Arrival of parents and staff at venue
  2. Anthems and prayer ( Anthems rendered by students of the school)
  3. Introduction of Parent executives
  4. Introduction of school Management
  5. Introduction of New Staff
  6. Introduction of New Parents (All introductions should be done by Parent Relation Officers)
  7. Reminder of previous forum intentions, projects and decisions (Secretary)
  8. Proprietors Speech or Address
  9. Education! Education!! Education!!!(External trainer)
  10. Learners Nutrition Evaluation (school canteen staff or a teacher)
  11. Parent Expectations and Intentions (Parent Relation Officer)
  12. Parent Complain and observation (Treasurer)
  13. Sample stand assessment (school administrator)
  14. School Administrative Concern (School Administrator)
  15. School Academic Concern (School principal)
  16. Menu
  17. Vote of Thanks
  18. Prayer for parents, staff, learners and school





School Management Meeting Agenda

  1. Arrival of chairman, Proprietor and other members of management
  2. School Report review ( school administrator)
  3. Inference and actions from report review (School secretary)
  4. Milestones and Achievement in academics (School Principal)
  5. Academic Challenges
  6. Administrative Challenges
  7. Milestones and Achievement in Administration (School Administrator)
  8. Upcoming events for the term and individual preparedness
  9. Staff Notifications of warning and panel session
  10. Members deliverables before the next meeting


Staff Meeting Agenda

  1. Arrival of staff
  2. Proprietor’s charge or Head of school.
  3. Staff activity review. This is based on observation by head of school or external consultant
  4. Compliance and violation
  5. Parents’ complain for the week
  6. Staff new week presentation. This involves one of the staff presenting what he or she will do next week.
  7. Report Violations
  8. Record of work and lesson note violations





Parent Executive Management

  1. Parent executive comprises of chairman (parent), secretary (School secretary), treasurer (parent), Two Parent relation officers (Parents), school administrator, Proprietor and Principal or head teacher
  2. The chairman oversees the affairs and matters of parents in the school. His authority involves parent advocacy, parent grievance presentation, school advocacy, parent initiation program, directing parent forum and involvement in school matters that concerns parents
  3. The school secretary is in charge of documentation of plans, meeting outcomes and entire parent forum activities. He or she also preside as the parent forum secretary who remind continuously of the conclusions, deductions and decisions made at the forum
  4. The treasurer oversees money contributed by parents for developmental projects in the school. He or she facilitates parents complain and observation section of parent forum. He or she also sees to the complaint being resolved by working closely with the school. He or she will be the spokesperson of the parents when it comes to complain matters
  5. The office of parent relation officer is saddled with the responsibility of passing information to parents. He or she is also responsible for mobilizing parents for parent forum. The attendance of parents at parent meetings is the responsibility of the parent relation officer. He or she facilitates communication of parent expectations and intentions to school at the parent forum
  6. School administrator is responsible for school advocacy in the area of fees, financial implication of projects and administrative concern of the school. He or she is saddled with the responsibility of relating with parents on the administrative work of the school. He or she facilitates the school administrative concerns and development in the parent forum and see to the implementation and outcome
  7. School Principal or Head teacher is responsible for school advocacy in the area of books, teachers’ relations and academic concern of the school. He or she is saddled with the responsibility of relating with parents on the





  • academic work of the school. He or she facilitates the school academic concerns and development in the parent forum and see to the implementation and outcome
  1. Parent executive meeting comes up a week before the parent forum day.
  2. The matters to be discussed are the projects or programs coming up and the implication on the parents
  3. It is mandatory for executive members to be around for the meeting as decisions from executive meeting largely determines what will be discussed or not discussed
  4. Absence from executive meeting will risk removal due to busy schedule
  5. Parent executive meeting shall be presided by the school proprietor while parent forum shall be presided by parent executive chairman
  6. The tenure for parents in the parent executive meeting must not be more than 2 sessions
  7. In the case of conflict meeting between proprietor or the school head and parents, there could be impromptu meeting of executives
  8. All executives should be aware of their responsibilities and must make it work



School Stakeholders Job Description

School Stakeholders are the people that contribute brain, resources, energy and work to the achievement of goals and objectives of the school

  1. Chairman
  2. Board of directors
  3. Proprietor
  4. Principal
  5. Head Teacher
  6. School Administrator
  7. Vice Principal
  8. Assistant Head Teacher
  9. School Bursar or Accountant
  10. School Secretary
  11. School Supervisors
  12. Classroom Teachers
  13. Care Givers
  14. School Cleaners
  15. School Logistics Staff
  16. School Security Staff
  17. Parents






Responsible for investment decision of the school

Responsible for financial direction of the school, total overseer of the school strategy and operations

Recruit and manage the school director

Direct the school management meeting

Relate with investors and authorize school projects and investment

Board of directors:

Give solicited advice about school progress and operation

Deliberate and advise on school investment decisions

Deliberate and advise on school recruitment decisions

Advise school on contracts and agreements

Give counsel on legal and tax issues


Make operational and recruitment decisions

Responsible for creating vision and goal of the school

Ensures availability of resources needed in the school

Responsible for the implementation and utility of resources in the school

Bridge the gap between school’s need and school achievement

Represent the face of the school at associations, forums and community

Interface with parents for retention and attraction of others

Overall supervisor of academic prowess of the school





Create an atmosphere for learning to flow and spread


Responsible for creating and interpreting the academic operation of the secondary school or college

Recommend or audit the content of subjects in the college

Monitor instructions given in the classrooms

Assist teachers in improving instructional techniques in classroom

Lead academic innovations in the areas of content, delivery and assessment

Responsible for working with parents in the area of learners disciplinary issues

Responsible for solving school’s academic concerns

Responsible for setting learning objectives for each class

Participate in teaching staff recruitment

Ensures classroom safety by inspecting class equipment and condition often for safe and good working order

Assigning supervisors to duty as the need arises

Lead practices for achievement of high academic standards

Plan field trips, excursions and athletic events

School Administrators

Oversees administrative duties in the school

Facilitates school’s interaction with parents and community

Responsible for working with parents in the area of debt and fee collection

Responsible for solving school’s administrative concerns





Ensures school safety by inspecting school equipment often for safe and good working order

Ensures teaching and non-teaching staff have the equipment and resources necessary to deliver their duties in the school.

Ensure school follows and comply with government, ministry of education and association regulations

Assist in planning events and implementing curriculum

Represent and maintain school image and reputation

Supervise care of school equipment and facilities for safety and quality condition





School Financial Guide

  1. Administrative secretary shall be responsible for collection of school fees and other income
  2. He/she is responsible for depositing in the bank at least 6hours after collection
  3. There shall be 3 accounts created for income and deposits (Contingency, salary and operation account)
  4. All stakeholders will be directed to this account for proper monitoring of deposits and withdrawal
  5. Impress shall be raised to handle day-to-day operation of the school
  6. Requisition book shall be placed for authorization of every money that leaves the organization
  7. There shall be income statement book of daily finance operations
  8. This will involve daily scrutiny by director and weekly auditing by the school consultant
  9. Collection of fees start from the first week of resumption and it must be a campaign
  10. Administrative secretary shall be responsible for raising a budget for the school every term
  11. Staff salary shall be paid on or before 30th of every month
  12. Expenses channels of the school involves staff salary, capital expenditures, contingencies, scholarship, operation costs
  13. Operation cost will be released at the beginning of the month and can be augmented when a thorough analysis is being conducted of payment





  1. The school income channels involves pupils school fees, pupils lesson fees, students textbooks, students stationeries, students wears etc.
  2. Parents are the major source of income to the school financial buoyancy, therefore the school will take management of parents serious especially in the area of debt
  3. There shall be no general notification on fee payment except for holiday period or first week of resumption
  4. Any fee payment that extends beyond first week of resumption shall be backed up with undertaking by parents.
  5. All stakeholders of school are to earn salary only from school purse
  6. Training of teachers is of utmost priority and funds are to be channelled to the area
  7. There are fines to every violation of school rules and regulations. Funds generated are to be used for staff welfare and education
  8. Staff absence from training also attract a fine which will be deducted from salary
  9. Staff movement and permission book are very important in the school. The exit of staff from the school without input or authorization in the permission book attract a query and fine
  10. Permission is restricted to twice in a term with cogent reasons (see staff conduct guide)
  11. Staff uniformity in dressing will be much appreciated and enforced for proper coordination. There will be subventions from the financial arm of the school to reimburse a staff that want to adhere to uniformity.





  1. Staff shall be mandated to use android Operating system phones (especially the classroom teachers). There will be subventions from the financial arm of the school to reimburse a staff that want to purchase the phone
  2. Staff in the category (24) and (25) must have spent 2 sessions in the school or married with undertaking from partner. The partner must have proof of employment.
  3. Head of school(Administrative) must provide a weekly report of school financial activities
  4. Any financial grievance or staff unsatisfactory expression must be in written form to the proprietor through the school administrator
  5. Teachers that parents commend will be recognized or may be compensated in form of bonus or award





Parent Management Guide

  1. Parents are defined as anyone that pays or takes full responsibility of ward in the school.
  2. For verification of parenthood, parents means of identification with wards birth certificate will be demanded by the school
  3. Parents are obliged and mandated to fill all information on the admission form
  4. Any proof of medical test to confirm blood group, genotype and other medical conditions will be required at the point of entry of ward(s) into the school
  5. Parents are to clarify the means of transportation of ward to the school and from the school
  6. In the place of involving a third party in transporting wards, parents are to register the person with the school.
  7. Appropriate information about a third party residence and telephone number will be demanded before allowing such person to pick the wards
  8. Parents cannot have more than two persons duly registered as a third party in transporting the wards
  9. Father or Mother of ward does not have the permission to stop either of the two from transporting the ward(s) except there is presentation of restraining order from court by any of the parents
  10. Lateness of a learner attract punishment by the school in the order of delay at pickup, engagement of learners during break period and parent’s fine
  11. Parents are not allowed in the classrooms at any period of the term except for authorized persons





  1. The criteria for allowing guests and parents into classrooms involve assessment of teaching operations and parents’ tour.
  2. Parents’ deadline for payment of fees is the fourth week of resumption.
  3. Violation of deadline will attract a 15% extra charges for late payments
  4. Parents that do not pay on time risk their ward(s) from participating in the school club activities which can have severe impact on the learners
  5. The school starts school fees drive from last week of the holiday. Parents should be informed that school representatives will commence calls, texts and visits from this period. It is the operation of the school to remind parents before resumption about school fees to make the school plans and operations go smoothly
  6. Calls made to parents based on ward’s birthday and School fees reminder will be directed to ward’s father
  7. Parent’s complain will be strictly worked on and feedback will be given to such parents
  8. In the case of argument with any of the school staff, parents should make a report of staff unruly behaviour to the school
  9. Any act of parent’s violence in the school will automatically lead to expulsion of ward(s) from the school
  10. Parents should not engage any school staff outside school without informing the school about the engagement
  11. In the event of Parent’s transaction with school staff, the school will not be mandated to involve in transactions in case of unfavourable outcome
  12. Any complain about staff by parents should be written in the form of notes , letter or message





  1. No parent is permitted to print or reprint schools materials at any point in time
  2. All materials available in the school must be bought in the school
  3. Parents’ attendance at parents’ forum is very important to decisions made by the school. A parent cannot be absent twice in a session
  4. Parent executives will consist of Parent chairman, vice chairman, secretary, treasurer, school director and meeting moderator/PRO
  5. Issues of lateness to school and school fees drive are not subject to be discussed by parents at the parent forum
  6. There is scholarship scheme in the school to accommodate and reward parents that have paid faithfully in the past but the present condition hinders them to pay for all students
  7. The criterion for scholarship scheme is parent’s inability to pay despite a child’s brilliance. The scholarship only goes for this criterion
  8. Parents using the school bus system should be prompt at the park at the time given to them. Any delay at the pickup means the bus will not transport such child for the day
  9. No parent or staff shall be allowed to follow the school bus no matter the condition. Designated staff are the only persons authorized to move in the bus
  10. Complain made by parents to teachers should also be made to the head of school for documentation and school inspection of action by such teacher


You are the most important person to us as school and we will like you to give us feedback about your ward from time to time. We are here to serve you.





Parent, Learners and Staff Feedback Analysis Sheet

The feedback of staff were positioned into 5 categories

  • Appreciation
  • Motivation
  • School evaluation
  • Education
  • Disposition


The symbol (1) means the number of entry and the repetition of it means frequency

11111 means critical improvement

1111 means attention needs to be paid

111 means it can be improved on

11 means it should be addressed and clarified





Gifts 11
Kind words 11111
Education and qualification 11
Idea and knowledge sharing 1
Staff relationship 11
Staff children Education 1
Staff health plan 1
Parent appreciation 111
Salary payment 1
Student result 1111


Environment 1111
Classroom materials and tools 1
Goals and objectives 111
Encouragement 1111
Management Care 1
Training Support 1
Feedback 1





Montessori training 111111
Jolly phonics 111
School Administration training 11
Educational technology 1
Motivational talks 11
Classroom Performance 1
Parent Management 1111


Environment 1
School materials 1
Teachers competence 1
Staff competence 1
Leaders competence 1
School information 1111
Training 1
Regard for staff 11111
On time salary 1
School timetable 111


Too much work 11
Negative attitude 111
Willing `1
Reward 11
Learning 111111



The following requires critical attention:

  • Use of kind words in the school especially to staff
  • Montessori training for pre-school staff
  • General learning and development for all staff. This will include knowledge sharing method and train the trainers
  • Regard for staff in the area of food given, parents presence and school occasion or events


Attention also needs to be paid in the following areas:




  • Parent appreciation makes the staff feel appreciated
  • Some staff attitude need to be changed from negative to positive. How can a staff call food given to him/her remnant?
  • School information should be timely and not impromptu
  • Goals and objectives will improve the school result


Parent Feedback Entry Comment
Handling of Children by staff
Respect shown by staff of the school
Exploitation from the school
school content
School professionalism
Classroom performance
Information efficiency
Satisfaction of transaction


Students Feedback Entry Comment
Understanding of subjects taught
Teachers connection in class
School discipline
Social awareness
Staff dressing and appearance
21st century compliance






Dear parents,

Thank you for the confidence you have reposed in our school by enrolling your child/children with us. We are poised and determined to serve you even better. Kindly fill the form below to enable us know what changes to effect in the school as soon as possible.


Do you think your child/children are getting good/qualitative tuition in this school? Yes..…….No………

If your answer to the above is NO, please state your reasons………………………………………………………………



Apart from tuition and knowledge impartation, do you think your child is getting enough in terms of morals and discipline? Yes…………..No………….There is room for improvement…………..

Are our teachers polite, respectful and friendly? Yes………No……….Some are………….

Will you rate how we pass information across to you as being efficient? Yes………No……….

Are there any improvements/innovations you will like to see in the school in the new part of the term?

If yes, please list them.




Does your child/ward have any complaints about any of our staff or his/her fellow students?







Do you have any reservations or complaints about any aspect of the schools operations, facilities or service delivery? If yes, state your reservations



If you know someone looking for a school for his/her ward(s), will you recommend our school?


Thank you for your time in answering the above questions, please drop this form with the headteacher or principal (Not class teacher). We assure you an improved and continuous quality teaching.






Date of Evaluation: 3rd  February 2021

Time of Evaluation: 8:34am to 12:15pm

The following were assessed in the classes:

  • Use of instructional materials
  • STEAM integration in classroom
  • Teachers documentation (REGISTER AND DIARY)
  • Students and learners notes
  • Parent-teachers book
  • Teachers delivery
  • Class incidence reports
  • Classroom Practices (MORNING DRILL)
  • Students performance assessment





  • Time book should be checked regularly and should be crossed with red lines. Penalty is also important to make the staff get serious with time
  • Nursery 1 A lesson note should be properly arranged when writing. An instructional material is not textbook in this age and time. The teacher has been told to use charts, flashcards, real object and pictures
  • A new exercise book should be used for handwriting practices. The existing space in the handwriting textbook is not enough for training the learners
  • Rhymes in the lesson notes of the nursery should be minimum of three rhymes in a week instead of just one rhyme per week


  • Nursery 1B lesson note was not complete at the time of this inspection. The 9th week of the lesson note was not marked.


  • In the handwriting book of the nursery classes, the Home works were more than the class works. This should be discouraged because parents do not pay attention to their children when doing homework. They should intensify classwork for handwriting


  • The teachers’ lesson plan should have three columns instead of two columns. The third column should be for reference book or materials


  • Handwriting in Nursery 2 should be more than once in a week. The timetable in nursery 2 should be reviewed


  • Primary 1 class was dirty at the time of inspection. Week 10 lesson not was not marked; the use of 2D exercise book for handwriting but it was not used appropriately. Correction of Mathematics exercises should be done in the notebook


  • Primary 2 multiplication table assessment is low. There is also spelling issues in the class which made me suggest that the learners should have multiplication table and difficult words as morning drill immediately after assembly.


  • There is no incidence report in the classes. I emphasized on the importance of incidence report and gave them format for bringing it up.


  • Conclusion in the lesson notes should not be “teacher goes round by marking learners’ notes”. It should be based on the topic and not the activity in the classroom


  • Primary 3 classes have also been corrected not to make textbook an instructional material. Correction of textbook exercises should be done in the notebook


  • The assistant head of school is in charge of marking of diary. She should not mark the record of work ahead of time, it is a proof of what they have done not what they intend doing.


  • In primary 4B, lesson note was not marked for week 10 and record of work for week 9 was not marked at the time of inspection. Also handwriting was last done on 17th


  • Computer education in Primary 4 and 5 should be marked after lessons. It has not been marked at all


  • The head teacher has been told to conduct periodic assessment of multiplication table and subject workbooks


  • Lesson note of primary 6 for week 10 has not been marked at the time of inspection





Teachers Daily Report

Date: 5th  January 2021

Class: Primary 5

Name of teacher: Mrs Bello Badmus

Number of Learners in the class: 15 learners

Number of Learners taught for the day: 13 learners

Number of learners absent: 2 LEARNERS

Reason for absence: Paul  Emeka was absent because the family travelled and they are coming back next week.

Ruth Benzer  was absent because he missed the school bus in the morning .

Monitored Improvement: Binta cannot read from my assessment of comprehension passage done today. I have developed some consonant clusters to use as morning drill in the class

Ahmed Ibrahim  has handwriting issues, his books are very rough. I have taken an extra handwriting book for him to write after the closing hour before leaving the school

Complain/Discussion: Mrs Peace of Jovita Praise complained of small content of homework. I have decided to add three exercises each to mathematics and his English Language

Bright Obi did not eat to school today and the parent did not inform anybody in the school. After the first period (9:10am), she cried of hunger








Date: 10th  January 2021

Week: Week 2

Staff Non-Compliance: THE FOLLOWING PEOPLE CAME LATE for the week….

On Tuesday, Mrs Emmanuella was caught sleeping during teaching time, she has been queried and I am yet to have her response. All the classes except for year 4 are yet to start morning drill by 8am after assembly.

Mrs. Pelumi has refused to yield to the correction of her lesson plan format despite verbal and written instruction.

Staff Complain: Parents are always coming late for learners’ pick-up. Staff complained of notification of staff meeting.

The learners’ food from kitchen is always late and class period is being used for the learners eating time

Parent Complain: Mrs Peace of Jovita Praise complained of small content of homework in grade 2

Students’ improvements: Ahmed Ibrahim in KG2 is now writing 1-20 as against last week ability to write 1-10

Rhoda Gift in grade 4 scored high in mathematics this week as against the low score of last week.

School coordination concerns: Staff is not following the assembly roaster. Mrs Precious was scheduled for encouraging learners on the assembly ground on Wednesday on the topic “INTEGRITY”. She was absent.





School Deliverables: Deworming exercise comes up on Thursday next week. Two learners are representing the school in Inter-School Debate Competition on Friday.






1 Ability to meet deadlines
2 Ability to withstand pressure and work through
3 Ability to confront irregularities and inefficiencies
4 Ability to multitask
5 Ownership attitude and personal development
6 Ability to define performance areas for teachers
7 Ability to drive teachers performance in classroom
8 Ability to report teachers daily activities
9 Ability to write reports effectively
10 Ability to do what is expected without being told
11 Ability to foster consistency in teachers performance
12 Ability to supervise teachers effectively
13 Ability to ensure school compliance to curriculum and schemes
14 Ability to influence staff compliance to school rules and policy
15 Ability to handle staff issues without sentiment
16 Ability to handle staff meetings with grip and control
17 Ability to resolve conflict amidst staff
18 Ability to foster team work amidst staff
19 Ability to solve parents concern
20 Ability to communicate effectively with parents
21 Ability to settle school-parents disputes
22 Ability to report parent grievances to school directors with suggestion of solution
23 Ability to ensure teachers coordination especially in parents presence





24 Ability to plan and designate staff operations in programs and events
25 Respect and regard for school management



1 Teachers documentation and alignment
2 Students and pupils notes
3 Classroom coordination
4 Students Reading and Writing Assessment
5 Teachers delivery & Appearance
6 Innovative applications in the classroom
7 Classroom interaction
8 Pre-School Assessment
9 Students communication and complain book
10 Class reports
11 Learners performance assessment and Therapy
12 Classroom content
13 Instructional materials and Strategies
14 Classroom practices
15 Classroom representations
16 Parent Conflict/Complain
17 Discipline style





1 School Toilet and Cleaners conditions
2 School Fleet and Drivers conditions
3 Reception staff conduct
4 Bursars Professionalism
5 Databases & Records
6 State of LOG books





7 School gate and security staff
8 School Field and Play ground
9 Attendance





Pre-School Operation Indicators

Class group Learning Area Learning Aim Learning Activities
Play Group (1-2yrs)

Kindergarten (2-3yrs)

Nursery (3-4yrs)

Reception (5-6yrs)

Personal, Social and Emotional Development Making relationships, self-confidence, and managing feelings Puzzle making

Leggo building

Tower making

Materials & toys sharing

Cycle time technique

Physical development Physical measurements Climbing stairs

Water Jar activity

Sound Differentiation

Recognition and Composition Brain coordination

Identification and memory retention

Build references

Pencil grip

Colour Palettes


Spooning exercise

Scooping exercise

Numeracy Count objects, recognizes shapes & understand basic measures Number drills

Sand tray


Communication and Language Listening, attention, understanding and speaking Speech Coordination

Sound practice

Speech therapy

Pre-writing exercises

Expressive Arts and Designs Experiment with songs, rhymes, colours and sensorial materials Rhymes

Audio-Visual materials






It is a customizing analysis for individual parents in information, interaction and approach. This will help a school to have a perfect understanding of their parents and how the parents behave and act.

Tick the words that best describe the parent you are analyzing.

Parameters Analysis 1 Analysis 2
Parents’ payment pattern Pay on time

Pay before Resumption

Pay after Mid-term

Pay after Fee drive

Payment method Part payment

Payment plan

Full payment
Literacy Cannot read and write

Can read and write


Top executive

Complain mode Logical


Parent Inference Detailed




Enrollment Pattern Referral


Proximity to home


Number of complains in the month

Number of parents that paid in the first week





Number of exit per term

Number of male parents coming to school

Number of attendance at PTA meeting



This is to help school ensure that important information and actions at enquiry point are followed for conversion of prospective parents .


Your enquiry personnel must be able to sell the school by telling new parents what the school offers that other schools around cannot offer.


  • Restriction of staff movement in the enquiry space when parents are around.
  • Deprivation of parents’ accessibility into classrooms if a form has not been purchased during enquiry.
  • Non- disclosure of school fees and other fees if a form has not been purchased during enquiry.
  • Communication of school achievements and intentions during enquiry
  • Enquiry staff is very presentable.
  • Enquiry space is not close to classrooms.
  • Undertaking forms are present at the enquiry desk.
  • Pictures and some awards are present at the enquiry desk.
  • Staff asks the prospective parents about the family’s occupation.
  • Staff asks the parents about any controlled health challenges (Mental or Physical) .
  • Staff asks parents about father and mother’s phone number. In case of objection, staff allow admission and report to the school proprietor.
  • Staff responsible for making enquiry is the reception staff or the school secretary.
  • Staff go through thorough orientation from the Head of academics and head of administration before engaging parents.
  • In case of a question that is not in staff jurisdiction to answer, he or she is expected to make a call or demand the attention of the head of school.



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