Sex Education Song: If You Touch My Private Parts I Will Tell

by Lessonplan
Sex Education

Sex Education in Schools

It is good to know that some schools have been teaching their students/pupils about sex and how to protect themselves from sexual abusers. This is a welcome development which other schools should imitate if you truly love the students you are building. It is better to build a child than to repair an adult.

Watch the Video of Sex education song taught in a school.

If you touch my private parts I will tell Lyric

Stanza 1

  My body belongs to me.

 It belongs to only me.

It is mine and not yours.

 It belongs to only me.


If you touch my private parts I will tell 2ce.

I will tell it, to my mummy.

I will tell it, to my daddy.

If you touch my private parts, I will tell.

Stanza 2

What do you do to your private parts?

I will protect it,

I will cover it,

I will tell it to my mummy,

If you try to touch.


Sex Education Songs Lyrics

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Is educating


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