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 Subject: SOCIAL STUDIES           Duration: 2HRS      Class: JSS 3

                      SECTION A

Instruction: Answer all question in this section

  1. The group of people related by blood is called…….. A. Family B. Organization C. Member D. Father
  2. The process by which government sells its shares in companies to individual and group is………   A. Commercialization B. Deregulation C. Import Trade D. Privatization
  3. The buying and selling of goods and service in order to satisfy human want is called?     A. Farming B. Manufacturing C. Marketing D. Trading
  4. The two system of Farming are ……… A. Livestock and  Arable farming B. Mixed and dairy farming C. Poultry and Fishing farming D. Tradition and Mechanized farming
  5. The conflict between Modakeke and Ife is……….. Type of conflict.   A. Inter Communal B. Inter nation  C. Inter Ethnic  D. International
  6. ………… refer to the connection that exist between individual and group of society    A. Community member B. Social environment C. Social organization D. Organization society
  7. The type of marriage performed according to the tradition and custom of group of people is …………. Marriage.   A. Court B. Customary C. Religion D. Securities
  8. The method of storing things in a refrigerator is known as ………. A. Killing B. Smoking C. Salting D. refrigeration
  9. One of the following is NOT a primary role of the family? A. Ensure continued existence of the community B. Involve in child trafficking C. Provide for the need of Family D. Take care of the young ones
  10. A person is said to be a ……… when he cannot live without a particular drug of substance.   A. Drug abuse B. Drug baron C. Drug addict D. Drug trafficking 
  11. The habit of self medication is ……….. A. Drug abuse B. Drug baron C. Drug addict D. Drug trafficking 
  12. A place where teaching and learning takes place called ………. A. Hospital B. Kitchen C. Market D. School
  13. ………. Is a low land between two hills?  A. Delta B. Hill C. Lake D. Valley
  14. There are ……… and ………. Classification of settlement.  A. region and urban B. remote and rural C. rural and rural D. rural and urban
  15. Cotton is common in which of these States? A. Delta B. Enugu C. Kano D. Oyo
  16. A situation in which a woman has more than one husband is …………… A. endogamy B. monogamy C. polyandry D. polygamy
  17. Love, loyal and willingness to serve one’s country is called…….. A. bravery B. Citizenship C. Patriotism D. Warmth
  18. ………….. Is the major reason for the amalgamation of southern and northern Nigeria. A Coat of Arm B. National Anthem C. National Flag D. National pledge
  19. ………….. Is an emblem which shows the unity of the country and stands for authority and powers?   A. Formal and Informal education B. Junior and Senior School C. Primary and Secondary School D. 6-3-3-4 and 6-5-4
  20. There are ……… types of environment.    A. One B. Two C. Three D. Four
  21. Friendship could be defined as……..  A. a state of being cruel to others B. a state of being emotionally attached to someone you like C. a state of fighting one another D. a state  of loving one only things are good
  22. A saying that “culture is dynamic” means ……… A. Culture has a lot of powers B. Culture is a kind of dynamism C. Culture does not remain the same D. Culture and Dynamism are related
  23. We can prevent HIV/AID by ………   A. Eating balance diet B. Not playing together C. Sharing sharp object D. Use of screened blood
  24. ……………. Is a way of improving friendship?  A. Disagreeing with each other B. Exchange of gifts C. Making trouble D. Quarreling
  25. The following factors could destroy friendship EXCEPT…….. A. Betrayal of trust B. Gossiping C. Honesty D. Selfishness
  26. Permanent separation of husband and wife is called……… A. Companionship B. Divorce C. Monogamy D. Polygamy
  27. The following are sources of population data EXCEPT……. A. Birth rate B. Census C. Death rate D. Wealth rate
  28. Agents of socialization does not include ……….  A. Mass Media B. Peer Group C. Police D. Religion Institution
  29. The institution responsible for the teaching of value and moral in our society is the ………. Institution   A. economic B. political C. legal D. religious
  30. The Nigeria economy is dominated by the export of ……… product.    A. chemical B. crude oil C. agriculture D. engineering
  31. The process by which a child acquires language value and belief is known as.   A. specialization B. integration C. socialization D. civilization
  32. Which of the following option shows similarity in our religion? A. Unity B. Holy land C. Symbols D. Mode of worships
  33. From the option below, indicate one advantage of a mono company.     A. Diversification B. Deregulation C. Industrialization D. Specialization
  34. Chose from the following one that is NOT a main economic activity.   A. Industry B. Education C. Export D. Farming
  35. From the alternative, select one skill necessary when seeking help.  A. Passiveness B. Manipulation C. Assertiveness D. Shyness 
  36. Identify from the underlisted, one that is NOT an effect of gender stereotype.  A. Kill initiative B. Promote gender equally C. Cam limit achievement D. Encourage unnecessary rivalry
  37. Chose from the alternative three voluntary organizations found in schools.    A. Newspaper B. Internet C. Face book D. Talking Drum
  38. Indicate from the alternative three voluntary organizations found in schools.  A. Girls guide, Rotary club, Inner Wheel      B. Boys brigade, Girls Brigade and Red cross     C. Man O’ war, Pirates, and Sheriff guards    D. Red cross, Boys scout and Black axe
  39. The Ibibio in the south-south region of Nigeria call God…….   A. Osalobua B. Tamara C. Oghene D. Abasi
  40. Chose from the following one that is NOT a characteristic of a goods goal.    A. Achievable B. Measurable C. No time limit D. Realistic
  41. Living peacefully with people of different religion is called religious…..  A. tolerance B. difference  C. Intolerance D. faith
  42. Kin relationship that could be traced to father lineage is known as………. A. partridge B. lineage C. partlineal D. percentage
  43. From the following, indicate one that is NOT a challenge in Marriage.   A. Death B. Faithfulness C. Quarrels D. Separation.
  44.  Which of the following is NOT one of the causes of corruption?   A. poverty B. insecurity C. greed D. contentment
  45. Taking drugs more than the prescribed dosage is a form of …….. Abuse.  A. stimulant B. substance C. drug D. medical
  46. Indicate from the underlisted one that is NOT a function of marriage.    A. Security B. Companionship C. Procreation D. Share of love
  47. Select from the underlisted one that is NOT a characteristic of a secondary social group.   A. They are linked by occupation B. Belong to the, same family D. Relate intimately with each other
  48. A marriage between people of the different ethnic group is called……..marriage.   A. Inter-ethnic B. inter-states C. different language D. inter tribal
  49. All these are dangers for abusing drugs EXCEPT……..    A. brain damage B. rejection from family C. health problem D. academic progress
  50. Select from the alternative provide, one advantage of inter-ethnic marriage.  A. Promote inter-ethnic segregation B. interfere with ethnic  identity C. Eliminate ethnic D. Encourage tribalism
  51. Chose from the following, one reason why a man is referred to as a social animal.  A. He learn social studies B. Man lives in a community C. He acquires wealth D. He interact with others
  52. From the option, identify one document that guarantee the right of citizen.    A. National passport B. Birth certificate C. Constitution D. National ID card
  53. The judgment a person makes of him/herself best describes……  A. Self esteem B. Decision making C. Values  D. Negotiation
  54. From the various ways we express ourselves, pick out one of the most appropriate from the option listed.   A. Passiveness B. Assertiveness C. Aggressiveness D. Manipulation
  55. From the options, select ways of encouraging members of the school community.  A. Loyalty and respect B. Discipline and cooperation C. Reward and Award D. Acceptance and Responsibilities
  56. Marriage ceremony based  on the law and  custom of the bride is known as…………marriage  A. Customary B. Traditional C. Ordinance D. Religious
  57. Choose from option provided the best way to determine the population a country. A. Voting B. Registration C. Election D. Census
  58. Indicate from the following strategy for achieving global cooperation.   A. Bilateral and multilateral agreement B. Economic Dependence C. Control of less  developed countries D. Use of Interpol to harass less developed state.



Answer Three (3) Questions in this section

1.            a. Define Conflicts?

b. Mention 4 examples of conflicts and explain each

2.            Highlight five (5) ways of promoting peace in our society

3.            State five (5) characteristic of low self esteem and explain

4.            a. State five (5) group of cult in our society

b. Mention five (5) cause of cultism in Nigeria and explain

5.            Expanciate five (5) consequence of Harmful Tradition Practice


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