The Young Innovation Leaders Fellowship is an annual leader’s management program designed to help young professionals achieve their career dreams and change direction. Its main goal is to improve the quality of professional staff, individual entrepreneurs, and human capacity and knowledge to create development-leading innovations.

Yil helps developing countries use traditional cultures to ensure sustainable economic development. Their three-step process is called quality improvement.

What is the structure?

Y.I.L. fellowship has a two-stage structure. First, is the fellowship:it is a four-month program developed but needed for leadership training and change management. The second is membership: teaching and the constantly evolving state of the individual. Y.I.L. fellowship is free.

Deadline: 30th April 2020


Participants are selected based on their smartness and an excellent drive.


They provide life skills training and participants change management. Participants will learn to use appropriate A.P.E. (abundance, opportunity, and power) lenses to solve problems.


Through well-designed reflection programs, fellowship recipients are encouraged to learn the power of discipline to succeed.

The topics of the Y.I.L. fellowship will be “Improving Features.” The research plan includes; conferences, general meetings, seminars and demonstrations. The main aspects of training are experimental phase, accelerator, practice, teaching.

Relevant sub-topics covered at the conference include:

Change of leader, change of leadership. This topic will give you an in-depth understanding of how each leader can motivate and influence others to achieve the best results and the key difference between changing leaders. One of the most successful and unsuccessful organizations.


Trends in various sectors are incomplete. Here, experts will introduce participants to the current wave of technology, achievements, opportunities, and threats facing the industry.


 Changes are data-driven and repetitive. Here, experts will introduce participants to management issues such as change strategy, approval, implementation, evaluation, and opinion management.

Other parts of the program include joint meetings with industry leaders, workshops with experts, and demonstrations of skills and disaster indicators in manuals with experienced trainers.


YIL is a solution-oriented exchange of people who are going through the process of creating a solution from scratch. At Y.I.L., you must participate to show that you are smart enough and willing to solve urgent problems. The Y.I.L. Fellowship Program guides the process of self-discovery and helps you realize your ability to solve problems, even if you have no idea how to solve them.

One of the highlights of the Y.I.L. Fellowship is the readiness and appointment of counsellors who are genuinely generous in their knowledge, ideas, and time, even when they have a busy schedule. Finding a place is not easy. In fact, The Y.I.L. fellowship will teach you different lessons in 4 months that you can use in your life journey.

Why should you apply for the 2020 Yil Fellowship?

• Learn to change with the help of experts.

• Participate in closed projects

• take part in a mentorship program

• Obtain a change management certificate

• Create an awesome team of gifted young professionals from all over the world.

• Full fellowship available

• The selection procedure is in different steps

  • to become a leader in change reform
  • Access to teacher and career development resources.
  • Wonderful network

Y.I.L. Fellowship – STANDARD

The Y.I.L. Fellowship standard has the following info for selection:

• Applicants ought to be within five years of graduation from better establishments

• Applicants must have a track report of educational excellence

• Previous paintings enjoy isn’t relevant

• It’s miles a multistage rigorous choice manner

• Candidates ought to be among 20-28 years of age

• Applicants ought to have a hard skill

• Utility is unfastened (Registration is free of charge)

Apply to the Y.I.L. Fellowship – STANDARD HERE

It is a beautiful opportunity to navigate through your career as a champion.

2020 Y.I.L. Fellowship Schedule

Y.I.L. Fellowship – PRIME

The Y.I.L. Fellowship prime has the subsequent info for selection:

• Candidates must have as a minimum of three years of work experience or have managed/ led a modern assignment

• Candidates must be among 22-30 years of age

• A non-refundable N5000 for the application fee

Apply for Y.I.L. Fellowship – PRIME HERE

Deadline: 30th April 2020

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