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Question: write a letter to your friends who is in a boarding house, telling him/her about your schools last inter- house sport day competition.

                                               Teacher’s Activity

Instruction: the questions below are suggested questions. Use them to drill pupils orally.

  1. What is the address of the writer?
  2. How do you salute your friend?
  3. Have you seen his/her letter recently?
  4. What date did you do the inter – house sports?
  5. Did your school invite any other people beside the parents?
  6. Describe what the spectators areas was like?
  7. What was the field like on that day?
  8. How many houses competed on that day?
  9. How was the field like on that day?
  10. How was the event officiated?
  11. Mention the order of the events.
  12. Was there any donation of cash and material on that day?
  13. What were the positions of the houses at the end of the events?
  14. What were the summary of the messages of the school head and the chairman of the occasion?
  15. Closing of the letter.

Pupil’s Activity

                                                                                                 1, Victor’s close,

                                                                                                   Mathew Street,

                                                                                                    Mile two,

                                                                                                    Oshodi local Government,


                                                                                                      10th of March, 2019.

Dear Bright,

        I thank you for your good wishes in your last letter I received. I write to tell you about my school last annual inter houses sport. It was a success. The inter –house sports was held on the 10th of June, 2000.  Invitation cards were given to distinguished men and women from my school environ and beyond. The spectator’s area was divided into two.  The four houses were allocated an area with their supporters. The spectator’s area for the invited guests was provided with white chairs and well decorated tables with trophies and shields.

The field was marked out by the specialists. The official were impartial and fair. The event went as scheduled. The invited guests donated generously both in cash and in kind towards the development of sports on that day. The order of merit of the houses were as follow based on the points scored.

Green House Fourth, Blue house third, red House Second white house First.  Both the school head and chairman agreed in their speeches that sports will develop children physically and mentally.

They encouraged us to avoid crime.

 Extend my sincere greetings to all members of your family.

                                                                                                                        Yours friend,

                                                                                                                       Steven Benson.

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