Minimum Age for JSS 1 Students is 12 years for Lagos State

by News Team Edudelight
Minimum Age for Jss 1

The government of the State of Lagos will introduce the age of 12 for students wishing to enroll in Junior High School (JSS1) to review the registration of underage children in the new academic term.

 Besides, the first offender will pay a fine of N50 000, while second offenders will pay a fine of N 100,000 with a warning letter to close the college in the event of a further trespass.

 In a circular to interested parents on March 17, 2020, the Lagos state government stated that the new school Lagos policy would be implemented in public and private schools to ensure compliance at the 2021 educational session.

 Ms. A.A. Adebowale signed the circular, on behalf of the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education, a large number of people who have been deprived of their rightful admission to underage children in secondary schools.

 She explained that the Commissioner for Education, based on the position of government policy in the field of education, had initially decided to limit the admission of young people to state or personal high schools to 12 years, which must be strictly observed in educational groups with the state.

 The ministry called for modern education to be handled online so that all interested parties have easy access to printed and electronic copies.

 Circular attention should be paid to promoting the understanding and promotion of every registered and unregistered association of private schools, parent forums, and other related educational institutions through the media, filing cabinets, market region campaigns, mosque, church and congregation metropolis. occur

 According to the memorandum, the ministry will organize an appropriate meeting with the presidents and secretaries of personal school associations so that the school representative can request their assistance in implementing the directive.

 According to the memorandum, the curriculum department and the high guarantee department were instructed to assess compliance through the use of faculties. “Faculties that enroll minors in every primary school must also be sanctioned by public high schools. “”

 The new reporting stressed that the Test Commission and State Council for Universal Education (SUBEB) could guarantee that underage students will not be allowed to register for or take the placement test in JSS 1 and the university version.

So, education bodies, private schools, state schools, federal school a  must adhere strictly to the assessment when  a student  switch from the first school to secondary school, as stated in Section 61, Paragraph 3, on page 22 of Lagos State Education Policy.”

 Ms. Didelu Adekogbe, the coordinator of the return of six primary school classes to the Nigerian school system, confirmed the new change in enrollment and announced that it would start at the next academic session.

 “In the future, students participating in JSS1 should be 12 years old. This means that they have to leave primary school at the age of eleven. It would be unrealistic for four or five-year-old students to switch to JSS1.

 “Before implementation, we plan to meet with the National Association of Private School Owners (NAPPS), the Association for the Serious Development of Education (AFED), and critical stakeholders to familiarize them with politics. The violation is in addition to private universities, and we want to accept them. “

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