Parent Forum Agenda

            1. Arrival of parents and staff at venue

            2. Anthems and prayer ( Anthems rendered by students of the school)

            3. Introduction of Parent executives

            4. Introduction of school Management

            5. Introduction of New Staff

            6. Introduction of New Parents (All introductions should be done by Parent Relation Officers)

            7. Reminder of previous forum intentions, projects and decisions (Secretary)

            8. Proprietors Speech or Address

            9. Education! Education!! Education!!!(External trainer)

            10. Learners Nutrition Evaluation (school canteen staff or a teacher)

            11. Parent Expectations and Intentions (Parent Relation Officer)

            12. Parent Complain and observation (Treasurer)

            13. Sample stand assessment (school administrator)

            14. School Administrative Concern (School Administrator)

            15. School Academic Concern (School principal)

            16. Menu

            17. Vote of Thanks

            18. Prayer for parents, staff, learners and school

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