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Parents’ whatsapp Group Rules and Regulations

            1. Complain about the school service posted to the group shall not be responded to by the school representatives on the group. Complain is a very sensitive matter that requires countenance, commitment and heartfelt expressions. As school, parents’ complain matter to us and we will not take it as information. We will like to go personal with you and reassure you of non-occurrence of complain.

            2. It is a capital offence against the school for parents to have another Whatsapp group without the consent and involvement of school staff and administrator or proprietor. The admin of such group shall face the consequence of school exit.

            3. There will be training and discussion at least once in a month and that is when the group will be open for everyone to post. The group will only allow admin alone to post information

            4. No advertisement or unrelated post will be allowed or picture of any kind

            5. The admin for the group shall involve the secretary of the school, the school head and two parent representatives

Parent WhatsApp content

            1. Child Intelligence posts

            2. School parent policy and explanations

            3. School general information

            4. Notification of staff exit

            5. Pictures of learners on tour or trip

            6. Pictures of project work in a class

            7. Training from parenting and family experts

            8. Discussion of school intentions

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