by edudelight

In this letter I will be writing a letter to a friend called bright. Telling him about the weather condition in the new area, and compare between my former area to the new area in terms of temperature, the rate of rainfall and why  I will be coming back home immediately  after the examination.

To write this letter. The address of the writer will be at the top right hand corner before the salutation such as Dear Marry, Musa, Betha, bright, peter etc.

                       PARAGRAPH STRUCTURE

Paragraph 1: Give your friend. Briefly tell your friends why you are writing.

Paragraph 2: compare your new and previous place (location) in terms of temperature, rate of rainfall, etc.

Paragraph 3:  should be the conclusion and you tell your friend why you will like to return home immediately or stay back after the examination.

                     THE WEATHER IN MY NEW AREA (A LETTER)

                                                                                                            1, Victor’s Close,

                                                                                                             Mathew Street,

                                                                                                             Mile two,

                                                                                                              Oshodi Local Government,


                                                                                                                10th of March, 2000.

Dear Bright,

  Its been so long I heard from you. How are you and your parents? What about your troublesome sister? I will like to tell you about the weather condition in my new area.

   Could you believe that as I am writing this letter? I am wearing six shirts and three trousers, all for the sake of cold? Unlike Lagos, where I can decide to even sit outside in just my boxers. Jos is about the coldest city in Nigeria. The rate at which it rains here is relatively high.  

     Look, I have already made up my mind that I will be leaving for Lagos immediately after my examination. Jos is just too cold. I need to stop writing now because I have started shivering again. Convey my regards to all my friends in Lagos.

Your loving Friend,

Peter Umoren.



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