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            1. Learners with display of symptoms must be taken to school nurse or school administrator for Immediate medical attention and contact with parents

            2. Learners with a controlled health challenges must be duly reported to the school with all sincerity. At the point of admission, the parents signs an undertaken (see parent undertaking for wards behavior and health) that exempt the school from any accident or attack that happens to learners due to school’s ignorance of ailment. For example, if a child is asthmatic and it is not duly reported, the school will be exempted from the child suffering from exposure to triggered condition

            3. Sharing of cutleries must be strongly discouraged by instructing caregivers and learners. Parents must also be persuaded in passing this information to learners

            4. In preventing accidents or dangerous occurrences, blades or any sharp objects must only be found at the teacher’s desk.

            5. Learners with mathematical set must always keep the set container closed after taking an instrument

            6. It is unsafe for a lower primary school teacher to leave a class without assigning a representative in the classroom.

            7. Lower primary school teachers and pre-school teachers must always open ALL the learners’ food and water container before they eat. This will help the food inspection process

            8. Toilets for pre-school should be washed minimum of three times in a day and it must be mopped after five learners use

            9. Toilets for primary school should be washed minimum of twice in a day and it must be mopped after three learners use

            10. Preschool teachers must look at the children often and periodically look at the classroom floor for crumbs and materials. Teacher or caregiver should reach out when dirt or litter is noticed on the floor

            11. Water used to wash learners hands must be a running water that can be quickly be disposed

            12. Parents are encouraged to use transparent water container for their ward(s) for visibility of water to drink

            13. A disposable cup is advisable for can drinks brought to school by learners

            14. First aid box must contain a leaflet giving general guidance in first aid

            15. In case of emergency, there must be proof of school registration with an established hospital that is not more than 4 kilometers away from the school

            16. The school’s first aid box should have the following materials, 2 sterile eye pads, wrapped triangular bandages, 6 safety pins, 3 pairs of disposable gloves, blind ended scissors, drugs and wound dressing materials

            17. During school games, student trips and sport competition, school should provide important health materials like glucose, wound dressing materials, bandages, balm and ointments and school medical personnel

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