Learners Food Guide

by edudelight

            1. Fruits and honey are important in the diet of children for their brain development and activities in the classroom

            2. A day or two should be designated for fruits and vegetables being substituted for the sugary drinks and snacks that learners bring to school

            3. It is very important that parents understands the place of nutrition in education. Your parent forum should address learners nutrition evaluation (see parent forum agenda)

            4. Sharing of cutleries must be strongly discouraged by instructing caregivers and learners. Parents must also be persuaded in passing this information to learners

            5. Parents must be given food and water container specifications that makes food suitable for consumption in the school

            6. Cases of learners inability to finish food or sudden loss of appetite must be reported to parents through the school’s communication book

            7. School staff via staff meeting or WhatApp platform must be trained on food related illness and students illness that has symptoms of loss of appetite

            8. Food provided by school canteen MAY not be mandatory for all students but fruits provided must be mandatory

            9. Learners from Nursery should be taught proper dining etiquette and it must be carefully practiced in the school canteen or in the classroom

            10. The class teacher or the canteen staff are saddled with the responsibility of supervising practices of basic dining etiquette by the learners

            11. Before introduction of a new dish or food, the sample of the food should be presented to parents both at parent forum and the school sample stand.

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