Class groupLearning AreaLearning AimLearning Activities
Play Group (1-2yrs) Kindergarten (2-3yrs) Nursery (3-4yrs) Reception (5-6yrs)Personal, Social and Emotional DevelopmentMaking relationships, self-confidence, and managing feelingsPuzzle making Leggo building Tower making Materials & toys sharing Cycle time technique
Physical developmentPhysical measurementsClimbing stairs Water Jar activity Sound Differentiation  
Recognition and CompositionBrain coordination Identification and memory retention Build references Pencil gripColour Palettes Audio-Visual Spooning exercise Scooping exercise
NumeracyCount objects, recognizes shapes & understand basic measuresNumber drills Sand tray flashcards
Communication and LanguageListening, attention, understanding and speakingSpeech Coordination Sound practice Speech therapy Pre-writing exercises
Expressive Arts and DesignsExperiment with songs, rhymes, colours and sensorial materialsRhymes Audio-Visual materials

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