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                1. There will be designated dress code for all staff on all the school work days. Violation of these dress codes attract a query and disciplinary order

                2. Staff permission from work is restricted to maximum of twice in a term with very important reason

                3. Parent commendation of staff will be part of staff promotion

                4. In case of staff indiscipline, there will be swift action and punishment as defined by the school management

                5. Staff training is compulsory for all

                6. There will annual competence test to put staff in check and development. This competence test will assess staff knowledge acquisition in the last 8 months of operation in the school

                7. Any act of conflict between staff and parent will attract punishment to staff. Staff must never disrespect parents

                8. Lateness of staff is automatic query and staff will stay thirty minutes later than closing time in school for coming late that day

                9. Query that is thrice in a term attracts a fine of five days’ pay deduction. This means if a staff is queried three times in a month it will attract a deduction of five days payment

                10. Staff absence from class without permission will result in query.

                11. Staff absence from school without permission is automatic deduction of the day’s pay and query

                12. Periodic assessment and evaluation of staff work will be done to know how staff is doing

                13. Any case of gossip or fight amidst staff will result in instant suspension of the two staff without pay

                14. Any case of conflict, malice or fight between staff and parent will attract a suspension of two(2) weeks without pay

                15. Staff is restricted in using corporal punishment in the school. Any complain from parent about staff merciless beating of students will attract severe punishment and five days staff absence from the school

                16. The use of corporal punishment in the school is ONLY restricted to the head of school

                17. Staff is expected to help parents when they are bringing children to school with carrying of lunch bag or school bag

                18. Teachers are mandated to write a daily or weekly report (see staff report format) about the class and student performance after the school hours.

                19. Teachers’ lesson notes, scheme of work, record of work and record of attendance must be up to date and correctly filled. Incomplete documentations will attract a fine of two thousand naira only.

                20. It is important to obey the extra assignment given to staff either by roaster or instant delegation of activities. Report of violation on the side of staff will attract a fine

                21. There will be no financial transaction of any kind between staff and parent without school authorization

                22. No pidgin English or vernacular speaking in the school premises especially between staff or when parents are around

                23. There shall be penalty for divulging school confidential information to parents or third parties

                24. Use of school resources for private use is strictly prohibited

                25. All students are to be treated equally without favoritism, bias or double standard

                26. All complain made by parents must be addressed within twenty four hours

                27. It is a punishable offence for a staff to neglect students in unsafe and unsecure classroom conditions

                28. All staff are comply to directives given by head of school as touching who directs assembly and extra-curricular activities

                29. Asking parents for favors and financial assistance is unacceptable. This diminish the school image amidst the parents and prospective ones

                30. Staff caught sleeping on duty will pay a fine of one thousand naira with query.

                31. Staff use of phone in the classroom will result in such staff dropping the phone in the morning and picking it after the closing period for the rest of the term. The head of school is responsible for collection of the phone. A day without the phone with the head of school will attract a fine with query from the head of school

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