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Question : write a letter to get well soon to your friends who is ill and has been in the hospital for two weeks now.

                                               Teacher’s Activity

Activity 1: draw out information from pupils about what they can wish their friends when such friends are ill.

Activity 2:  write the guidelines on the board to guide the pupils in writing a detailed letter to their ill friends. Explain each of the guidelines to them.

Activity 3: read and explain the example.


Step 1:  write your address at the top right hand corner of the page.

Step 2: Salute your friends (for example, dear Jerry)

Paragraph 1: write about how the news of your friend’s illness got to you and how you felt when you got news.

Paragraph 2: tell him/her some of the things he/she has missed and how you are going to be of help to hm/her.

Paragraph 3: Write about when you would be visiting him and help things you could do for him/her.

Paragraph 4: wish him quick recovery.

Subscription: love or yours + your name.

Pupil’s Activity

                                                                                                  1, Victor’s close,

                                                                                                   Mathew Street,

                                                                                                    Mile two,

                                                                                                    Oshodi local Government,


                                                                                                      10th of March, 2019.

Dear Peter,

The news of your illness was broken to me by Mr. Chima. Do you still remember him? I was very sad. You have been away for two weeks now and that makes me very uncomfortable. I am praying for you that the doctors and nurses be guided by God to give you the best care they can.

We had the Annual Inter – House Sport Competition last week Mon day and I’m glad to tell you that your house came second.  I even told Frank that if you had been here your house might have come first since you are the best athlete in the school.

I will be coming next week with your favourite food; rice and stew with chicken. If you wish for anything just give me a call. I can always get those things you like.

I wish you well my friend. We can’t wait to see you get well son, Mr. Soft!



 Pupils Activities 1: read the examples carefully and thoughtfully.

Pupils Activities 2: Write a letter of get well soon to your best friend who has been in the hospital for two weeks now.

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