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            1. Administrative secretary shall be responsible for collection of school fees and other income

            2. He/she is responsible for depositing in the bank at least 6hours after collection

            3. There shall be 3 accounts created for income and deposits (Contingency, salary and operation account)

            4. All stakeholders will be directed to this account for proper monitoring of deposits and withdrawal

            5. Impress shall be raised to handle day-to-day operation of the school

            6. Requisition book shall be placed for authorization of every money that leaves the organization

            7. There shall be income statement book of daily finance operations

            8. This will involve daily scrutiny by director and weekly auditing by the school consultant

            9. Collection of fees start from the first week of resumption and it must be a campaign

            10. Administrative secretary shall be responsible for raising a budget for the school every term

            11. Staff salary shall be paid on or before 30th of every month

            12. Expenses channels of the school involves staff salary, capital expenditures, contingencies, scholarship, operation costs

            13. Operation cost will be released at the beginning of the month and can be augmented when a thorough analysis is being conducted of payment

            14. The school income channels involves pupils school fees, pupils lesson fees, students textbooks, students stationeries, students wears etc.

            15. Parents are the major source of income to the school financial buoyancy, therefore the school will take management of parents serious especially in the area of debt

            16. There shall be no general notification on fee payment except for holiday period or first week of resumption

            17. Any fee payment that extends beyond first week of resumption shall be backed up with undertaking by parents.

            18. All stakeholders of school are to earn salary only from school purse

            19. Training of teachers is of utmost priority and funds are to be channelled to the area

            20. There are fines to every violation of school rules and regulations. Funds generated are to be used for staff welfare and education

            21. Staff absence from training also attract a fine which will be deducted from salary

            22. Staff movement and permission book are very important in the school. The exit of staff from the school without input or authorization in the permission book attract a query and fine

            23. Permission is restricted to twice in a term with cogent reasons (see staff conduct guide)

            24. Staff uniformity in dressing will be much appreciated and enforced for proper coordination. There will be subventions from the financial arm of the school to reimburse a staff that want to adhere to uniformity.

            25. Staff shall be mandated to use android Operating system phones (especially the classroom teachers). There will be subventions from the financial arm of the school to reimburse a staff that want to purchase the phone

            26. Staff in the category (24) and (25) must have spent 2 sessions in the school or married with undertaking from partner. The partner must have proof of employment.

            27. Head of school(Administrative) must provide a weekly report of school financial activities

            28. Any financial grievance or staff unsatisfactory expression must be in written form to the proprietor through the school administrator

            29. Teachers that parents commend will be recognized or may be compensated in form of bonus or award

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